Please Help Raylene

Dear CE Mediums and blog members:

Please read all of this important message about one of our own, Raylene Nuanes, who, we learned yesterday, is on a respirator. To add to this horror, she is a young 29 year-old mother and the main source of income supporting her 6 year-old son. Her prepaid client appointments (primarily Erik readings/a few astrology readings) will need to be refunded, which is an insurmountable cost to her, even if she were awake to deal with it. She is not. We are asking each of you look deep in your hearts and see if those of you who have paid for a question for her Q&A or a session could forgive the debt.

Also, we’re hoping that, if you are a CE medium, you can gift 1 or more hours to help avoid a huge financial impact to Raylene and her small family. Please reply to Pauline Hill. She will help rebook the clients into your schedules. Also, everyone please send Light and Love, prayers and energy work to Raylene, and hope she comes back to us, and soon. Paulina’s email is or send her a private message via Facebook: Paulina Cuestas Hill. 

In anticipation of your help and understanding, I want to say how proud I am of all of you. We are a family, and this is what family does when one of its own needs us.

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