Ask and You Will Receive

I love this story because right after Erik died, my friend, Kelley, had a lucid dream about him. He was sitting in a swing with his arm around a friend, Allie, who preceded him in death. She asked him how he was and he just started singing the song referred to below. She also got the feeling that … Continue reading

And the Radio Said…

My visit from our Erik came during a time of reflection of a relationship that was possibly ending. Deep in thought as I was driving, I realised that it was eerily quite in the car. I turned of the road and headed up through the hotel gates when bam.. on came the radio came a female voice saying " … Continue reading

Erik, the Mischief Maker

One thing I forgot to mention about the John Wayne interview: It was conducted over a year ago, well before the IRS scandal. Interesting! Now enjoy this story about Erik's relentless mischief with a blog member. Who knows? You might be next! Erik steps his pranking to a new level with her.  You do … Continue reading