Pranks, Pranks Everywhere!

Many of you have expressed a desire to donate to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Help is badly needed. Did you know that 70% of Harris County, which includes Houston and the surrounding areas, flooded with at least 1 1/2 feet of water? It’s crazy. The Beltway at I-10 is still closed because the underpass is flooded with over 21 feet of water. That’s up to the clearance sign under the freeway. 

But be careful who you donate to. A lot of these big charity entities are huge scams in that most of the money goes to the people running them. Check this out:

It’s just so shameful, taking advantage of tragedies like so many of these corporations do. That’s why I donated to the Sylvester Turner Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Also, many of you have said that the Hour of Enlightenment Radio Show isn’t being updated like it should be. I think that has been the case once or twice, but I also found out that when I deleted my browser cache and history, the new show was on the Live Paranormal hub page. Click HERE to listen to the latest one and let me know if you have problems!

Enjoy these great Erik Encounters, and be sure you submit your own! If you haven’t been visited or pranked by our boy, just ask and ye shall receive.

Story #1

I’ve been watching channelling Erik YouTube videos for a couple of weeks, a few days ago I watched one about his pranks. After I watched that video I thought about how I would be open to a prank. This morning I was fixing my son’s hair with gel, I put the gel down on the bathroom counter and somehow hit my toothbrush, the toothbrush flew up in the air bonked me on the top of the head then hit the floor. For the life of me I can’t see how I could have done that just right hit me like that. I will also add that my son and I thought the whole thing was hilarious. It wasn’t until a few hours later I thought maybe it was an Erik prank.

Story #2

I asked Erik to help me with a friend and he did, so I thanked him while I was driving my car. All of a sudden the windshield wipers came one only once. (It was nowhere near raining.) Today I think he put a piece of pineapple on my plate. (I hardly ever eat pineapple.)

Story #3

Hello, I wanted to share some electronic Erik spoofs as also witnessed by Celestine Grace. She did a reading for me, and Erik came thru very strong. There are 5 very strong visits.

1. He messed with my phone and put the Channeling Erik App on my phone 3 times. I can’t get any other app to do that even 2 times.

2. He WROTE on my Yelp page. He wrote a draft on HOOTERS!!!! I have not been to that one nor have I started review for that establishment. He put in “hi the I will been do shopping I 8th 8th grade for 8am the the9 88” I never wrote that.

3. I came home from work yesterday excited to chat with Celestine. She has read me 2 times previously. And I had no computer. In 20 years, I never forget my computer. It was not in my bag or car. I was a mess. Chatting with Celestine, she said Erik did his invisible cloak thing…and poof it was gone and I thought I had it.

4.  This is a little hard to describe because it was my son’s deal. He plays a game and he is very good as in maybe a sponsor on it. Well Erik has been playing some foolery and making him lose or whatever they do. He was very upset about it, and I was told him that it was Erik trying to say hello and make him alert. Ohhhhh 1 more. forgot because it is mostly electronic.

5. Going to school, my son opened the door and then was very upset that my car smelled like sage which smells like pot to me. I was dumbfounded. How did my sage get in the car and leave the odor when I specifically took it out 1 week before that? It did not smell the whole week, but that morning it did. I thought I left some sage in the car and cleaned it that night but there no sage He got me!

He has been a trip for sure to our home.

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