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You guys have always been awesome about helping one another out. Here’s your chance. Long time blog member, Trell W., just lost his wife, and now they’ve taken away his children, too, because his wife’s relatives blame him for her death. According to him and to Erik, that’s simply not the case. Their actions are completely unjustified. He needs a little time to sort things out and get back on his feet. I’m hoping you guys could donate to the PayPal account that I had him set up. No amount is too small. The email address for the account is 1CHANGEFORBETTERNOW@gmail.com. He’s a really sweet guy and a very loyal Channeling Erik member. Thank you in advance!

Enjoy today’s Erik Encounter. I’m just including one because it’s a bit long and I’ve been giving you very lengthy posts lately!

To all blog members,

God Bless! My wife past away little over a month ago! Her friends and relatives took everything we had and left me homeless, penniless! I have children and they were taken away because of the situation I was in then and now! I not asking for much but need to get back on feet to get my girls back! I need financial help ASAP! May spirit guide you I your giving! Thanks!

 Dear Dr. Elisa,

I want to thank you for all you give to the CE followers. You are truly a wonderful human being and there is no end of gratitude I feel for all the work you do to help all of us negotiate this thing called life. Erik is such a comfort and I feel a connection to him and all the CE readers because we are all seeking the same thing–peace. Erik is pure joy and Jamie, Robert, and Kim capture his essence so well that I feel like I knew him in his physical life. I know I’m not alone when I say I cannot wait to read each and every blog post and listen to every radio show where Erik dispenses sound advice concerning life’s mysteries and dilemmas all with the trademark Erik personality. I also love to hear all the stories about his pranks.

Which brings me to my next point. One day while I was between laundry loads (I live in NYC and have to take my laundry to a laundromat) I came back to my apartment to find my bathtub filled with Reptomin turtle food sticks. I have two turtles Bubbles and Bebe. I keep Bubbles in the tub with all the proper lighting because she is big and I don’t have enough room in my apartment for two tanks. She loves the tub! I got mad at my roommate because I couldn’t understand why he gave her so much food. There were so many sticks that they covered the ENTIRE surface of the tub. Not only that, but each and EVERY stick had been broken in half. I began furiously netting them because my poor turtle was just sitting there with all these sticks floating around her. When my roommate awakened, I asked him why he fed her so much food. He said he hadn’t. “You didn’t give her any food?” I asked. And he said, “No, I was sleeping.” It’s true that he had been sleeping when I left AND was recovering from a back operation. We were both perplexed until I remembered the prankster, Erik!. Ah yes, so, I told Erik he could come and play with my turtles anytime!

A few weeks later I awakened to a green Dragonfly chillin’ on my window screen. I thought it was a bit strange because I had never seen a Dragonfly in Manhattan before and certainly not around midtown, but I watched the little fella for a while, talked to him, and then went about by business. I didn’t know at the time this was one of Erik’s signs! Most recently, I have been experiencing the smell of cigar smoke (only at night time) and I have asked Erik to send the scent of Roses my way instead! He is a funny guy!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you do, Elisa.

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