Proof of the Afterlife?

Like many grieving parents, I voraciously read anything that might provide some evidence that Erik lives on in some other dimension. I just finished reading a particularly intriguing book, We Don’t Die: George Anderson’s Conversations With the Other Side, written by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski. In it, radio DJ, Joel Martin, follows the now famous psychic medium, George Anderson, for twelve years. In that period of time, Joel transforms from skeptic to believer. He introduces the rest of the world to George’s amazing abilities through both radio and television and challenges professional skeptics by subjecting George’s talents to rigorous testing.

All of his readings are worthy of sharing with you. Here are highlights of some typical telephone readings conducted during a live television broadcast:

“Male close passed,” George said.
“Yes,” a woman replied.
“Woman close passed.”
“They are related.”
“There is a family connection,” the woman acknowledged.
“You were close to him.”
“It’s your aunt’s husband.”
“Your uncle is calling out to her. He says he’s in the light.”
“It’s an expression he used,” the woman replied.
“He had a rough time before passing.”
“Yes. He died one week ago tonight.”
“There is litigation.”
“About a dog bite.”
“The dog jumped up and knocked you down.”
“Yes. We went to court yesterday.”

Sometimes, personal objects help George channel the dead. In this next reading, one of Joel’s friends, Harry, was interested in testing George’s abilities. So one night, he handed him a piece of cloth that had been folded into a small square, approximately two inches by two inches. George held it in his had, but, interestingly, did not rub it or try to make out the object’s shape or size.

“This is something from a uniform,” George said.
Harry nodded.
“Something from a soldier?” Harry didn’t answer, then George said, “Something from a foreign soldier.”
“Yes,” Harry acknowledged.
“I see blood, violence. Oh my God, it’s a swastika!”
“Oh?” Harry replied, trying to sound very casual.
“This was your father’s. I’m being told it’s from a soldier he killed. It’s from the first soldier he killed.”
Harry then asked George if he could tell him what happened.
“It happened at the time of the Battle of the Bulge. It was in the south of France, in late 1944, he’s telling me.” George then said that he saw a spirit’s face materialize. It was the spirit of the German soldier from whose uniform Harry’s father had taken the swastika.
“The German soldier is telling me his name is Fritz. He’s saying there is no animosity to your father on the other side. ‘We have met on the other side. This is the exchange,’ Fritz said. Your father killed Fritz because in a previous life Fritz killed your father. This is an “evening-out” of karma, so to speak. In any event, they have met on the other side. They know each other now and they are friendly.”

Harry confirmed the reading. His father, John, removed the swastika from the uniform of a soldier he killed in 1944. John sent the swastika back to his wife with a letter saying, “This is from the first enemy soldier I killed.” A few months later John was killed in action. In 1956, when Harry was twelve, his mother gave him a number of mementos, among them the swastika.

I believe the world is ready to enter a new spiritual era now. What was once ridiculed is now being researched. Rigorously conducted experiments by a number of scientists seem to confirm the communicative channel mediums have between our earthly plane and the afterlife. Studies are being conducted on those who have suffered near death experiences. Mathematical investigations by theoretical physicists suggest quantum-based explanations for everything we once thought was the folly of fools.

Can you imagine a world where death is viewed as a comfortable transition to a greater reality where unconditional love envelops us? Can you imagine a society were we truly believe in the power of love and karma? How would we live our lives? How would we treat one another? What new utopian society would evolve?

I’m hoping Erik will help us uncover those answers so that his death will not have been in vain.

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