Pulling Rank

I’m compiling a list of blog members who are going to join me when I go to Los Angeles this summer, and it looks like we’re going to have quite a gang! I was thinking about hosting a very casual get-together at my sister’s house in Topanga on Saturday, July 2nd. Food, wine, and fun. Don’t you dare dress up! If you plan to come, but haven’t contacted me about it, please do at emedhus@gmail.com. If you have contacted me but have changed your mind or have a scheduling conflict, let me know, you party pooper. (grin) As soon as I have a final head count, I’ll send you an E-vite with the particulars.

As for Atlanta, I’ve booked my flight and a large rental car. I’m waiting for a final headcount before booking a hotel. If you’re going but haven’t told, me, give me a shout. If you’re on the fence about going, get off of it and come. It’s going to be fun!

Blog member, Mike, said the public channeling session with Erik and Jamie the other week was a lot of fun. He says Erik was quite the gentleman for the first couple of minutes, but before long, he went into “Erik Mode” and started teasing Jamie about her ponytail, scratching the back of her head, and saying she needed to be checked for lice. Sigh. Then he pointed Mike out by name and told him all about how his deceased dad was cool, etc. That’s the kind of fun you can look forward to.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, one more quick question. I understand that there are seven planes between the physical plane and the Source. Are there? Are there, really? You know, you have the astral planes, seven dimensional planes where the seventh one is Source. Is that how it is?

Erik (laughing): No!

Me: Okay, so it’s not true. I was going to ask what plane you’re on, but—

Erik: No, there are layers, but more than seven.

Me: Cool!

Erik: It’s nice to try to zip it up into a seven layer cake—

Me: Um hm.

(Why does he always have to make me so freakin’ hungry!)

Erik: —but there are other dimensions in between that. There’s so much more, Mom.

Me: I can imagine. But this book I’m reading called, “The Lightworkers,” says that Gandhi is on the sixth level; Mother Teresa is on level six, etc. The astral plane is the first one after the physical plane. But I get the idea that there might not be distinct levels like there are in the seven layer cake you mention. It’s probably not levels the way we conceptualize it as in physical, three dimensional space.

Erik: You’re right! And there’s really no way, using your language, to describe it.

Me: So what dimension are you from, Erik?  Mother Teresa lived on earth, but she was a sixth dimensional, higher dimensional being, supposedly.

Erik: Yep, there are people on earth that live in a higher dimensional plane but reside in the three dimensional body.

Me: Um hm. So what dimension are you in or from, Erik?

Erik: Um, it’s not really what you’re from; it’s what you’re in.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Because where you’re from would not really have a relation to who you are.

Me: Okay. Well, that makes sense. (barely)

Jamie listens to Erik for a few seconds, then giggles.

Jamie (to Erik): Can you do that, really? Five and a half?

Me: Oh, okay! So you’re really way up there! What dimension am I on? I know I’m not always on earth, I’ll tell ya that!

Jamie giggles.

Me: God, I’m somewhere else half the time. I think I’m double parked in the Twilight Zone.

Jamie (still laughing): He puts you at four and a half.

Erik: The Twilight Zone, you wish that existed, Mom! That’s somewhere between your lattes and sleep!

I laugh in agreement.

Me: So I guess when I put you in the time-out chair all those times I was pulling rank on you!

Erik laughs.

Me: Well, I guess that’s all we have time for this session. Thank you both so much. I love you, Erik. I love you, Jamie.

Erik: Mom, from now on, what we’re gonna do is, you can have twenty minutes of asking questions from the blog members, but then the rest we gotta knock out some book stuff.

(Now, I feel like I need to salute and say, “Sir, yes sir!”)

Me: I know, I know. But I’m getting there! I’m almost finished.

Jamie: Yay!

Me: I’m almost finished, then we can start channeling the celebrities. That’ll be fun!

Erik: It’ll be a riot. They’re already lining up asking if they’re on the list.

Me: Yeah, but we have to do it in a respectful way. No voyeurism. I don’t want it to be like in the style of People Magazine or The Enquirer. I want them to give us their spiritual perspective, you know—something that’ll help the spiritual progress of the reader. Plus, I want to give each celebrity a voice, a chance to be heard.

Erik: Yeah, okay.

Me: No gossip. No exploitation. I really want to keep this on a pure and higher level. I know that’s not necessarily what the reader totally wants. They probably want to know all the dirty little secrets, but only if that spirit wants to reveal things for a higher purpose.

Jamie: Oh, okay. Yeah, I’m totally game for that. Erik’s really excited about it.

Me: It’s going to be awesome! Okay, sounds good, Sweeties. I love you!

Erik: I love you too, Mom!

Me: Bye.

Here’s my Interview on The Sheila Show in mp3 format if anyone wants to download it and listen later. My part starts around 21 minutes into the recording.

Sheila Show Interview

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