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I hope you guys are enjoying a wonderful Saturday and that those of you on the East Coast have dug yourself out of the ice and snow! My sister, Teri, was finally able to go back home to Topanga, and the procedure to remove her remaining kidney stones was a big success! Stone free and fire free! Yay.

Thanks to those of you who have donated to the Channeling Erik cause! Many of you noticed that your donations went to Atlantis, Inc. That’s a corporation I’ve had for years that I hope to convert to a non-profit, especially when we start our spiritual school for children, and eventually for adults. If you haven’t donated yet, please, please do. My husband and I do need help with at least some of the expenses. We’ve already spent over $100,000 since the beginning, and although we are paid in the satisfaction that comes with helping others and with helping our son fulfill his life’s work, we do hope you find it in your hearts to pitch in. 

Here are a couple of Erik stories. Please submit your own by clicking on the Share your Story or Share your Praise buttons on the righthand side of the blog’s homepage. You’ll have to scroll down to reach it!

Story #1

Hello Erik, hope things are well!

I live in an apartment that’s slap bang in the middle of a small-ish city area and my sleep pattern is currently whacked beyond belief. This morning I fell asleep at around 9:30 AM after a whole night of watching Michael Jackson performances on YouTube and I had a very deep sleep. No dream from what I can remember, just darkness for a couple minutes (or what felt like a couple minutes). Anyway, I woke up at around 11:30 PM and my bed is just under a giant window that just stares up at the sky, and normally there are just dark clouds, no stars at all to be seen whatsoever…

But not tonight. Tonight there was one, singular star just on it’s own. it was there in perfect view as I opened my eyes, I didn’t even need to shuffle an inch to see it in all it’s bright, shining glory. And instantly I thought of Erik. I have a fascination with space and I bet mu life savings that Erik would know this. I have a strong feeling that was Erik saying to me “Hey!. I’m watching ya, I’m hearing ya, We’re friends. Enjoy this star, you space nerd!”

So Erik, thank you, that was a beautiful thing to wake up to. Feel free to prank me sometime ya dork!

Much love to you, Erik. Us, the CH fam, We all love you, It’s all for Love.
My sweetest and most heartfelt love and joy,
Christopher Patrick (A.K.A TeenWithWifi)

Story #2

Hi Erik, family, and fellow blog readers,

First let start with my upbringing. I was the fourth child and baby of my family. My parents divorced when I was two and my mother moved across the country taking only me. (My siblings were older and didn’t want to leave their school so they stayed behind with my father). I guess because of this I was never taken to church or really introduced into any religion which as an adult has left me much more open minded about religion and spirituality than my peers. I have always felt that there was more to come when we die rather than just perishing into dust but I have never felt comfortable with a lot of the stories in the Bible. For some reason no matter how hard I try to believe what it says something inside me just can’t accept it. It has many times left me thinking something was wrong with me since I couldn’t accept it as the word of god like so many others in our culture. Anyway I said all of that to say that in my search for understanding and peace in our death I was referred by a friend to check out Channeling Erik. I’m so glad I did and I actually feel like the way he describes the afterlife is how I’ve always felt it would be. Like maybe something inside of me remembers what it’s like and therefor allows me to believe like I never have before. It’s so comforting and I’m finally at peace with getting older and dying. Thank you Elisa and everyone involved in being Erik’s voice. Oh and thank you Erik! So here is my story. Don’t know if it was Erik but I hope so.

I am mess. My life is always fast paced and I’m just too busy to be organized so if Erik wanted to prank me then simply moving something or hiding my keys wouldn’t catch my attention from any other day. I depend heavily on my Tile ( a device you can page from your phone to find lost items) to keep up with my keys. I use my tile, at minimum, twice a day. When using the tile app you can see the status of where your phone last received information from the tile ( usually) within 30 – 40 feet of the tile. So when you want to locate your lost item you have to walk around until your Bluetooth can pick up the info from the Tile and then you send a message to the tile to chime so you can find it. When you are out of range the app screen stays gray and when you are close to where it was last seen it will blink a dotted green circle and then when you are within range to send the message /chime it will turn solid green and allow you to do so. So one morning before work I’m stomping around my messy house like I always do looking for my keys. I pull out my phone and prompt the app. It is showing the dotted circle so I know I’m close but not close enough to make it chime. All over the house I went, staring at my phone and trying to get the circle to turn solid green. It would briefly turn solid and right before I could push the send chime button the damn thing would go back to a blinking circle. It’s never done this before. It’s usually extremely reliable. After about 30 minutes of looking I’m starting to panic because I’m gonna be so late to work so I got my husband out of bed to help me. It didn’t take him much longer to find the keys and get me finally on my way to work. Later that day I started taking the tile off the key ring. It had to be about dead to not respond correctly and you can’t just replace the batteries. you can either send it in to exchange if within warranty or you can get a discount on a new one if it’s over a year old. I thought to myself that I better check to make sure that it really is broken before I go through the trouble of replacement. I open the app and it immediately finds the tile like it usually does. I even took a lot of time troubleshooting it to try to make it not work again but to no avail. The tile has worked just like normal since that occurrence. Looking back on the situation I could see it being funny to someone like Erik watching me get more and more frustrated and panicky and dragging my poor husband out of a deep sleep to help me look. I have asked Erik to prank me before but never received any sign that he was with me. I don’t know if this was him or a rare coincidence but I know which one my heart wants to believe! I hope to have another visit from Erik soon. Just not as frustrating as that one was lol..

Take care everyone,


I can see Erik laughing his ass off, in my mind’s eye!


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