Recover from Your Past, Revisited

Cindy: Erik, I was drawn to a past blog about how to forgive yourself for perceived mistakes or past transgressions. I appreciated your guidance. Is there any additional guidance you have to share about forgiving yourself and moving on vs. constantly reliving mistakes from one’s past?

Kent: He said that’s a great question in that it’s huge and that’s why you were guided to that blog.

Erik: ‘Cause I’m an expert on this topic. If you think that the only time you have to practice forgiveness is when you’re on the physical plane, try exiting how I did. Yeah, it’s a big one. One of the biggest differences from being on the earth plane and being, for the lack of a better term, in a “spiritual plane” or on the “other side” is the lack of judgment. You start to realize that everything just IS. It’s not good, it’s not bad. It just IS. And what you attach to it makes the judgment part. So when you’re looking at perceived past mistakes you need to look at it and determine what judgment you’re putting on it. You kind of look at what you did and you may be looking at it from a more mature perspective than you had at the time that you made the decision. But even if you did something that you thought at the time,“Oh, I really shouldn’t do this.”, but you did it anyway, I mean that’s fine, that’s part of life. You just go back and if you can learn something from it, then you’re ahead of the game. Outside of that it’s useless to go to the past so you just let it go. The past is good for looking back and learning from it, but if you’re still feeling emotional responses from it then you just want to try to learn more about yourself and learn who you are. And once you do that, forgive yourself out loud. It feels funny, but if you just say, “I forgive myself.” And it’s ok. And a lot of times just by saying it out loud, that love energy it almost washes out the negative energy. And then just tell yourself, “Hey, I’m just going to let this emotion go. It doesn’t serve me anymore.”

Cindy: What about those times when the choices that you made in the past are influencing your life today? For example, I know someone who has health issues today because he abused his body in the past.

Erik: Those kinds of things, there’s obviously different levels. But it all comes back to the same thing. Some are much harder emotionally and when you have physical manifestations of things you did in the past all that you can do is what’s in the present. At some point…you’re kind of reaping the results of what you had sown in the past. The key is still to forgive yourself. And say, “Well what am I going to do now? What can I learn? Can I use this to teach other people? Can I use this to….?” The alternative is to sit there and beat yourself up and be even more miserable and then become a drain on everybody around you and yourself and that really doesn’t serve your higher good or what you can contribute to the world. So if you weren’t contributing to the world in the past and you’re paying a price for it, then decide to change that now with what you can. Not to say that the emotions you have aren’t valid but at some point you need to say, “Ok, I’m done feeling sorry for myself for what I’ve done and I’m done being angry.  What can I do with this so I don’t carry this with me through the rest of my life and into the afterlife for that matter?”

Cindy:  Erik, do you have anything else you want to share today?

Kent: He loves being a part of this community and just gets a kick out of watching how fast it’s growing, multiplying, and how many people and lives it’s reaching and touching.

Kent Lehman is a Spirit Communicator who works with his wife Cindy Musil to facilitate his communication with Spirit. Learn more about the couple and sign up for their monthly e-newsletter on their website.

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