Spirit Feelings

Thanks, guest bloggers, Cindy and Kent for this wonderful entry today! Wish you were in Austin with us, but I’m grateful to you both for holding down the fort while I’m away! Everyone I urge you to visit their fantastic website: www.eclecticverve.org.

Cindy: Erik, now that you’re in Spirit, can your feelings be hurt by someone on the earthly plane?

Erik: That’s a good question.

Kent: He’s telling me that our thoughts or actions can impact people on the spiritual plane.

Erik: The one thing that’s different is that since you shed your ego it’s harder to get your feelings hurt per se, because you don’t have the external ego type of thing. So if someone said, “I think Erik is a dumbass.” It doesn’t really affect me because I don’t have an ego or shell that has to try to get my worth by what people think about me. However, you can become sad sometimes because you try to extend compassion and at some point it makes you sad when you see people going in the obvious circles of self-defeating behavior or closed mindedness. It can make you sad because you want them to break out of that. You want to reaffirm them with the love that is all around them. So you have compassion or empathy. But at a certain point, especially the more you’ve distanced yourself from your physical incarnation, that kind of energy doesn’t really affect you. Those are lower vibrations so it could be that a Spirit or entity might get kind of sucked in and still try to hold on to those kind of earthly emotions but that has a negative spiraling affect and so at some point..of course it’s the spirit’s individual choice, but at some point if they choose to move back to the love and the connection with the source or with God, they’ll leave that all behind. It’s more of an Earth affliction.

Cindy: Thank you, Erik, So as a follow-up question, if I’m communicating with several loved ones who have passed, I don’t need to worry about making sure I give each of them equal time to show I love them all equally?

Erik: Yeah. Because they don’t see it that way. They don’t have the ego or that need to feed the ego or to feed your own perceptions or emotions. All that your loved ones want is for you to be happy and to encourage you. They’re thrilled that you’re staying connected to them. Since we don’t have that ego that’s constantly comparing with others, it doesn’t matter to us.

Kent Lehman is a Spirit Communicator who works with his wife Cindy Musil to facilitate his communication with Spirit. Learn more about the couple and sign up for their monthly e-newsletter on their website.

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