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This sweet letter really touched my heart. I’m so grateful for all of you!

Hi Elisa,

I saw your Facebook post about the whole money thing in regards to what you do with Erik. It bothered me that you would have to post something like that. I’m not sure if this email will get read or even looked at but I wanted to take the time to write you a note to tell you what you and your son and all the mediums you have worked with have done for me.

You’ve changed my life.

In all seriousness, what you have shared with me (and I’m speaking personally because I can’t speak for the, I’m sure, millions of people that you have inspired) has opened so many doors to endless possibilities that I can’t even count. I have been on my spiritual journey since my son, Mateo, was born. After he was born, I got very sick and was separated from him for a couple of weeks. I felt lost in hospitals and incredibly lonely. When I was waiting for yet another ultrasound something happened that I cannot explain but now know better. This was almost eight years ago so I’ve been on this journey for that long. My gurney that I was laying on began to…almost rock? I got the feeling that my grandmother was with me along with my husband’s grandfather who is deeply tied to my son. The moment Mateo was born he was around him, almost like a protector but that day, in a hospital hallway, I felt the presence of these people and I asked myself ‘what the hell?’

It was the beginning and I have never looked back.

Two years ago I happened upon your Youtube channel. I was fascinated. I had started translating for angels and my Spiritual Council of Light but I was always nervous about dead people. I must say, through everything that you and your son have taught me, I welcome them. Through your channel with Paul Walker, I was introduced to a friend. I speak with Paul often and he was my first ‘dead person’ that made contact with me. At work, in all places. It sent me into a tail spin of anxiety but through Channeling Erik, I worked through that and I actually got the guts to invite Erik in. He’s awesome! Through all the work that you have done, I have gotten to a place where I have grown with my “gifts” but I have also grown as a person. I’ve stopped competing with myself and have begun to love myself. As corny as it sounds, I love myself because of all the lessons and inspiration from you and your son. Of course, I’ve had many teachers that have introduced me to this world but before your videos…you and Erik have cemented that bridge to love that no other teacher has.

To read that you felt you needed to prove yourself has bothered me. What’s there to prove? How do you prove the love of a mother for a child? How do you prove the need to ensure that you and your family’s loss was not in vain? You can’t nor should you have to. You do important work. You’ve ruffled feathers. Sure. But in doing so, you have changed this world. Honesty about that which is unseen is difficult, for me anyway, so I stand and applaud you for doing it. We all exist in the entirety of this universe together. It’s in love that we do so. How do you prove love?

You, Elisa, are doing an incredible job. How can I ever thank you? I never had a good relationship with my mother. She has her issues. It has been years of abuse. I have missed that mother figure in my life. Could I possibly thank you for sharing that part of you with me? I know it may sound ridiculous but out of your generosity, kindness, compassion, sympathy, care, endurance…I could go on, you have taken all of us under your motherly wing and nurtured us in ways that not every mother could. I hope you understand that.

Through your darkest time, you have unselfishly given us light. You have been a beacon of hope. Your work has inspired people to take this human existence by the horns and run with it. Yes, it has its ups and downs, but through sharing your boy with us, those downs don’t seem to bruise so badly and the ups…well, they can be friggin’ blissful.

I honour you and your work. I honour your commitment and your strength. I can’t imagine the down moments where all you would love to do is to hold Erik again. I think, now that you’ve shared him with us, we could all use an Erik hug but I honour you for your sacrifice for in that I have gained so much. I have gained abilities I never thought possible. I don’t have as much fear anymore. (I’m human still so there’s lingering fear here and there. :p) I have gained close friendships with Spirit. I have become more authentic. I have become me. You may think that I write frivolously, that I can’t mean all of this…maybe I’m even trying to kiss butt? 😉 Nope. Thank you for you. I love you. I love Erik. I love those of the Channeling Erik family. I hold a soft spot for Robert. I really enjoy him. I want…no…I need you to know that you are loved. I need you to know love is not about money. This may read really harsh but whoever, in their right mind, would believe that you would prostitute yourself for gain using your child is complete insanity. It’s bullshit. You do not have to defend yourself because you are one with Source, you are one with Spirit, you are one with the world you have created and you are loved.

Again, I’m not sure if you will read these words. I have wanted to write something for a couple of days. I felt a little embarrassed to do so but, why hide? You haven’t. Thank you for inspiring me to be me, to speak my truth, to ask questions, to be discerning, to welcome the unseen and trust that it’s around for my highest and best good.

I love you and I love all that you do. Thank you for the amazing changes in my life. I thank you because you started it. How could we ever know the treasure of Erik Medhus if you didn’t bring him into this world and ultimately have to live with him in a different way? It’s a lesson for us all. Love can continue. You and Erik are proof of that.

I have rambled enough. I hope this little love note finds you and your family well and good. I will continue to share your work and I will continue to share Erik. I will continue to work with both of you, if only on a subtle level because even in the subtle ripples, there lies waves.

Take Care. May you be blessed in every way.

Much Love and Gratitude,

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