Rolling with Erik: Trust Yourself

Easton, my 19 month-old grandson, is really starting to form more words. For the last 6 months or so, he’s been speaking what sounds like a language, but it’s not English. He’d repeat various “words” and “phrases” on a regular basis. But now I hear actual English words. What’s funny is when he wants something like his lambie, he’ll say, “He want lambie” instead of “I want lambie.” I guess he hears his parents talking to each other, saying, “He wants [this or that.]” 

Last night’s show was excellent as always. Erik discusses how we can recognize whether or not we’ve strayed from our spiritual path and how we can get back on it if we have. Take a listen!

This Friday, Emma, Erik and I will interview Hugh Hefner, so if you have any questions about him, you can email them to me at We’ll also explore one of the great mysteries of the world: The Crystal Skulls. Seems appropriate around Halloween!

One more thing: it looks like the poll for the YouTube video length is neck in neck, so if you have a preference, 30 minutes vs. an hour, then take the poll from yesterday’s post. 

Enjoy today’s Rolling with Erik:

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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