Erik on Fatigue, Part Two

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was busy and eventful. The baby shower yesterday was coed, held at the house of Kristina’s friend since the age of nine. I feel like her second mother. We brought the grandkids knowing that there would be other children there, and I’ll have to say that Easton and Arleen were among the best behaved. Easton randomly ran up and hugged a stranger and would constantly erupt in laughter for no reason at all. Everyone would remark about how happy he was. Arleen would spontaneously  offer the help with cleaning things like the mess of toys the other children left around and brought the presents, one by one, to Aunt Kristina. I know Erik is proud. I’m sure he was there. 

Do you mind taking a quick poll for me? I’m trying to figure out whether to make the YouTubes one hour or thirty minutes. The advantage of the former is that we could go into more depth, but the advantage of the latter is that we can still have some depth but it wouldn’t require our attention spans to be so long. 

Enjoy the last part of our series on fatigue courtesy of transcriptionist, Janice T. and medium, Veronica Drake!

Elisa: Is there any way that sometimes this can come from another life and maybe a regressive therapy might help?

Erik: It can, it can. It is possible, but then we’re really talking about chronic fatigue.

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Erik: That’s not so much talking about general fatigue. We’re talking about chronic fatigue. That can really be from past lives that people are kinda carrying in trauma or carrying in certain negative energies. Then I would really suggest if you can’t connect to spirit yourself to either go under hypnosis and see where the problem started and how we can cut the ties to that because if it doesn’t serve you in this life then you do have the free will to say “You know what, don’t. I’m done with that. That was that life; I don’t need this in this life, and I’m taking distance from it”. You do have the choice to do that.

Elisa: Sure! All right, so you say that because energy is not flowing right and its trapped in certain areas, how can we get the energy flowing? I know some people do like body work method called the Grinberg Method, but of course there are other things. What’s the best way to get that energy flowing? Besides doing the mindfulness of course, and all the other things you talked about.

Erik: Yeah, the number one is the mind; the way we think of things will of course help us with the energy. However, crystals can help you as well. Amethyst is really good at getting the energy flowing back through you freely. It also clears a lot of negative energy . And so does sea salt. If you put seal salt underneath your bed people, what it’ll do is while you’re sleeping, it’ll absorb all the negative energy out of your system, and so the energy can then flow through your system. Energy healing. Like I said, just having fun every now and then, just letting everything out…

Elisa: What kind of energy healing do you think is the best? Sorry to interrupt but…I know you already talked about the fun thing but…What kind of energy healing works?

Erik: It doesn’t matter; whatever works for you. A lot of ….Acupuncture is also really good to restoring energy flow to the organs, so that’s another one.

Elisa: Ohhh, okay.

Erik: This is also another good one…There are these places where you can float in sea water.

Elisa: Oh, I’ve heard of that, yeah.

Erik: And they put you in this capsule, and you are floating, you are completely weightless, and it is sooo relaxing! All you can do is to just focus on where you are and it just bring you to that point where you’re one with the universe and so many people have benefits from that. Increasing the oxygen in your circulation will also help you to loosen up a lot of the blockades in your system.

Elisa: Maybe hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

Erik: Right, right! And eating healthy. The way that we feed our energy is through food, through water, and through oxygen, so by adjusting your diet, you can also allow the energy to flourish again in yourselves, and therefore the energy will flow a lot more freely through your body.

Elisa: Okay. I’ve got a personal question: for some reason over the last couple of years, I have a hard time getting up at a decent time. It’s like, I just feel so groggy, I just want to stay in bed and sleep. I just force myself up and I’m groggy for a little bit, then I eventually I’m okay…

Elisa (from the corner of her mouth): Till I grab a cup of coffee~!

Elisa: I use to get up early! Go on rounds at the hospitals, all that stuff no problem! I was an early bird! What is wrong?

Erik: Right.

Elisa: Is something wrong with my sleep architecture? I know its boring people, cuz its all about me!

Emma & Erik laugh.

Erik: A few things. Well…your routine before you go to sleep.

Emma: He’s making me feel like there’s…um…alcohol involved…

Emma unsuccessfully trying to hold back her laugh.

Elisa: I have my couple of glasses of red wine every night, and I watch Netflix.

Emma: Yeah, I don’t want to step on anybody’s feet, but he’s making me feel like…um…

Elisa: I mean, I get to sleep fine.

Erik: Yeah, but its like the alcohol gets into your system, and it’s just sitting there all night long, and it takes the energy out of your cells; it takes the energy out of the body…

Elisa: I felt like that might be true. Maybe I stop drinking my glass…

Erik: I know you’re not going to stop doing it, mom. I know you like your wine.

Emma openly laughing.

Elisa: No….I don’t want to get up…so groggy…I want to do better.

Erik: What alcohol does is, it takes a bit of an impact on the body. So the body needs to drain more energy from the cells to kinda deal with the alcohol in the system to process it and so on. And so all night long you’re processing this alcohol and it just makes your body tired because your body has to constantly work while you’re sleeping; it’s working. You can drink all you want, but couple of hours before you go to sleep – at least 4 to 5 hours before you go to sleep, you should stop drinking alcohol. You can kinda replace it with eating a banana, or milk or things like that to settle the stomach. You need a little layer on your stomach, then stomach basically falls asleep while you’re sleeping, and when the stomach sleeps, the body rests as well.

Elisa: Ahhhh, okay, anything else you want to say about this whole subject, Erik. That’s good advise; I knew that was probably it; drinking too close to bedtime.

Erik: Yeah, your body’s working to process it, that’s all it is.

Elisa (with a mischievous look): I should start drinkin’ in the mornin’…just kidding!

Erik: What people need to understand is that they’re in control of their health; they’re in control of how they feel, so figure out what the problem is, and try and find a way to process it, so you can continue to have a healthy, energetic body because think about it; as kids we were like yaaaaaay! we go crazy, every morning is a happy day… and the older we get, the body gets kinda worn out and it loses energy because our diet become less, we’re rushing to eat, we’re rush rush rush rush, we don’t have a lot of time, we gotta work…

Elisa: We wear out! We get old!

Erik: Yeah, there’s constant rush. We don’t take our time anymore for things because we’re in this society – high paced society – go go go go go! So we also bring that home and once we’re home, we’re eating fast, trying to get everything done, we’ve got so much work and we cant get it all done, and stress, stress, stress…and that results in fatigue unfortunately. So take some time, people! Get a date with yourself – at least once a week, where you can let all the responsibilities go and just be you. So find a routine that you can do your rush rush rush stuff, but you can still have your lay low down time, healthy- we’re not talking about doing that healthy stuff, but just kind of relaxing, letting your body settle. And don’t feel guilty when you spend the whole day watching TV in your pajamas, okay.

Elisa (rolling her eyes): Ohhh

Erik: It’s fine, people; we all need a slacker’s day, okay? We all need it.

Elisa: That’s true, that’s true.

Erik: It’s okay, so don’t feel guilty because once we feel guilty again, then guess what? booom! You’re again you’re attacking your energy, and there we go again, it’s a vicious circle so it is what it is, take time for yourself. I love you guys, so love yourself enough to take care of this beautiful vessel that you chose out to live out your whole life. So appreciate it, be careful with it, and just be happy!

Emma ear to ear smile.

Elisa: Alright! Good end on that note! Thank you so much Erik! I love you! Thank you Emma, Emma, Emma! What you got to share? Besides your website, I will put it up here…tell me.

Emma: Well, I do have some classes on If you type in my name, you’ll see the classes. They have been recorded, they were live, but all classes are recorded and you can order them and rewatch them as many times as you want, once you pay the one time fee. So check it out! There’s a lot of cool classes on there.

Elisa: For example?

Emma: For example, Mediumship Beginner’s Class, I have a class on Autism which is especially great for parents with Autism, I have a class on How to Meditate, and a lot of group readings where I think there’s a lot of information that everyone can get something out of.

Elisa: Yes, yes! That sounds awesome! Alright, check her out guys! and also go to www.channelingerik (with a “k”) .com to check out the blog. Try to start from the beginning – the archives, because there’s a lot of fascinating material there, and check out other you-tubes.

Elisa (doing a salute): Bye Emma! I love you!

Emma: Alrighty! Bye guys!

Erik (blowing kisses with both hands): I love you, Mama! I love you everyone! Peace out!

Emma giggling and Elisa with big smile.

Elisa: Peace out!

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