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This weekend, we went to a campground in Galveston and had a blast. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the island. I’m BOI (born on the island) because my parents went to UTMB for their medical training, but I moved when I was 6 months old only to return to be trained for 7 years at the same place. Now, it’s so different. Things are really happening there with several events occurring every week. They even created a new beach (Babe’s Beach) with pretty white sand. The campground we stayed at had great facilities, especially for children. I really want to take the grandkids there one day. It has s splashpad, a mega playground, a sand volleyball court, horseshoes and corn hole set ups, and a resort style pool. The only problems is I was sick the whole time. I still feel rotten, and this comes on the heels of my heat exhaustion from lugging around and spreading that 2.5 tons of compost. The hubs bought me some Pedialyte, which helps, but it tastes gross!

Anyway, enough of me. Jamin wants me to conduct a poll. For the big CE event at my house, I think August is going to be too hot. It’s so miserably humid, even now, that we’d have to rent several swamp coolers and try to talk over the noise they make. I think October would be a better option. Can you help us with dates?

I also think it’d be fun to host an Erik-palooza event the following year where life coaches, various mediums, reiki masters and other healers, EFT therapists, past life regressionists could share their expertise with us. It would be so much fun, but would probably be a 4 day or more event. Can you help me decide? And if you have one or more preferences for mediums, let me know. I’ve interviewed two more, both of whom are fantastic and will be having sessions with me soon.

Here’s an awesome instructional video, courtesy of Raylene Nuañes. I’ve learned, from her, how essential crystals are to have in our tool bag of life resources. They really work, too! I have a bunch of them under my mattress (because I need all the help I can get!)

Funny story time: When Erik was the youngest, we took all three children to Disneyworld for summer vacation. We were seated at a table in a Disney restaurant for breakfast when a waiter came over and, of course, gave us our menus and later took our orders. Afterwards, (probably sucking up for a big tip) the waiter started telling my little girls, Kristina and Michelle, how they were princesses. Then, we approached 4 year-old Erik and asked, “If your sisters are princesses, what does that make you?” His reply: “Their slave?” Haha. He was so cute at that age. 

Please support Channeling Erik by purchasing the following books. They come in all formats, are page-turners and life-changers, and are inexpensive. Buy copies for your friends and family members, too!

My Life After Death: A Memoir from Heaven

My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side

Didn’t take the poll? Please scroll up and do so. It’ll be a big help to me.

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