All About Parenthood

Before getting to the main topic, I’d like to announce Part Two of Veronica Drake’s Ask Erik questions. Like Raylene Nuañes, the first of every month, she takes a very limited number of questions to ask our little rascally boy, so mark your calendars for the first of every month so that you can submit yours right away. It is first come, first serve. For the audio of Part Two, click HERE.

If you missed our awesome show last night, no worries. Here it is. To listen to archived shows, the producer, Rob, says he’s going to create an on-demand page for us. I’ve been getting so much positive feedback from people who Jamin Olivencia has helped. He’s very inexpensive and the first hour is free, so if you need any help in life, please give him a try by clicking HERE

And now for Erik (and Jillian’s) take on parenting and parenthood. Even if you’re not a parent, you have been raised by them, so this will help you understand your mom and dad as well as your friends who have parents and/or are parents. 

I couldn’t resist these hilarious parenting quotes. Comic relief! :


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