Sensing Crystal Energy

This weekend, we went to a campground in Galveston and had a blast. It's been a long time since I've been on the island. I'm BOI (born on the island) because my parents went to UTMB for their medical training, but I moved when I was 6 months old only to return to be trained for 7 years at the same … Continue reading

Erik on Crystals

I'm here with a VERY busy toddler while Michelle is 45 minutes away taking a test for her nursing school. She thought it was scheduled for noon like they always are, but once she got there, she discovered it was at 2 PM. That means she has to hang around and wait for a couple of hours and I get … Continue reading

Erik on Crystals

Last night was so cozy! It was 32 degrees, and it actually snowed! When we woke up this morning, there was ice almost everywhere. I don't know why I get amazed by snow because I see more of it than I want to when we visit relatives in Norway, but we don't get much of it in my neck of the woods so a … Continue reading

Crystal Healing

Good news! The site works. I decided that if it does go out again, I can always go to Starbucks to post things. It seemed to work there. Liquidweb, the hosting company, says it's not from their end. They says it's a worldwide problem. The Internet itself is suffering with hardware failure in areas. … Continue reading