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As you all know, Shannon was gracious enough to apply her skills as a healer to help lucky volunteers release energy blocks related to feelings of being unworthy and undeserving of unconditional love (session 1) and feeling unworthy and undeserving of financial flow and abundance (session 2). My sister, Laura, and blog member, Amy C. went through this amazing experience in the first recorded session. Candice volunteered for the second session. Please follow along and participate in Shannon’s guided exercises for what might be life changing gains for you. Many of us, especially empaths, suffer such blockages, so future work with Shannon might be just the gift your spirit needs.

Session 1 has Unworthy and Undeserving of Unconditional Love and Amy’s interesting experience with Unworthy and Undeserving of Financial Flow and Abundance.

Healing Session 1

Session 2 is Candice going through Unworthy and Undeserving of Financial Flow and Abundance.  Her experience is more typical so I’m glad I was able to do another recording.

Healing Session 2

A note from Shannon:

My web address is:  My full rates are posted on the site, however, I stand by my offer of 30% off for the CE family.  Anyone interested in being on my mailing list can send me an email request to be added to my monthly drawing for a free 1 hour session.  Being on my mailing list means you get a newsletter from me once a month.

Note: I have included Shannon’s website on my Links list.

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