Spiders Make Good Vibrations

Me: What are all the ways, other than nutrition and exercise (ugh), to raise our vibrational frequency, and can we develop a computer training program us? Will this help us see deceased people and other things? I think we asked this before, but maybe you can add and expand. Erik: There’s already … Continue reading

Can I Get an Amen?

It looks like a lot of people are signing up for the San Diego Event! I'm so excited to meet you guys and put a face to all of these names! This is such a well-timed pick-me-up for the week as Erik's birthday approaches Friday. He would have been (or will be?) 23 on that day. The time flies but the … Continue reading

Fetching and Healing

Me: Erik, how do you fetch people for these sessions? I guess fetch is more of a southern word; how do you get them. Is it about focusing on them with a certain level of intention like you talked about with the plates? How does that all work? Erik: Yeah! You get the person’s name—but really … Continue reading

Sound and Color

Sorry this post is a bit short, but I've just arrived in Los Angeles to help my sister, Teri, catch up with all the things she's not been able to do since she slipped on a Sequoia cone and broke her arm badly. Next post will be about forgiveness. We often have trouble forgiving, not only others, … Continue reading

Ego and Love Energy

I had the most incredible walk in the Arctic tundra surrounding our cabin. (I took a video which I’ll post on the blog when I get home.) Wow, what a Zen place to hike. As usual, I started to channel Erik, and he taught me a lot about ego versus humility. He and I are rather ego-weak. (I’m not … Continue reading