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Good news, I’m out of my robe! (grin) I want to thank all of you for the soothing words and insight you provided when I was feeling so low yesterday. I have days like that every once in a while, but I rarely write about them because I know I’m not alone when in comes to grief. My grief, my loss doesn’t deserve any special attention over another’s. However, lately, my guides have been nudging me to share—not to wallow in a little pity party or to garner sympathy, but to help others who grieve connect so they won’t feel so alone.

I say this now, because I don’t want anyone to think my motives were ever self-serving. Ugh, that would sabotage the entire purpose of our blog. After all, I can be miserable all by myself just fine. No, the aim here is to help each other raise our vibrations and, in the case of grief, that entails a sense of unity, a sense of spiritual purpose, and a sense of encouragement and support rather than the darker energies like pity and sorrow.

This blog is for healing others, not for satisfying my own selfish needs. No one intimated selfish motives on my part, but I just want to make sure you all know where I stand. Even in my parenting books, I try to teach mothers and fathers to avoid pitying their child, particularly those with disabilities or other challenges. To pity is to send the message that you don’t have faith in that person to overcome, to prevail. That said, I would like us to make every effort to champion the side of higher vibrations over lower ones. Love trumps fear every time!

I also would like to thank Shannon from the bottom of my heart for the amazing phone session she conducted yesterday to help volunteers unblock energy related to feeling unworthy of unconditional love and abundance, financial or otherwise. Hopefully, she’ll soon offer private and semi-private sessions for blog members. Shannon, you’re a saint. I will post the audio recordings of the session this weekend.

Channeling Transcript

Me: Now, how do you manifest, Erik, and come into our dreams, etc. What’s the procedure you use?


Me (in jest): Do you just grit your teeth, clench your fists and bear down?

Jamie starts howling in laughter.

Jamie (still laughing): Erik! (To me) Erik pulls up his jeans to show me some glittery shoes, you know, red glittery shoes and he says (in a high pitched little-girl voice), ‘I just click my heels together three times!’

Jamie and I both laugh hysterically. This is soooo Erik!

Jamie: You’re such a ham, Erik!

Me: Oh my god, he’s in rare form today, isn’t he?

Erik: Ha! I don’t do anything. With dreams, you come to us.

Me: Huh? But—

Erik: Yeah, because you’re leaving your body behind, your higher vibration of self is extended beyond your body, and that’s a meeting place where we can interact. This is why some dreams are so lifelike and real. You actually are playing them out. We’re meeting and interacting just like we do on earth, just in a different place and without our bodies.

Me: Oh, I wish I was better at doing that!

Erik: And then there are some dreams that are just extraordinarily creative. That’s when you have dreams that are almost logical. They’re in the head. There’s not that extension beyond the body. I say logical, but of course they can be total freaking fantasy, off the wall shit.

Me: Well, my dreams are sometimes really mundane, like unloading the dishwasher, so I guess I’m a real bore!

Erik: There are different levels of dreams, Mom.

Me (chuckling): I know, I know. Can we go somewhere else besides, um, I mean, I know we can travel on the earthly plane in our dreams and in the afterlife dimension, but can we travel to other dimensions in our dreams too?

Erik: Oh, yeah, sure! And some people do, but they don’t really understand what they’re doing and why it is.

(I know I could delve deeper into this subject, but with only ten minutes or so left in the session, I feel compelled to move on. This sounds like a subject to be addressed in the future when Erik has had a chance to learn a great deal more.)

Me: Okay. Now, what do we look like to you, Erik?  Do you see me, for example, just like you used to see me when you were still in the physical or do you see our bodies and also the shimmery part of us at the same time, or do we just look like big ol’ mud blobs?

Jamie: His first response was, “Chess pieces.”

Me: Oh!

Erik: Solid, heavy, dense.

Me: Some of us denser that others, I guess!

Erik: But at the same time, I can just slightly look a different way at you and see all of your meridians, your energy waves, your chakras, your light, everything.

Me: Hm!

Erik: So, for us, it’s just the focus of how we look at you.

Me: That would be an interesting thing for a spiritual entity like you—well, not you, because you already have the life’s work you’re doing over there—but it’d be cool for a spiritual being to assist people on earth by looking at their meridians and charkas so they can say, “Hey, you gotta problem in this area here; this needs to be done,” etc. Or they could even help with the energy healing, sort of behind the scenes in their different dimension. I wonder if there are any spirits who do that.

Erik: Oh, Mom, there are thousands of ‘em! Thousands!

Me: How cool!

Erik: Yeah, there are massage therapists that get messages all the time, for instance.

Me: Oh, okay, so it’s like channeled from spiritual healers to incarnate healers?

Erik: Yeah, but there are also hands-on healers, psychic surgeons, and even regular surgeons that work from our dimension directly with patients.

Me: Ooo, I read this book Dan gave me called Arigo, Psychic Surgeon. It takes place in Brazil. It’s an amazing and true story about a poor peasant who heals thousands of people from all over the world when a deceased German surgeon melds with his spirit. He’d cut out cataracts without anesthesia and stuff like that, and the patient wouldn’t feel a thing. I could spend the rest of the hour talking about that whole story, but…

Now, enjoy this sweet little song by Just Jack that Tracy turned me on to. I tried to find it in iTunes so I could have it on my iPhone, but came up with zilch, dammit! You MUST watch it more than once to notice some key things.

Just Jack – The Day I Died on MUZU.


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