Souls Names and the Shift

Hey all! The interview on The Sheila Show last night went well and was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the link they provided didn’t work so I’m hoping they provide an archived form.

Again, I also want to remind everyone that I will be in Los Angeles June 27th through July 3rd, and I’d like to arrange a meet-up with anyone living in the area!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Erik, do you have a “soul name”?

Jamie listens, then giggles.

Me: Probably “Rascal.”

Erik (laughing): That was much nicer than what I thought you were gonna say!

We all laugh.

Erik: Yeah, I do have a name. I definitely go by “Erik” because of the work I’m doing now. Think about it, you have, um, everyone has that one soul name that’s kinda like a family name here, but as you reincarnate, as you go to different places, you get different names.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: But since I’m doing the work I am now, I’m maintaining my name, Erik.

Me: Okay. What was your “main name” before you were Erik?

Erik (laughing):I think it was asshole!

Me (laughing): Oh how rude!

Jamie: Hmm Starts with an S. It’s not a common name. Not a girl’s name, like Cecelia, but it sounds like that. It’s a gender bender name.

Me: Spell it for us, Erik, even if you weren’t the best speller in the past. (to Jamie) Erik and I weren’t noted for our spelling prowess.

Erik: Sinelio

Jamie (teasing Erik): Well, it’s appropriate that it has “sin” in the name!

Me (laughing): I know! That’s the first thing I thought of too!

Erik (chuckling): Hey!

Me: Okay, do I have a soul name? What’s mine?

Jamie belly laughs!

Jamie (still catching her breath): He holds up a mug, like a coffee mug, and it says, “Best Mom in the World”!

Me: Oh my gosh!

Jamie: It has a heart on it.

Me: Awwww!

Jamie: Big candy apple red heart on it.

Me: So cute!

Jamie: He’s laughing!

(Long pause)

Jamie: It sounds like he’s saying Anise. Yeah, Anise.

(Long pause as she listens to Erik)

Jamie (to Erik): But isn’t that a spice?

Me: I’m a spicy Mama!

We all laugh.

(Long pause)

Erik: Mom, kind of remind everybody, all the readers and the family to keep asking themselves how self-sustainable can they be.

Me: Wow, talk about changing the subject on a dime!

Erik: Well, cuz there’s gonna be, um, I know we talked about it last time, you know, how well can you camp indoors.

Me: Um hm.

Erik: I kinda mean it, you know? People need to learn how to select their food, you know, those options aren’t gonna be out there anymore. They need to look into their community for options, not transported, mass media products.

Me: Exactly. Exactly. Frankly, I’d be totally fine living in a little shack in the mountains, growing my own food and stuff. That’s something I always used to talk about with my husband, how I’d be totally at peace living off the grid. Of course he’d just roll his eyes, but—

Erik: It’s true! I mean, go ahead and hunker down now so when the rough parts start to happen, it’s not gonna be affecting your daily life. Even though we have it good in our roughest parts, people are going to die because of this. They’re so handicapped the way that they’ve chosen to live.

Me: Oh yeah. Yeah, it’s true. But well, in a way, it’s a source of connection, you know. We’re connected to each other by our needing one person’s skills or products and them needing ours just to get through this. Maybe that’s part of the grand scheme. Technology has made us so dependent on everything EXCEPT for each other that it’s like we’re all living in little cocoons. But I guess this will also encourage us to become more connected to the earth? Is that what you’re saying, Erik?

Erik: Completely.

How synchronous that Amy N. posted the following video yesterday in her comment! Thanks, Amy!:


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