New: Proof and Predictions

Today's post you may be pleased to read is not a 'Best of' posting but is a new one. I asked my friend Patrick aka 'Substitute Teacher' to reach out into the ether and provide us with an article of discussion for today. Strangely enough a few of my 'Best ofs' have been about Psychics and readings, … Continue reading

It’s All About the Erikness

As I've said time and time again, Erik is no Dalai Lama or Deepak Chopra. He's just a boy with a less than eloquent vocabulary. But that in and of itself gives him a mass appeal. Here's what he has to say about that. Channeling Transcript Me: Hi Erik! Erik: Hi Mom! Me: Hey, the first book is in … Continue reading

Missing a Loved One?

Many of you have found your way to this oasis of hope by following a trail of tears. Many of you grieve. Many of you have suffered under the heavy burden of loss. You find camaraderie here. Understanding. Unity. Friendship. Compassion. But it doesn’t replace the son, daughter, lover, friend or … Continue reading