Spiders Make Good Vibrations

Me: What are all the ways, other than nutrition and exercise (ugh), to raise our vibrational frequency, and can we develop a computer training program us? Will this help us see deceased people and other things? I think we asked this before, but maybe you can add and expand.

Erik: There’s already a computer program.

Me: Really?

Erik: Yeah. It’s biofeedback shit. You plug your hand into it. It helps you gauge your emotional anxiety and helps you calm yourself down, and you hear it in tones, and you see it on the chart in front of you. We’re emotional beings, man. If you learn how to use that then hell, yeah, that will help you communicate. You’ll become a more sensitive person.

Me: I’m talking about to raising your vibrational frequency so you can meet the deceased halfway so you can actually see spirits. It would be nice for someone to develop something like that. Do you know what I mean?

Erik: Well, first, you gotta learn how the fuck to control your emotions.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You know, if you’re raising your vibrations and you get scared—

(Pause, interrupted by Jamie’s laugh. I think I heard a little snort in there.)

Jamie: He’s like, uh, how do I say that? He’s like pretending like he’s crying and wiping his eyes; he puts his lower lip out like, (she says this in the voice of a scared little toddler.) “Boo hoo. You got scared, because you asked for enlightenment, and we raised your energy and all of a sudden you saw something and you got scared.”

Me: Aw!

Erik: If you don’t wanna control those emotions when they pop up, what we’re doing for you, you know, it just takes a hell of a lot longer. So, I’d start at zero and start learning, “How do you handle a new experience? How do you handle it? How do you control your emotional reactions”? Often when we’re in something new, we’re fearful of it, because we haven’t experienced it before.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Which is bullshit, because it could be an incredible experience, but you’re scared like a baby, because you’ve never seen anything like that before. So, I would work on how you feel, and you would use the biofeedback.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And then once you got that down—under control—then there are—

Jamie: Okay. He calls them “sound spiders.”

Me: Mm.

Jamie: Because it looks like a dead spider. It’s on its back with its legs curled up over its—

Me: Gross. I don’t do bugs. They make me gag. Is it something you lie down in?

Jamie: It looks like a bed that has speakers underneath it, and then, 360 around your body, there are speakers. The arms kind of come up like in a diamond-cut shape. They come out and then in a 45-degree turn completely over your head that meet over a bar over your head. Then they hook your body up with these sensors that go to a machine, and it will actually read out, sound out your vibrational level.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: And then through hearing this and feeling that vibrational sound in your body, because it’s playing through the speakers 360 around your body, then the controller of the program, you know, who’s sitting in the room with you, can then adjust the sounds to have your body match a higher vibrational element.

Me: Cool!

Erik: This is a very physical way of doing it.

Me: Hm. Does that already exist?

Erik: Yeah.

Me: Is it S-P-I-D-E-R or S-P-Y-D-E-R?

Erik: I don’t know what the fuck it’s called! That’s just what I call it.

Jamie laughs.

Me: Oh, Erik!

Jamie: It’s probably some sound vibrational healing thing. It looks like a massage table, but it’s in a soundproof room. It doesn’t echo or vibrate away. You know, the sound is extremely contained within the room and within the table where the person is lying. But I see stickers and wires all over the person.

Me: Okay.

Jamie: Like on their chest, their hands, their face. And that is putting the sound to the measurement of the vibration. So it’s like the biofeedback but with sound. And then they’re able to see where you can put yourself, and then they will manually change the control, the vibration to be higher so your body can learn how to stretch and grow and match it. Open up.

Me: How interesting. Okay, so that would be such a great program for grieving parents, you know, to first do the biofeedback program and then to do that whole sound vibrational deal to raise their, you know. I don’t know. Would that be a good idea, Erik?

Erik: Yeah. I think it’d be really cool.

Me: So, they could just sit there and learn how to cross the veil anytime they want.

Erik: Yes. That’s totally possible.


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