Sri Swami Svatmananda on Reincarnation

Thank you, everyone, for your generous donations to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The walk was wonderful and there were over 1,400 people there. So much loss. Those dollars will go to research and other efforts to stop this senseless act. 

I just joined a gym with my son, Lukas, and am trying to get this old lady body back into shape. To get to the machines, you have to go up steps to the second story. By the time I finish my workout, my legs feel like rubbery noodles, and I eye the elevator with a deep sense of yearning, but I have my pride and wobble down the steps. 

Enough about me and my pathetically weak body. Let’s watch the video:

Tammie Phillips sent me this cool YouTube where Erik is mentioned. Start listening at timestamp 7:18. 

Love you guys!!

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