Sensing Spirit Energy

Before we delve into how to sense the energy of your deceased loved one, spirit guide, guardian angel or other being behind the veil, I have two important questions for you:

  1. Why can’t I use scissors to cut anything using my left hand?
  2. Why do drive up ATMs have Braille for the instructions.

I’m sure there’s a good reason. Just don’t know it.

I’m so excited! My big sister, Teri, is flying in for a visit from Topanga, CA Thursday with her boyfriend, Grant. They come in Thursday and this will be the first time she has seen Easton, Liam and Harper and it’s been a long time since she’s seen her nieces, nephews and Arleen. The thing, is, she called me today with symptoms that suggest a kidney stone and she can’t travel until she’s passed it, so please send healing energy that will break that little (or big) shit up so she can make the trip!

Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show tomorrow at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. There are three ways to listen: Listen on the phone line, click on the “Listen” icon on the right sidebar of the blog or click on this link: For this show, Erik will talk about how to determine whether or not you are an empath, what that entails and how to deal with it, particularly how to turn it into an incredible strength. Ryan Adragna, energy healer, will help by reading the energy of some of the callers. After that, Jennifer will channel Erik as he answers questions from listeners. Also, energy healer, Ryan Adragna, will read the energy of some of those callers. Their respective websites are and No more than 15 minutes before the top of the hour, call 619-639-4606 to ask Erik your question.

Here’s the YouTube for today’s topic. Raylene also shares her experiences while in a coma, including her near death experience. Hopefully, a transcript will follow shortly!


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