The Afterlife Interview with Billy Graham

At long last, we have Reverend Billy Graham’s interview, and it was full of surprises! But first, I would like to announce that, very soon, we’re going to have transcripts along with the videos. I’ve asked each medium to either transcribe their own session or hire someone to do it. I’m not sure if every one of them will agree, but at least some of the videos will come with transcripts, including this one but at a later date. 

Last night’s show was so powerful and poignant. Erik reached out to those of us who have trouble being here and long to go Home. The questions from listeners were ones that can help us all, and Veronica was SPOT ON with every channeled answer. I received confirmation from two of them about all of the things she relayed. If you missed it, don’t worry. Here it is and remember that this page has a radio archives tab at the top:

And now, it’s Billy’s turn!

Here are some great Billy Graham quotes that give you an idea of what kind of man he was and is.

Have a wonderful weekend, and be safe!

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