Thank you Erik !

Hi Erik and Mom,

thank you so very very much for writing both books! You have made such an impact on my life!
Today is the 5 month Anniversary of my middle son Christopher who took his life on October 8, 2016 (Canadian Thanksgiving). Like yourself Elisa, as a Mom, I was beside myself and in shock and denial and needed to find a way out of my deep dark hole of grief. I needed to find out where my boy was and how he is.
I went to the library a few months ago to find more answers about the Afterlife and Near Death Experiences ( even though I have obsessively studied metaphysics and spirituality for 29 years now) I needed more answers. I needed to know where my Boy is and what happens to suicides after they cross over ( I dont believe in hell; its man made, so I know he was in a good place) I ended up with a pile of books and was just about to leave the library, when Eriks book caught my eye and almost fell on top of my pile I had in my arms. I HAD to take it home! Needless to say, I inhaled every word of it, cried with you as a Mother who had lost her son, cried happy tears with Erik for being in a blissful place of unconditional Love and tears of relief, knowing that my sweet Christopher is most likely hanging out with Erik now , as he is the master of mischief himself too 🙂

How do I know Erik has already popped into my life to say hello? Just before Valentines Day I went to Chapters to buy a copy of your book ” My life after Death” for Christophers best friend Becca who spent the last few hours of his life with him. She is grieving deeply, more like me it seems, and I wanted to give her comfort ( plus a little voice told me to get the book for her to let her know that suicides DO go to Heaven). Well, they only had one copy left in the store ( with her name on it most likely, because I wanted to buy two more for my other sons). I needed a bookmark and perused the isles and all I could find was Disney stuff or Star Wars bookmarks…Meh….I almost gave up…Erik, help, please! I got on my knees and lo and behold, there on the bottom of the shelf was THEEEE perfect bookmark: It said on it” You are my sunshine” I nearly had a melt-down right there and then. You see, that song was my sons favorite when he was a child and we sang it twice at his Celebration of Life ( it makes me choke up with tears just writing this). AMAZING!!!! I KNEW it was Erik who helped me find the perfect bookmark! Thank you Erik!!!! ( I bought 3 more for my boys and me in case they sell out!) I am now reading your book Elisa “My son and the Afterlife” and I have to say, it is even more endearing to read because I love the Mom- Son conversations you are having. I can soooo relate! They are all giving me soooo much hope!
I told my GF in England about your books ( she lost her daughter to suicide as well) and it is helping her soooo much as she was grieving so bad, even after 3 years.

My son has telepathically communicated with me twice now and it came through so fast and furious, like a download. He gave me so much info on what he is doing there ( building Healing Domes for people that cross over ) and why he took his life and what happened and how he crossed over etc. There was so much info he gave me, it is so similar to what Erik has been saying ( I got the info before I read your books so it is confirmation for sure about what Home looks like) I just wish I could talk to him every day or more often like you do with Erik. But I get signs every day from him and for those I am grateful!!!

So another sign Erik just popped in to say hello….I JUST now found your APP and put it on my phone and I cried my face off as it loaded up. Right at that point my walkie-talkies went off and a little voice said:” Hello Mommy?” Shazam! I knew it was him! ( This happens occasionally as my son is using our walkie- talkies to communicate to me, I could write a book about what comes out of it at all hours of the day and night!)
I asked Erik if he could please go visit my son Christopher today as it is his 5 month Anniversary and they might have a beer or two together. I am sure they are up to no good up there, both being mischiefs. lol.

Thank you Erik and Mom for shining a light of Hope into the world for us survivors of suicides, but also for anyone who has lost any loved one and even for people who have not lost anyone yet. Your words give us a peek into heaven and let us know that The Other Side is our “Real Home” and waiting for us and that we will all be reunited again soon :):)

Thank you and God bless you and big Angel Hugs to Erik and yourself xoox

Angela S.

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