The Physics of Death, Part Two

Before going on to the last installment of our series on death, I want to remind you of the awesomeness that is medium, Emma McIntosh who is hosting a Channeling Erik event in Belgium. You guys don’t want to miss it. Kari Mena from the Shiny Show will also be there! Here’s the information, directly from her:

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Now for today’s post!

Me: Well, in the typical, general death. What is common to all deaths on a physics level in the cell, in the microtubules? What do all deaths have in common?

Erik: There’s no electrical transmitting between the vibration of who you are and the physical of who you are.

Me: Okay.

Kim: He’s showing me the synapses. Is that what they’re called? A circle with a bunch of lines coming off of it? He’s showing me like this electric, like this lightening bolt of electricity begins to stop. He’s showing me these links that start to separate. They don’t transmit information from one cell to the next or from your vibration to your cell.

Me: Okay.

Kim: This is interesting. He’s showing me all through the body, he’s referring to the physical body through electricity. He’s literally showing different organs shutting lights out. I see these lights going out.

Me: So once there’s that electrical block, the vibrational you floats off of each individual cell and kind of disconnects?

Erik: Yes, Mom.

Kim: Oh my gosh. You know that song? Oh, don’t make me sing!

Me: Uh oh. We can have a sing-a-long.

Kim (laughing): You know like the arm bone’s connected to the—

Me: Oh yeah. The leg bone’s connected to the hipbone. They hipbone’s connected to the…

Kim: Yeah, he’s singing that.

Erik: It becomes really dangerous if the electricity flowing within some part of the body stops or is disrupted. Everything is connected and affects the flow of electricity or energy in the physical level. They’re all connected, so one affects the other. So if one is out of rhythm or the current is disrupted, others are affected. Take the heart. If you have atrial fibrillation, that current, from the electrical standpoint, affects the other organs. When one frequency or vibration is out, the others are at risk. They’re compromised, too.

Me: Are we talking about, you know how we have meridians of energy or I guess electricity flowing through our bodies and the chakras? I’ve seen a chart where you have these meridians of energy lines. Is that what you’re talking about? And how those interact with the chakras?

Erik: No.

Kim: I think he’s talking about the physical body producing electricity or energy, and when one organ is out or one area is off—let’s say you have liver disease. The vibration then is compromised.

Erik: Each organ puts off its own vibration that can be measured in Hertz. When one is compromised, the others are at risk. Mom, it’s no different than if I’m in a shit mood and I’m in a really low place and I come and stand next to you, you’re going to feel that low vibration.

Me: Oh sure. I’ve felt it before many times.

Erik: When you watch a physical death happen, you’ll see that energy die out. Lights out begin to happen all over the body. The more the soul separates, obviously the more everything changes.

Kim: Oh, he’s showing so much. He’s showing the brain, the blood flow, the body temperature—nothing is regulated.

Me: It reminds me of that show, The Waltons, where at the end they go, “Good night, John Boy,” and the light in the window shuts off, and they, “Good night, Mary Ann,” and that light shuts out. That’s death in a nutshell.

Kim laughs.

Me: This electricity the body has, where’s it made? Where is it created in the actual physical cell? The cytoplasm? The nucleus? All of it?

Erik: In the nucleus.

Kim: This is interesting because he keeps going back and forth, talking about the chakras and meridians like you were talking about, nothing to do with that, but then the physical body and what it produces itself while the soul is inside and the body is still alive.

Me: Okay.

Erik: You have to acknowledge that they go hand in hand.


Kim: Oh, how sweet. He says:

Erik: Mom, you know how you’ve heard of people that do die of a broken heart? This is going back to what you were talking about, the energy flowing through the meridians and chakras. If the heart space is affected on a spiritual level, it can manifest on a physical level. Then all sorts of things can happen and manifest.

Me: Yeah, I thought I was going to die of a broken heart after you died, Erik. So I know how that feels.

Kim: Aw.

Erik: No matter how you die, you have to acknowledge the spiritual self first.

Kim: Man, he’s getting really deep! I don’t know if we have time for all of this! He’s showing the Higher Self knowing when the time is coming. We may not always be conscious of that, but sometimes we are.

Me: Mm hm.

Kim: When a problems starts on a spiritual level and then manifests physically—He’s showing that in reverse, the death process.

Erik: When one begins to die, we’re going back to our Higher Self and letting go of what we carry on a physical level. We might not always be aware of what the Higher Self knows or carries consciously, but as we transition through our physical death and back to our Higher Self, it’s a very simple concept. Mind, body and spirit all have to be on the same page. When they’re not, one dies. One stops working. One becomes ill.

Kim: Oh, this is so fascinating. He’s talking a lot, going into Alzheimer’s, dementia and how when mind, body and spirit aren’t on the same page, illnesses like these manifest.

Me: That’s a whole other topic unto itself that maybe we should talk about some day. The mind, body and spirit being on the same page. I’m going to write that down! So that we can close this, because we could go on and do several parts on this, how is the spirit connected to the body. Are there little energetic tethers or something to the cells? How are those connected in life and then they disconnect at death, obviously?

Kim: He’s giving me these words. Neutron, nucleus, microtubules and, it’s a powerhouse. Mitochondria?

She stumbles on the word.

Me: Oh, mitochondria. Yeah.

Erik: These all have to talk.

Me: Wait. The nucleus of the atoms or the nucleus of the cells?

Erik: No, the nucleus of the cell.

Me: Oh, okay. Okay.

Kim: He’s showing me this little ball of energy. It’s like a fireball. I don’t know what that does, but they all have to talk. He’s showing me one feeding the other like one being the powerhouse of energy feeding the others.

Erik: We’re going all the way down to the cellular level and how the cells communicate. If we are at the cellular level, just as a people in the world, we can’t just exist on our own. We all have to communicate to sustain life.

Me: Sure. So is it like this energy ball that’s encompassing the nucleus, the mitochondria and the inside of the microtubules and that’s what the tether point is?

Erik: Yes, but WE give it life. We obviously bring in consciousness at that level.

Me: Yeah, because I’ve seen a lot of dead people. Well, I don’t want to say a lot because that makes me look bad as a doctor! But I have seen dead people, and they just look different than when they were alive. They almost look like wax figures. That spark is gone. One more quick thing, and if you can make this in two minutes: spontaneous human combustion. You’ve described that before as the spirit having a hard time disconnecting from the body, and then, poof. Can you go into that really briefly?

Kim: What is spontaneous combustion?

Erik: It’s basically when the human body cannot encompass or embody the high vibration. There’s too much energy and the body literally bursts [into flames.] This is actually pretty rare.

Me: Yeah, thankfully.

Erik: So it’s when a soul reaches a high vibration and the body can’t embody it.

Kim listens, then laughs at whatever Erik said.

Erik: You want to talk about a fucking panic attack!

Kim: That’s because I asked him what it’s like to feel that way, like the experience before the combustion.

Me: Oh, god.

Erik: As your vibration goes up and up and up and you embody too much energy without a ground, you hold it all in. When our vibration gets high, it can feel like an anxiety attack, but in this case, it keeps building to where the physical body can’t contain that much energy.

Me: And it just incinerates. Yeah. Saves on cremation costs.

Kim (laughing): That’s true. He’s showing me a lightening bolt coming in.

Erik: Mom, it’s just like people getting struck by lightening. The physical body can’t coexist with that amount of energy.

Me: Okay, so what I’m seeing it as, based also on what you’ve described before, is those little balls of energy, those fireballs you were talking about, encompassing the mitochondria, inside the microtubules and the nuclei, gets bigger and bigger and just, poof! It gets to be too much for each cell.

Erik: That’s right, but on the cellular level, when there is that much energy, there’s no constructive communication from one cell to the next and within the cells. There’s no productive communication. Mom, it’s like being at a party with the music blaring, and you’re trying to talk to your friend, but you can’t hear each other even though you’re screaming!

Me: All right. And you’ve told me, and we’ll close on this, that sometimes this happens in people who have a hard time letting go of things, and maybe they can’t let go of the spiritual body. They may be people like hoarders, for example. They can’t let go of stuff.

Erik: And in emotional hoarders, yep.

Me: All right. Sounds great! Erik, I love you! Kim, thank you so much!

I know I said this Part Two would be posted Friday, but now after doing all this work, I realize that I posted it on Thursday instead. I’ve been thinking it’s Friday all day! So I’ll post the Best of Erik tomorrow, guys!

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