The Afterlife Interview of Sarah Good from the Salem Witch Trials, Part 2

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Veronica Drake

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Before we talk to Sarah Good from the Salem Witch Trials, I’d like to share this cute story from a blog member.

Hi Elisa,
One of my granddaughters was with me the other day and I told her about Erik.  She’s 7 years old.  When I told her about Erik, she immediately pulled up your website on her phone. Crikey! My phone is incapable of that function. Then, I said his favorite prank is to fart. She laughed and then suddenly, we both smelled a fart.  I accused her of farting, but she said that she didn’t!  I didn’t believe her; however, I know, it wasn’t me, so I left the room. I told her about all of Erik’s pranks. At first, I still, didn’t believe that she hadn’t farted; however, when she followed me around the house like a monkey on my back for the next few hours, that’ is when I realized that it was “Erik!”  Too funny..
Luv K
P.S.  My computer screen is wiped out by something that looks like a huge alien hand.  Ignore any and all errors.
And now it’s Sarah’s turn. Kim Voigt channels her masterfully! Check out her site HERE. She does quantum sessions, Akashic Records sessions, energy healing, past life regressions, channeling spirits and more. 

Here is the transcript, but if you could let the video run for a while, I spprea

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