The Afterlife Interview with Corey Haim


I only vaguely recognized Corey Haim’s name, and I really didn’t follow his career. Through this interview, however, I  have learned what a sweet soul he was and is. And Corey was clearly a very talented Canadian child actor. But there is more to his story than the public is aware of! Thanks, Michelle Gray, for channeling him so brilliantly. Check her out at

But before diving into our conversation with Corey, I’ve got a fun contest for you guys. The first one to answer the quiz below correctly will get a signed copy of either of the two books (mine or Erik’s) and will be selected from the studio board during any of our Hour of Enlightenment Radio Shows to ask Erik a question or get a message from a loved one!

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hello Michelle how are you doing hello
ELISA and Eric says hi mom loves you too
all right so as per Michelle’s requests
we’re going to try to bring in if you
can Eric Corey Haim who was a child
actor and I don’t really I’m not
familiar with him but I looked at the
picture he’s adorable
so can you do that um Corey’s here and
hi Corey
he says hello he’s called you a doctor
II he thorry just explained that um I
started getting some some signs and this
often happens I’ve said this before
before somebody comes forward to channel
with I’ll have a lot of little
synchronistic events and signs that
they’re around so this will be my third
time that I’ve communicated little bits
and pieces but he is he is a very sweet
soul he and Eric are standing really
close together right now and they’ve got
some common interests like motorcycles
and girls and they’re kind of yeah
versing about um Corey is showing
himself in a vest like a black bass he’s
got a white t-shirt pair of jeans on and
he’s just he’s got a very boyish charms
type look to him and very very handsome
I would say he’s showing about early 20s
way looks to be so he’s the he’s just
think hey to everybody he says that he’s
done this circuit he’s not he’s familiar
with communicating in the afterlife
ok rodeo
yeah all right
do you want to start off just open my
time and just is there anything that you
want to set the public straight about or
do you want to offer your story about it
anything your life your death anything
well he says thank you he said that he
he loves to talk
he loves to converse but a lot of this
he says it’s not so much about my life
in particular but what he represents
from the afterlife and how that affects
those on earth right now talking about
that being timely that it’s a timely
conversation on many different levels he
wants to bring awareness to okay
he says the events that have taken place
in Hollywood he says not just that my
time but even well before my time he
says not just in Hollywood but around
the world and way speaking of he says is
child abuse abuse against men women and
children but he says in particular sex
abuse sexual abuse and he says that
he appreciates having this opportunity
to speak but he wants to make it
understood that he’s not coming from a
place of being feeling for himself okay
yeah I mean he wants to
yeah he wants to express that this is
part of his purpose that he’s comparing
himself much to Eric and he says doctor
a much like your son I have an
opportunity in spirit to be able to help
earth to be able to help those on earth
that have suffered and continue to
suffer and to let you know that you’re
coming upon a very changing time and in
fact you’re in it and there’s much
evidence in the world right now
– what’s dark and what’s scary to come
apart first to anybody that’s been
directly affected by sexual abuse
whether it has affected them themselves
or somebody close to them that they love
and he wants to be able to say you can
be free you can let go of the
responsibility let go of the shame he
says that this is a time of healing and
understand that we’re coming into a time
that is unknown to us it’s an energy
that’s unknown to us and we have this
opportunity to be able to take advantage
of the energy eat an advantage of our
ourselves he says our own power to be
able to stand up for who we truly are no
longer live in the shadows of dark
choices and of control of our minds we
are no longer victim to somebody else’s
bad choice so he wants to extend his
love and his appreciation to all those
that have suffered and continue to
suffer is that first of all wow that’s
awesome so I feel like there’s something
changing to like all the stuff with the
with pizza gate and you know
it just seems like things are coming out
there’s more evidence the whole obtain
the whole Harvey Weinstein all that kind
of stuff to me it just feel like that
part of the deep state you know and the
global elite pedophile rings I think
they’re they’re about to be cracked
hopefully he says yes he goes it that’s
exactly what I’m talking about
he said that we can look this look at
this as there are multi levels of
breaking down that is happening and we
can look at any he says arena any sector
of the world of any of these major
platforms foundations businesses
government and we can see different
areas that are breaking apart and he
says this is all very timely he’s also
putting um he’s pointing to his his
friend that he had in life Corey Feldman
yeah who also yes yeah he also suffered
sexual abuse and so he’s just saying
guys I’m not here to talk about names
I’m not here to talk about judgment I no
longer need that healing but what I want
you to understand is that I want you to
really look at he’s saying rather than
the meat and the potatoes he’s saying
the meat and the mashed potatoes of
everything that’s going on here he says
I want you to look at what the subject
matter is and not focus on the judgment
of whether my buddy
has made money off of what he does or
whether he’s gaining popularity or
anything of that nature because you guys
let’s put all these just side and let’s
look at we all know that
there is something and has been things
going on for a very long time and it is
timely he says there has been a blanket
that has covered a lot of the world and
there is a lot of safety that we’ve
lived in in what we’ve not been able to
see what we have felt is who are these
soldiers of the army that’s going to
correct all of this or at least hobble
it who’s behind it
he says let’s not call this like one
team he’s not referring to it as one
team he’s referring to it as groups as
cells Indians it’s like group from
different parties or different areas
he’s saying around the world yes it’s in
the u.s. that there are other countries
and he says that there are groups within
each country that is allowing this to
happen and so this is being broken down
in what he’s calling a timely and divine
timely fashion and well he was helping
in the u.s. there’s the main okay
he says sorry go ahead
well who is helping in the US I hear
that Trump has done a lot of like
executive orders I don’t know warming
this and that again for to stop sex and
child trafficking is he one of the
soldiers in this fight against this
horrific thing yet Corey’s just saying
that a lot of people want to put so much
blame on Trump he says let’s not mix up
let’s not mix
what we want to believe about somebody
based on some things that they say and
let’s look at the fact that he is there
for a reason
more than what we’re able to see as
humanity right now right in this very
moment and yes so he does have awareness
and he does have he’s saying a power to
conduct whatever it is that they’re
doing but it’s not happening at one time
he’s showing me like it’s like you pull
this domino and it’s gonna affect this
one over here okay and then in effect
this one over here what Erickson is oh
I’m sure
all right so Eric said you know I have a
lot of questions so I can’t be too long
each answer
Eric long time ago said that Trump was
brought in by the divine to topple the
corrupt is this one of the main reasons
the divine has brought him to us this
whole child abuse pedophilia and all
that and trafficking yes yes it’s one of
them all right there he’s just he’s just
agreeing with you and saying that
because he’s showing me a lot of fingers
being pointed and he says that there’s a
lot of fingers that get pointed at him
to build him up to look and act a
certain way so that there’s a lot of
hate against him yeah the media I mean
is immediate complicit I mean parts of
it obviously complicit in all this
trafficking and kind of pedophilia and
all that in some way is that why they
keep it so remember that there’s some
hype yes yes there’s there’s higher up
so you will notice Cory says that you’ll
sometimes see that something will come
out in the news and then it will be
something shocking or people want to
understand what happened to the rest of
it and then all of a sudden it drops off
and they move on to something else that
happens just talking about it
it manipulation comes in many forms and
works on many different levels but there
has to be tea parties within every
sector to be keep it going that has
happened for a very long time oh right
so are you saying that the the top
levels of the media are trying to stop
Trump because they aren’t they are
complicit in in this heart heart party
not all oh yeah of course not did you
always want to be a an actor a child
he goes nah because I would have much I
would have much rather be a hockey star
Oh were you good at hockey
does he like to think so he was swept he
was all right like light on his feet
he was quick but now you can do it any
time you want play hockey on the surface
of Mars or whatever what did you like
and dislike about these are from blog
members about your occupation mm-hmm
first thing he goes to is that he says
and he does this with this dimple he
goes he loved the attention oh you loved
the fans he loved the girls he just
loved all of that stuff and he said that
he was good at it it wasn’t something he
went out to find it was just something
that he was good at okay so what did is
what’s the one thing you did not like
about the occupation well beside the
obvious okay yeah he said that there was
some discipline that he needed so it may
have been a little easier when he was
younger but he said there was a lot
required of them and there would be that
he would stay up and party or he would
that was hard he sent the downside to it
and goes obviously yes we all know what
what a big part of it is but he says
other than that he says it was hard
being pulled back into reality so he he
he had his fall he had his times that
knocked him down but it was hard for him
he had impatience with it and so he says
for that once he had lived that sense of
stardom and fandom he says that it was
it was difficult for him to readjust
okay what advice would you give to
children and their parents about putting
kids into the entertainment industry
I know Elijah some say Elijah Wood
he was very protected by his mother
wouldn’t let him go to the parties after
parties and all that Stepan do you have
any advice he says to stay informed stay
as present as possible and always have
somebody that you trust that’s able to
fend for you that you feel confident
with he says that you know children are
working a lot of times in an industry
that has adult expectations along with
it and there are times that some of
these kids are so mature but how they
handle things that can be easily
forgotten so having that right
protection with your child for as long
as innocence their childhood good were
you abused before you even entered the
entertainment industry or was that when
it first happened and he says no he
didn’t suffer any type of abuse before
he got into the entertainment in his
industry he’s talking about the
combination of what was around him so
marijuana and some other drugs
and those scenarios he says some of the
scenarios that he was put in I guess
there was a party’s yeah party places
that he was that he wasn’t in those same
types of situations both were hands okay
so was there one make the reveal any
names obviously one main person who was
your abuser there was more than one can
you tell me about not in graphic detail
of course the first time was the casting
agent producer of me somebody a director
he’s calming calling them a guardian is
how he’s describing it he says a
guardian with
um so
work duties and he’s calling it off work
duty so having some sort of care with
him as far as the details of the abuse
he he pulls his energy right back oh no
no it’s not I don’t want to be
voyeuristic so anyway it’s kind of like
one of them the first one was a
chaperone of some sort is that what
you’re saying yeah he’s calling it a
guardian he keeps repeating a guardian
so I get some did to care only one so
he’s not the only one that yeah how old
were you 13 okay what did you think
were you scared horrified felt ashamed I
don’t know I mean he said he says it
he’s calling it a mix of uncertainty
he also says and he means us in a very
non he says he was young so it was
confusing for him yeah oh yeah he says
bringing forth his hormones and sexual
feelings yeah but he says all with an
understanding that it felt like it
wasn’t something that he wasn’t sure if
it was something that happened at a
certain point like he didn’t see it
coming in this way if that makes them
okay it’s not really putting a whole lot
of detail on no we don’t want you it’s
yeah that’s fine all right so this one
person writes here what the hell is
Corey Feldman doing and thinking with I
don’t know anything about this story
with all his accusations and craziness
he seems to think he’s involved in does
he actually know anything about the
pedophile ring in the entertainment
industry or is he just full of it and
attempting to make money and fame at
yours your families and other people’s
expense is he mentally ill on drugs or
just greedy
you even talk trash about your mom and
sister his behavior really pisses me off
he said
he seems to think he’s better than
everyone else okay so I don’t know what
you want to say about that doesn’t have
to be anything but except that you’re
not here to judge Cory we should not
accept look what do you want to say yeah
he’s he’s repeating what he said earlier
and he’s just he’s just saying that he
can appreciate that he can appreciate
that opinion because he says everybody
has the right to their opinion he says
I’m not dogging your telling you can’t
think this way but your opinion is yours
but if he says what I want you to
understand is that there is Cory
believes what he’s doing he goes and
when that man wanted to do something
that a man does something and whether
there are other things to of it he goes
yes so what made you there is some other
things to it because he has the right to
make money and he has the right to do
other things with it as well however he
says don’t forget that he is also a
victim of abuse yeah at the same time
he’s bringing me into this and he says
and he’s not brought me into it in a way
that he feels he is doing something
wrong so he says I will make it clear
that his intention is not thinking that
he is doing something wrong and he says
so you have to remember that everybody
has a perspective and he is also a
victim he is also part of this um yes he
says with other abuse as well in his
life so he is a victim at the same time
did you guys know each other were being
abused did y’all just and if so did you
discuss it yeah yes he says um it was no
secret it was something that we carried
within us and Cory says it’s not us it
was not a secret amongst people that he
knew as well Cory didn’t necessarily
talk about it with everyone and in fact
he’s saying that his conversations with
the other quarry
– and far between okay it wasn’t
something on but it was understood and
yes they did know each other from yeah
children did y’all discuss maybe
reporting it to the authorities
um Cory’s like I couldn’t do it I
couldn’t relive it oh yeah yeah I
understand he’s saying that the other
Cory handled that so he may have gone to
the authorities at one point where he
may have reported it but corey haim is
pointing to him and saying like this is
part of his whole build-up to this as he
was called crazy okay like something was
wrong with him so do you feel that Corey
Feldman honored your his promise to you
someone wants to know I don’t know what
the promise was but did he he’s saying
he says let me answer it to you this way
he believes that he is fulfilling
exactly what I asked him to do in the
way that he process it yes okay anything
with that that okay with me do you have
any messages for him he says he keeps
being passionate man okay if what Corey
Feldman has put out there is all true
why is your mother saying it’s not and
why is your mother trying to discredit
him there’s two different questions from
different people he says his mother is
recovering he’s actually calling it
spiritual recovery for a long what
happened and what continues to happen
he’s addressing specifically with going
against one or the other and how he’s
putting it is that he supports his
mother a hundred percent but he also
supports Corey and he wants to point to
truth will unveil itself in the correct
time girls dance
good what effect will Cory Feldman’s
documentary have on the entertainment
industry I didn’t know that there was
one I guess it’s on child abuse sexual
abuse he says it’s a piece of a puzzle
okay let me see here
do you regret having gone into the
business and Hollywood says no no okay
he said there’s a mission we’ll get to
that too actually yeah yeah and that’s
what he’s saying he says this was this
is my life path yeah will anyone else
speak out against Charlie Sheen I didn’t
know that was part of it he’s answering
it with there will be other allegations
or other victims come forward all right
have you had a past life with Corey
Feldman yes Oh tell us about it the life
that most influenced your one is Corey
Haim yes um interestingly enough he’s
showing them both as brothers they’re
both male they’re like indigenous or in
a like a native I can see them in like
it looks like native where um their hair
pulled back very long and dark and the
two of them are learning from somebody
or learning about patience about trust
he says that in this lifetime it was
about learning patience it was about
learning trust it was about learning
about he says Brotherhood but in a
circumstance or in the lion’s den and he
says that they learned about it in a
different way in this other lifetime
he’s talking about a different type of
danger but what’s the danger in that
lifetime it was like physical danger
from other like Nisha bows and arrows
like a phone okay other tribes and stuff
relating it to the types of animals when
was this when and where what continent
what did tree
he says North America so he’s showing
like around the u.s. actually US and
Canada border in that area seventeen
seventeen hundreds how did you die I’m
sorry I don’t know your story at all but
did you take your life or were you
killed and it looked like oh no no he
was actually sick he says that was his
exit point oh he says that he was okay
his body was very tired he’s calling in
his body was very overexerted
he says he put himself through a lot put
himself physically here a lot and he
talks about having a weakened heart or a
weekend Chuck weakened heart he says
that he had an illness and it was the
combination and he also says um he had
some mental stress at that time yeah um
like some stress that was affecting his
physical body and becoming ill and
said that his heart stopped oh did you
have pneumonia some-some infection thing
going on says yes okay did you have any
addictions in your life yeah yes that
would be some of that really hard stuff
on my body that I did I was wondering
yeah so what was your drug of how old
were you when you started using
substances and what was your drug of
choice like Mike help just he says
uppers things that would get me looking
up things that would get me going down
opiates okay and mess he’s not saying
that okay so mostly like oxycontin feels
like that I mean you know that sort of
thought-out journey oh yeah it was a
part of your journey to battle the
addiction you’re lighter than it was it
was a calling it from choices so he says
it didn’t have to be what it was but it
was a product of the choices that he
made no a manifestation of the choices
his life journey personal had to do with
forgiveness but what did what he did
with that he was experiencing the
results of the choices that he made yeah
so the drugs are was that you self
medicating yourself from the pain of the
yeah I think I did the assaults
change the trajectory of your life
obviously and and you go into addiction
you know but substance abuse etc right
he says that it created an underlying
sense of grief look at in him so he says
my inner child was always babbling a
sense of grief so as much as I could
smile and be happy and charismatic on
the outside I had this deep sense of
grief on the inside of me that I didn’t
know how to help I didn’t know how the
Carib and so the best thing to do was to
numb that out so grief usually entails a
loss was your loss
the loss of your childhood of your
innocence or was it something else or
many things maybe he says yes he says
yes ma’am it was the loss of my
innocence he says if it was it was the
loss of trust uh loss of trust in others
it was the foundation inside of me had
flipped around and I felt responsible I
felt that I needed to do something about
how I felt and I didn’t know how to it’s
not that I didn’t fly because he says I
did try but he’s also just he’s just
adding that this was um part of what his
I’m talking about his contract or his
agreement or how however we want to
define it had to do with his soul making
a choice to exit to be able to do some
of the work he does now from well those
in Hollywood ever be held accountable
you know sexually assaulting and child
actors and I bet you anything certainly
temple was probably wrong you don’t have
to comment if you don’t want but he’s
just saying he’s saying yes many
childhood actors and actresses that we
would that we watched grow up on screen
have been affected by this and he says
that there are numbers that will come
forward to help indict or
working forward he’s not saying all but
he’s saying it depends on what you
consider is punishment or yeah yeah were
you sexually assaulted when you filmed
the movie Lucas
if yes by home but don’t say it but they
want to know them he’s just he’s holding
back a little because he says that
that’s a tricky implication but he’s
saying during that time there was abuse
yes okay why did you decide to drop out
of school and did you regret it later in
your life he says he he he was good at
what he did when he he wanted to focus
on what he was doing he’s about making
movies was like a lot of fun he said
being on set was a lot of fun
there were times in his life when he was
he says I’ll call them some of the lower
points or some of the points where I
didn’t feel old that I was too secure
than that I would look back onto my what
it would be like had I have done that
here but he says they were moments they
were fleeting if I didn’t do that okay
what made you sell your molar on the
internet didn’t know that happened he
says cash cash serve drugs did cease so
you were having financial trouble really
he said that he did go through a lot of
money okay and he’s talking about being
able to support staying well in the form
of supporting his habit oh okay all
are you and Corey Feldman Twin Flames or
kindred spirits maybe just part of this
same soul family I don’t know that’s
exactly it
he says family okay
did you enjoy doing the reality show
later in your life or did you regret
aspects of it he said there was a lot of
good times he said they were necessary
from his aspect now he can understand
how necessary a lot of that time was and
it was helping bring him to
opportunities in his own life but
furthermore it’s what it did for Corey
Feldman oh it was he’s talking about it
being able to open him up to do a lot of
what he is doing right now and we’ll
continue to do so with Corey Feldman
part of it the show also what was it
about – I mean going link linking arms
with Eric he’s saying about two brothers
okay okay
was it about sexual abuse of the Bing
child actors and all that about about
being child actors sexual abuse things
like that no okay
okay what was your relationship like was
your father and your mother and until
this all happened did you have a happy
childhood he’s going yeah yeah he says I
love my parents I love I love my mom I
love my mom this is my strong lady yeah
this strong oh he’s just things that his
his family fled apart so there was a
split or a divorce okay but he’s not
indicating having an unhappy childhood
he’s giving me a sense of having a very
average childhood
and not liking the divorce or not being
a bit course traumatic for the kid I was
at that age but yeah about how old were
you coz of everything that occurred in
this life yeah how old were you when
that happened he shows a little bit
older okay
well that’s okay we’re I’m kidding yeah
feels like it feels like he’s already
passed his teens
oh okay all right so uh yeah when was
you how do you get along with your dad
or how did you he says okay and he’s
showing that his mother was more of a um
he told her everything he was closer to
his mother he says that he had he’s
calling it like he’d bump heads with his
dad sometimes uh he says he loved him he
loves him but there was and his dad had
like another marriage or had another
like had a new family or something so
just he’s showing my not always being
rating jive with them yes dad alright so
when did you you I didn’t get an answer
I don’t think old were you when you
first started doing drugs or alcohol
besides marijuana yeah but he says 13 14
14 okay now let’s see we got the the
usual list you’re so your spiritual
mission was to bring attention to the
pedophile rings and all that stuff and
all the nastiness of the deep state on
under collective on a collective level
Yeah right he said um layers of that but
he’s also talking about about
bringing attention to drug abuse
bringing attention to abuse of any kind
any type of abuse that anything one
suffers whether emotionally or
physically and how not being able to
identify it or accept it in your life
how many people need to self-medicating
with drugs alcohol and other forms of
addiction said that part of the
attention that he brought on mass level
with his with who he who he was yeah and
I think what you mentioned is you were
here this incarnation to learn how to
forgive that’s a big one that’s that’s
gotta be hard just past and forgive yes
did you reach rust like trusting people
did you accomplish that in this lifetime
while you were alive or the one that the
the trust and forgiveness that I was
really meant to be able to have was
within myself okay he says with that I
did not fully accomplish that in this
lifetime No okay what’s the next one hey
listen you want a good childhood just
you come as one of my grandkids and I
will just oil you and protect you okay
deal okay
all right all right so um what is I said
you have when you crossed over
we like oh my god what’s going where
yeah tell me about that
he says the unity the CIO’s they he
loved when he was in his physical body
he’d like to converse and talk about
what people thought about things into
these deep conversations and he said
that it was he’s not calling it shocked
he’s just calling it the revelation of
unity meaning that everyone’s God is the
same it’s it’s doesn’t matter what you
call it doesn’t matter what names you
put to it or what traditions you put to
it but it’s all about us it’s all about
our true true spirit and about love that
really connects us and she says that
that was a really he’s calling it an
embracing an embracing revelation that’s
could you share anything that assisting
no one knows about you like I keep using
this as an example
man I’m sure II said she used to sew a
little teddy bear on the inside of her
skirt so do you have anything like you
take your socks these this summer I
don’t know no that was me mom yeah he
Eric an addictive smell this is funny so
Cory just says he goes well talk chigney
he goes I’ll be honest with you he says
I was an open book he says I talked
about everything I shared everything ok
comes nope no secrets there really is
nothing that anyone wouldn’t know about
ok early some people any last messages
that you want to give humanity or any
individual what doesn’t make any
he says guys I just really want you to
know that there’s look gonna be is a lot
of information that is too flying all
over the place right now
and you’re hearing it from every
direction they says your currency your
power is truly your discernment so keep
in mind over this now everything that
you hear don’t follow the leader don’t
get your information because somebody
said so or somebody somebody is up there
and knows it goes go into your cell be
on the TV screen yeah on the news I know
that’s what’s creating what the world is
becoming is your own discernment and
what you think good so you know the fall
Cabal deep states youtube series I’ve
been watching by freed freedom media
with just freedom
edia X is this about the sixth rub is
that all true or most of it yeah he says
a lot of it is well y’all watch that on
YouTube amazing gosh alright well thank
you Eric or Michelle do y’all have
anything to did you want to ask Cory
thank you so much Cory for joining us um
Cory and Eric are gonna Jam okay they’re
talking about jamming together but as
far as questions I always draw a blank
when you say that because I’ve heard so
much already but all right you guys
first of all I love you Eric
Cory I love you too you’ll be my next
granddaughter grandson funny little
thing little pinafore smell I don’t know
so y’all get in touch with Michelle at
the healing H dot a which are
right here
I promise alright y’all hit the
notification bell hit the like button
share and subscribe porfavor bye
everybody and I love you love you
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