The Solution to the Pandemic! (and an Erik story)

First, I want to share that I have been sending the attached letter to Trump, Dr. Adams, various talk show hosts and all federal, state and local officials EVERY SINGLE DAY for the last 2 weeks because it contains THE solution for the pandemic and future pandemics/epidemics. With this technology, we can open the country and its economy within DAYS! Please read and send to everyone you can. I see Trump bringing it up a bit so maybe my pestering paid off.  Click on the link below.


What a lovely story:

Hi there,

I’ve been watching Erik’s videos now for awhile and I get such enjoyment out of them. He’s never pranked me or anything. I just wanted to tell you that he’s a ray of sunshine in my life. I am a forty-three year old mother of three beautiful children and a maw-maw to one of the most precious three year old boys. I am incredibly blessed and thankful to have the family and the life that I have. I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy twenty years ago. Well, the last five years this disease has really progressed. I am bed ridden most days. Unless I can get the strength to over come the pain to get out of bed. Due to this disease all my muscles are weak including my heart and lungs. My diaphragm is also real weak which makes it hard to cough. Because of a weak diaphragm making it hard to cough I keep pneumonia. I’ve came very close to dying numerous times. After being hospitalized for long periods of time my doctor put me on hospice. I didn’t want to die in a hospital. I want to leave this world being surrounded by my loved ones when the Lord takes me home. I didn’t think I was scared of dying till the last time I almost died. It’s the thought of never being able to see, touch and feel my loved ones again. The thought of leaving my children and my grand baby is heart wrenching. I’ve got two grown boys that are twenty-four and twenty-five and one girl that’s thirteen. My baby girl needs her mother almost as much as I need her. They give me a reason to live. A reason to take a breath when it hurts so bad to breathe. Love is the strongest thing there is. It can give you strength you didn’t know you had. Can make impossible things seem possible. It’s amazing how God always gives us what we need and I needed to find Erik. Listening to Erik and seeing the way you (Elisa) still communicates with him shows me that there’s no reason for me to be scared of dying. Thank you both so much for that. Thank you Erik for teaching us that we never die and that we can still have a real relationship with our loved ones that have passed and thank you Elisa for sharing it and for being such an amazing, caring, compassionate person.

Also, check out the Q&A Pamela Aaralyn, Erik and I had March 30th.

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