The Afterlife Interview with the Prophet Muhammad

I finally wrestled up the courage to post this interview thanks to assurances from Erik and Muhammad that we’d all be safe and that good would come of it. But first, check out the latest inspiring YouTube video by personal development ally, motivational speaker and pro-wrestler, Jamin Olivencia. He has done wonders for my son, Lukas, as well as others I know. If you struggle in life or if you don’t, but would like to reach your full potential, please connect with him. His fees are extremely reasonable, and the first hour (or usually more) is always free. If you want to get in touch with him, click HERE.

VERY IMPORTANT: I started a petition that I hope you will sign AND share. Schools often screen kids for vision, hearing and speech and language disorders, so why not screen them for mental health issues? There are standardized tests that pick up just about everything, and if caught early, then perhaps intervention would keep these children from slipping between the cracks. With treatment, it might help prevent teen suicide and school shootings. I think elementary schoolers should have an age appropriate test. Middle schoolers should also be screened. Substance abuse tendencies can be included in that one, and a test in high school should also be administered, appropriate to that age group. To sign and share CLICK HERE.

And now let’s hear from the Prophet Muhammad. Veronica and I found this interview one of the most fascinating and inspiring of all. I hope you feel the same.

Here’s an interesting assessment of Muhammad from Gandhi:

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