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Erik Grad

Okay Professor, what would you like to discuss today (reminds me I had made a mental note to talk to him about…  shit, what was it. Oh yeah, Manifestation!)

(Starts in with the theme from “The Apprentice” Money-money-money-money! *falsetto* MONEY!)

So, what do you want to ask me?  See how that’s kinda too open ended?  (teasingly calling my method of starting these entries a pain in the ass, because it puts the burden of conversation all on him.) 

Dude, like you’re not a talker with opinions about EVERYTHING!  Come on!

Yeah, but I have so MANY opinions, it’s tough to choose.

Hee hee.  Okay.  So, you’ve seen what I’ve been doing with my life, and you keep a close eye on the CE readers & members, and where they’re at.  Did you read that entry I did with Biggie about finance?  (He’s asking me to re-read it, and I’ll cross post-it here.  This entry was also cross-posted in the Biggie Smalls CE entry Elisa posted a few months ago.)  Here it is:

Since writing that entry we sold our little car, and it’s been months of riding our bikes around.  It *has* changed my energy, or my resonance somehow, because I just wouldn’t own a car that runs on prayers again, (barring extreme circumstantial necessity.)  In that other blog entry, I noticed that I was actually ATTRACTED to vehicles that were built in the 90s.  I think I’m over that now.

Shhh!  Hear that?  (He’s giving me the feelings of the people getting angry as they read that above paragraph.)  The internal dialogue of future readers: Well SHE obviously doesn’t have kids.  SHE doesn’t understand / that’s an ignorant statement. 

See, yeah, that’s exactly why I hesitate to write on this topic for CE.

But see how it’s other people’s PROJECTION of their own shit on to you?  Sometimes, you’re just the canvas.  Maybe some of those (people who just reacted with anger) will look at the shit they just threw and you and understand that you’re being the canvas to reflect their personal results – (gives me the visual from the movie “The Big Lebowski” where the ultra-feminist artist is swinging from the rafters, naked, slapping paint on a 12-foot blank canvas.)  People are gonna see what they want to see, and if they recognize themselves in the image they project onto that (last paragraph) then maybe they’ll start to see how their whole life is a projection of this same (inner dialogue).

(He’s correcting me on my choice of words to translate the last sentence, saying he’d never say “inner dialogue” and that I’ve been to too many lesbian therapists.) 

Ha, maybe so, or I’ve read too many self-help books.

No shame in helpin’ yourself! 

Are you going to say something Texan about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps?

Fuck that!  OF COURSE NOT!  (He’s actually offended by the idea, because he’s naturally empathetic and always was, and if/when he was feeling run down or wounded and someone told him to “buck up” or “tough it out” it didn’t feel great, and saying it to others didn’t feel great either.)

(And then he gives me a visual of another sort of “self-help”, just to lighten the mood.)

Just keepin’ it real.  Just making sure you don’t forget what one looks like.

You know I was a nurse, right?  I’ve seen a LOT of penises.  Most of them old, but they count.

(waves his hand in dismissive gesture) That was YEARS ago!

I feel compelled to clarify that it wasn’t a full-frontal or anything, just enough of a flash for me to know what I was lookin’ at.

Why do we keep meandering over to porn or dirty jokes?

Cause you’ve got a dirty mind, and I’m all up in it! 

Back to the Biggie post, after re-reading it, I do really *get* it a lot more now than I did when I wrote it.

Yeah, you’re getting there.  And it’s really cool to see (shows me the energy grid around me expanding, which it does for everyone when they shift around their possibilities.  Reminds me of why I don’t read the future and pokes me to share it)

Okay, sure.  I don’t generally read for someone’s future, and if they’re really wanting that sort of reading I have a little speech explaining how whatever I will see is just the track they’re on *right now*.  I have seen how, through meditation and conscious thought, the whole energy around a situation can change, and new possibilities, new futures, can appear out of nowhere, like magic.

So I never read a future without qualifying it as a *potential future* because I don’t want to convince anyone that I am capable of telling them what *will* happen.  What if they could shift and create something even better?  Or what if they hold back and that future disappears as a result?  Viewing your potential futures through a psychic or a remote viewer is like getting your bearings when you’re sailing far from land.  You look at the stars, make a few calculations and determine your best course based on what you know, but you still have to move forward with faith that the wind will carry you where you need to be.

Always in motion, is the future.  (Erik’s Yoda impression.  He’s even got the Yoda ears.)

Next Erik brings me to a particular paragraph of the Biggie entry, which I’ll copy and paste here:

You need to understand the flow of your [revenue] stream, (it has an aura, what energy is your money?) You take care of your paper, like taking care of a plant.  You look at it, you talk to it, you water it, you feed it once in a while, you change the pot so it’s got room to grow, most of all you love that plant.  Nothing will grow your revenue stream like loving it, (shows me this high-pitched light from the heart connection charging the revenue stream, altering it.  This is how you manifest, this is how you connect to the power of creation, through the heart – that is how we are all connected to each other.)

Erik did you have anything to add to that paragraph?

Just that it’s so fucking wise.  I can’t say it better myself.  I just wanted you to tap into that entry, and draw the energy into this one.  And here’s what I have to say about money in general:

Remember how I said it takes about $13 / hour to get by? 

Yeah, I do remember that and it stuck in my brain because I disagree.  I’ve lived on and below the poverty line for years at a time – $13 / hour, although it’s not technically poverty in Canada, it fucking sucks dude.  I don’t think it’s a life with a lot of options, because a $13 / hour job would not have any benefits, and I think that TELLING people all they need is $13 an hour is implying that’s all they should want!

No no no no no no no!  I never meant it like that, but if you’re takin’ it that way (and anyone else) it’s a reflection of how you’re relating to your money.  (Show’s me Wayne’s World scene with Wayne and Garth bowing “We’re not worthy!  We’re not worthy!”)

Remember when I said you could channel your money?

Oh yeah!  And I’ve been meaning to write about that too.  Sweetie has actually been writing letters to her money every day for two weeks now.  It’s really working too.

Yeah, and that’s something anyone can do, even if they don’t think they’re psychic, and I’m telling all y’all that you *ARE* but that’s another conversation.  If you’re having trouble with money in your life, which MILLIONS of people are experiencing right now (CNN VOICE) IN THIS ECONOMY.  (whisper/coughs) bullshit!

If you’re having “money troubles” start writing letters to your money.  Write a letter to your money every fucking day for a month, or write a letter to me if you’re not ready to talk to your money.  (Like your money is some estranged family member.)  I read ALL of my fan mail, you know.  You write to your money every day for a month, you will sort your shit right out.  You will stop bullshitting yourself so much, and you’ll at the LEAST understand why you are where you are and what you need to change to release yourself.

(Shows me the holographic prison from previous entry and the person within it finding the key in their own pocket, reaching through the bars and unlocking their cell.  The cell walls then dissolve or fall away, and the person steps forward.) 

Is 30 days long enough?  I needed to work with a mantra for almost three months before I started to feel the shift.

That’s because you were taking the scenic route.  You can talk right to your money, and it’ll happen a lot faster than (the mantra I was using) because you’re directly addressing the issues.  With the mantra, you’re asking for change and expansion without always specifically understanding or working with the energy that needs to change, so it takes longer.  But whatever floats your boat – (Actually, he said “whatever blows your boat!”)

Eventually, you write enough letters to your money, you’re going to understand what your money is teaching you about yourself.  Then you can understand it.  Then you can respect it.  Then you can love it, and then, let it love you back. 

THEN!  Fuck am I looking forward to this!  You can do SHITLOADS of good the more money you have.  Mo money mo freedom!  (Biggie callout)  Everyone knows this, which is why they think money will solve their problems, but that’s not true.  They gotta solve their problems, then the money will flow like the cool, calm Nile River baby!  You can spend it on good people, provide services to good people, buy stuff from good people, support good people, and it all goes ‘round and ‘round.

It’s the Economy of Awesomeness, y’all! 

This is why it’s so fucking important to get through your fear, so you can look at your money.  When you start doing good shit with your life, and the money answers and starts to flow, the whole thing just explodes, like BOOM!  (Imitates Sean’s voice from the Sean and Jen show) BOOM BABY!

It’s like what Biggie says about the grey aura around money that’s been generated through the profit on the suffering of animals or people; that money has energy that needs to be transmuted through positive intentions and love!  That is why it’s so important for GOOD, LOVING people to CLAIM THEIR MONEY, because I PROMISE YOU, psychics and miracle healers and massage therapists and artists and healthcare workers and mercy mission people and small bookstore owners and animal rescue people are not meant to be poor!  You’re just meant to recognize how much you need to maintain yourself comfortably, so you have the energy and health to do the work that really gets you high on the love!

(takes a big inhale of a “love joint” and points out the double-entendre of “joint” – Hah, he sings a few lines of “Come together, right now, over me!”  My favourite John Lennon song.  God, he looks earnest yet hilarious in those round glasses.) 

You (the royal you, all y’all) need to make money in a way that is spiritually fulfilling to you, because then you’ll have that (uplifted feeling in your heart) that gives you unlimited energy to do everything you want to do with your life, everything you’ve ever dreamed you wanted to do since you were a little kid – or something even more amazing that you haven’t even THOUGHT of yet.  Then you have money to pay other people who are making money doing what uplifts them, and it expands and expands.

This is a vital part of the world peace puzzle y’all.  It’s not just a nice thing to have money.  It’s a necessary element of creating change and healing on the earth. 

You’re taking that grey money, and you’re processing it through this financial eco-system of love and joy and fucking fulfilled happiness.  It grows and grows, the Economy of Awesomeness.

When you make money in ways that you love, see all the love around that money?  See the aura?  (It’s a happy, lovely pink to me.)  You can NEVER make money with this aura at a job you hate.  You will spend your grey money on shit you don’t need and shit you don’t really want, you won’t contribute much to charity because it’ll feel like blood money to you.  Like you sacrificed a part of yourself you shouldn’t have to sacrifice just to earn enough dime to keep you out of a shit-box car, or a roach-infested apartment. 

It’s gonna hurt for some people to hear me say this, but it’s like you gotta phone home, and let the Big Mom & Big Poppa in the sky help you out.  A lot of people who are really fucking poor and stuck and frustrated have pushed “faith” completely out of their lives.  You gotta hook back up with that.  It’s like, if you left home when you were a teenager because you had a big fight with your folks, now you are in your 30s, (spiritually) and you’re grown up enough to phone home and have a different relationship with your Big Mom & Big Poppa.  You invite them and their love back into your life, and you recognize that your trust fund is unlimited.  Some people have to get over themselves a bit and actually step into that “family money”.  Do you get me? 

I get you.  I can feel the discomfort of other people too, and probably some of my own residual discomfort too, as I am still energetically adjusting to all this… but I get it intellectually.  I’m totally with you.

Nice to have you aboard!  (He’s a – not a pirate but looks like casual military from the 1800’s “privateer” which is different from “pirate” – a captain on a beautiful double-mast ship, lovely wood scrolling and art carved into the wood giving the ship charm and a life of its own.  Erik gives an ironic salute, with a big, slightly crooked smile.)

Thank you Erik.

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please visit her professional website: and her personal blog:


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