Pamela’s and Erik’s Monday Morning Q&A 11/11/19

Before we get to the Monday Q&A, I want to say that I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did, and I do understand those of you who are fresh in their grief because those first years without that loved one at the table make for some difficult holidays. I sent you all healing light and prayers before I started eating. I also sent prayers to those of you who were alone that day, those soldiers who are deployed and away from family, and those of you who had to work through the holday. 

Don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. 

Tomorrow, Erik and Raylene Nuañes will continue a discussion of crystals. Weeks ago, we had a lightening round on the benefits of a variety of crystals. Of course we couldn’t cover them all, hence Part Two. Then, after 20 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled, Raylene. You can find her at Really explore her website because she has more to offer than just channeling spirit. If you want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

 You can also access the show through

Another reminder for all of you Channeling Erik Artists! I’d love to make you guys your own special page on Channeling Erik, but need a few more artists to provide me with information.  All I need from you is the following, preferably as an attached document:

Artist name

A short paragraph/bio including anything you want to say about yourself and your art such as your background, the art medium you prefer, perhaps a description of your unique style, etc.

A link to your website/portfolio

You contact information (if it’s not on the above link.)

Optional: one photo of your art

And you can email all of this to me at

And if you want to enter the contest for I’m holding for my new, fun YouTube channel, Two and a Half Dogs, here’s all you need to know: 

I’m going to have TWO doggies contests (and each winner gets a $100 gift card to Chewy’s or I can donate $100 to the charity of their choice in their pup’s name.) Contest #1: A VIDEO of the dog with the best howling and Contest #2: A VIDEO of the dog with the best guilty face. No photos, please, because I’m putting them together as a YouTube. Sending these videos to my email ( is your way of giving me permission to post them on YouTube. Please include the dog’s name and it’s okay to submit more than one.

I just posted the fourth video for the channel. Check it out and PLEASE HIT SUBSCRIBE! Click HERE to get to the channel!

Now, enjoy this Monday question and answer session with Pamela Aaralyn channeling answers from spirit guide, Erik Medhus! Don’t miss the next one via YouTube Live or Zoom Q&A. Please do NOT pay for Top Chat on YouTube. This should be free. Click HERE to book a session with this amazing medium. She is also a medical medium!

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