Nasty, Evil Things, Part Three

About a week ago, I asked my husband if he'd rather have Erik here alive knowing that he'd still be miserable, and he surprised me with his answer. He said, "Yes." I was kind of shocked and asked him, 'Why?' He said, "Because I'd alway have hope that I could make him happy." I thought about that, … Continue reading

Best of Erik: Free Will

I'm on my way back from Little Rock to Houston, about a 7 hour trip. Bella and muy laptop are competing for lap real estate making my typing even more pathetic than it already is so excuse any typos. By the way, we've got the tour cities and dates up on the "Buy Now" button, but I'm going to try … Continue reading

Exit Points and Free Will

This past weekend was a tough one. I buried Erik four years ago Saturday. I miss him a lot and I'm still feeling down in the dumps today. I hate this time of year with his birthday the end of September, his death the first part of October and his burial mid-October. Fall used to be my favorite … Continue reading

Loopy Loopholes and Veggies

Brace yourselves for this one, guys. Me: Is there a way to find loopholes or change our spiritual contracts? A blog member said that you had mentioned a caveat that we can turn into reality only that which dovetails with our reality and that if it doesn’t agree with your destiny, you can’t … Continue reading

Walk-Ins and Destiny, Part Three

If you guys haven't listened to the Jesus YouTube (or even if you have), go to 26:30 right after I ask Jesus if he has reincarnated. You can hear him say, "Yes." Then at 33:07, you can here a voice say something like, "You gotta give him some respect" or "Depending on your perspective" right after … Continue reading