The Logistics of Incarnation

It’s been a long time since I’ve reminded you guys, and you newbies might not know about this, but I encourage everyone to join the Channeling Erik Facebook Group. It’s closed so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. The members feel free to talk about anything spiritual. Well, anything at all, really. The posts are often very funny, and most are very insightful. They also share their Erik pranks and visits. Many of them are now close friends. Here’s the LINK. Click it to request an invitation.

Me: Do animals always come back as animals, plants as plants, and humans as humans?

Jamie: He kind of wiggles his body back and forth and says, “Hell, no!”

Erik: No that’s stupid to think of. Why would we do it like that?

Me: I’m sorry Erik!

Erik (teasing): No. Shtupid, shtupid, shtupid! Anything that has a life, a life force, a soul can come back as anything else that has a soul. One is not greater than the other. If you were sitting there—

Jamie: Oh gosh. I try to mimic him, but sometimes I just can’t.

Me: I bet it’s hard.

Erik: You are sitting there on your pretend high fucking horse, and you’re watching this video thinking about the bird outside your window is lesser than you, because it’s smaller or it doesn’t speak English or Spanish or Italian—

Jamie: He’s naming other languages.

Erik: —then you are fucking—

Jamie (to Erik, embarrassed): Uh uh. I can’t say that.


Jamie: Basically, he’s going to call you stupid.

Me: Not me! Don’t you call me stupid! I’m your mom. I can put you in time out when I get over there or put you over my knee!

Erik: Put me in time out then! But it’s just so ignorant of us as a whole to think that because you’re not like us or because you can’t communicate to us that the way you’re doing it as the animal, as the insect has not a lot of impact on us or not a lot of meaning, therefore we choose not to respect it. That’s something that, in this century, we’re bouncing into. It needs to change. We really need to look at how we perceive the whole world. I don’t care if you think I’m falling hippie—

Jamie (laughing and whispering under her breath): Falling hippie.

Me: Falling hippie? Okay.

Erik: -—falling into being a hippie or even falling into being a Native American where I’m going to start worshipping every little thing that I see and believe that it holds a message, because that shit really does hold a lot of messages, and somehow, centuries ago, we agreed that we would step away from that. Now it’s our time to step back into it. So that ant, crawling ant, insect ant—

Jamie: I was thinking person aunt.

Erik: The insect ant can come back as a person. The soul of a tree can come back as a dog. The soul of a cow can come back as a crab in the ocean.

Me: So I guess it’s all energy and energy can be reincarnated as any different situation, but what about a rock? Can you come back as a rock?

Erik: That’s not really living energy, so…

Me: Okay.

Erik: You don’t really want to.

Jamie laughs.

Me:  I don’t think I do. Well, sometimes I want to be a rock. It’s much more relaxing! Less responsibility.

Erik: Definitely less responsibility.

Me: Then I can rock on!

Erik: Ba duh dum!

In another session, I question Erik’s harshness calling humans stupid, particularly since he espouses a nonjudgmental attitude. What he said was very interesting. Stay tuned. 

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