The Next Big Thing

Me: What’s going to be the next big advance? You know we had the printing press; we had the automobile. I’m talking about things that change the world. Most recently we had the computer chip, obviously. What’s going to be the next big advance?

Erik: Hm. It’s going to be science for health care.

Me: Wow. For example? I was going to say how we were going to manipulate energy, but no, the next step is going to be that?

Erik: Well, it is kind of how energy is going to be manipulated, but it’s how science can find disease, and also this huge awakening is going to be with using natural substances to heal.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik (chuckling): Yay, my marijuana! Go Colorado and Washington!


Jamie (to Erik): Say what? (pause) No. Did I see the joke?

Erik: Yeah. Did you see the joke about Santa Claus?

Me: No.

Erik: It’s an image of Santa Claus and his sleigh and the elf is on the side of the sleigh, and he’s giving Santa the last minute notes: “Now remember, Santa, no matter how much you want to, please do NOT eat any of the baked goods in Colorado or Washington State.

Me (laughing): Oh, no! He’d be way off course and wouldn’t make it to Texas. We don’t want that to happen!

Jamie laughs.

Erik: He would. I’d ride that sleigh.

Me (giggling): You definitely would. You want that stocking. So, tell me more about that huge advance.

Erik: Oh, so how science will be able to energetically read the body and tell what illnesses are going to come.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: You know, like take medical intuitiveness and kind of put it together with, um, like a machine. They’ll run tests. The sad news is that’ll be out there, but you won’t be able to obtain it right away.

Me: Because?

Erik: Oh, cost, crap like that.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: But it’s coming together. And then the whole movement—huge movement—down with the chemicals and up with the, you know, plants. That’s gonna fuck with a lot of doctors.

Me: What about energy healing?

Jamie: He’s says it’s still gonna seem crazy.

Me: Aw, too bad.

Jamie: Why?

Erik: The masses will come for it more. Physicians will start to talk about it more, but it’s not going to be the newest innovative thing.

Me: What timeframe are we looking at for this machine and this whole movement toward plants, etc.

Erik: Movement toward plants is happening now. The machine. There have been a few prototypes, but that’s going to come out more in the public eye in like five years.

Me: Oh, wow. That’s pretty fast! Now, when will we be able to work with energy—when they start discovering that everything is energy, being able to manipulate energy to the point where we can do amazing things like transport ourselves, make ourselves invisible and other things invisible, things like that?

Jamie: Oh my god! Buck Rogers! Do you remember that show?

Me: No! I’m way to young for that! Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with you! (I laugh.) My mother used to watch that when she was young.

Jamie: Is that the space guy? Buck Rogers. How bizarre for him to whip out that!

Me: Oh god. But seriously, when will we learn how to completely harness energy?

Erik: Well, we already harness energy for dumb reasons like war.

Me: Oh, I know.

Erik: You mean harness it more for like healing and for use?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Yeah, that’s going to be awhile.

Me: Like centuries?

Erik: Centuries? No.

Me: Seventy-five years? Fifty years?


Jamie (to Erik): Just go ask someone then!

(Pause as Erik gets help, then comes back in a matter of seconds!)

Erik: We’re looking at 50 years.

Me: Okay. Oh, what about the, um, you know how there’s really no scarcity of energy, that the universe is abundant in energy?

Erik: It’s true.

Me: When will we be able to tap into that Zero Point Field? I think that’s what it’s called. Then we’d have that energy and harness it for an infinite source of renewable energy!

Erik: First we have to believe we can do it. That’ll take a while. I really like the Virgin guy.

Jamie: A lot of virgins out there.

Me: No, he’s the founder of Virgin Airlines.

Jamie: Oh! Virgin Airlines! I thought—No, he says, “Look who’s the dirty one now!”

Me: Ha ha!

Jamie (to Erik): It was the context in how you said it, Erik!

Me: The way he said it probably, too!

Jamie (to Erik): Turkey!

Erik: Yeah, that guy. He’s really innovative. He sees the possibilities, and what’s going to happen is there’s really not going to be any money from the government to pull it together and shit, and like I always say, it’s the celebrities that are going to save us!

I totally don’t remember him EVER saying that.

Erik: Go, celebrities!

Me: So, what is that timeframe when we can really harness it?

Erik: That’s still going to be close to 50 years, but the Virgin guy will get it started.

Me: Okay.

Erik: We’ll have some already working and in place, but for everybody to have it, like for every home to have it running their TV’s and things like that, you know, it’s just a little slower.

Me: Oh my god, of course. You have to have the whole infrastructure! Jesus, that’ll be forever!

Erik (teasing): Thank you for understanding!

Me: Anytime else on the subject?

Erik: Nope.

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