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One blog member, who shall remain nameless, wanted to share some important information with us. He’s a very gifted “Erik channeler” and Erik often gives him a great deal of grief. No doubt Erik pestered him to push this out there. It’s all about the Shift. After we here what Erik has to tell us, I’ve leo included some interesting information about how to have an out of body experience from Victor Zammit’s site. Thanks Victor!

What we have is a massive step in our shift. We are taking a big step up, and lower vibration spirits are being left out in the cold. They are doing what they can to keep us producing lower vibrations for them to nestle in so to speak. While this sounds scary, it truly isn’t. I’ve been shown the images of how this works, and there isn’t a threat. This is not a holy war of demons and angels here. The lower vibrations don’t operate with that level of sophistication. There are some that are scary, but as we raise our vibrations, they do as well. Everything does. Some will hunker down and be stuck, but they will have no nurturing environment left. 

The reason I feel it’s important to share this with you is that you as an individual and your blog members will experience an increase in grief. The “goal” for the lower vibrations is separation. They don’t know it, but it’s the way to slow our progress. They use whatever influence possible to foster our weakest feeling so that we isolate ourselves from the shift. In some people, this will mean an increase in feeling angry. Increased racism and labeling people as enemies. Paranoia is more complex, but hate and fear are easy. Grief and guilt is what worries me about the bloggers. I know that so many hold on by an imaginary thread some days, and this period will be harder for them. They need to be encouraged to connect to people who offer help. Maybe even a special PRN session exclusively for mothers who lost children where Erik can bring the spirits of the children together on a conference call to help.

For anyone worried about the fear that the damn bible taught us to have with stuff like this, the light is not even in competition. It’s a graceful evolution that is unhindered by the lower vibrations. Some will have it harder, but no one will be left behind. We are all creating this. Even if you are in the muck and can’t see light or hope, you are as much a driving force as anyone. Separation through guilt, anger, fear, and hate will be common around us. Focus on seeing us as a unit working together. (Erik) “even the assholes!! Just because they are being big babies about everything doesn’t mean they aren’t a part of you. Remember that before you write them off.”

He always manages to chime in at the end. If you do choose to share some of this, I don’t need to be mentioned. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am well connected these days. This message was a collective from my spirit guide and the angel Gabriel, and of course MC Erik.



Bill Buhlman is a residential trainer of the OBE Intensive at a TMI. From, here are 9 steps to initiating an OBE using his “Early Morning Method.”

1. Select a time in advance that you will experience an OBE. (This evening I will have a conscious OBE.)

2. Several hours before your chosen time keep reminding yourself of your focused goal to have an immediate and conscious OBE.

3. At bedtime set your alarm for about 4 hours after you expect to fall asleep.

4. When you are relaxing and drifting off to sleep, repeat your intention to have a fully conscious OBE. (Hold your intention as your last conscious thought)

5 . After being awakened by your alarm, get up for about 15 minutes and move to your sofa (or designated OBE practice area, however, not your normal bed!) and lie on your back in a comfortable position.

6 . Saturate your mind with your intention to have an immediate OBE. “Now I have an OBE” or whatever words focus your intention for you.

7 . Close your eyes and imagine you are walking around your house, and away from your body, as you examine objects within your home. Clearly imagine yourself walking to another room of your home.

8 . While holding this vision, silently repeat your focused intention, “Now I have an Out of Body experience”. IMPORTANT – Hold this focused intention as your last conscious thought as you drift off.

Let’s all try it and report back with our results!


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