The Spiritual Basis for Neck and Back Pain

Me: What about back pain and neck pain? A lot of people suffer from that. I have a feeling it has something to do with carrying around some sort of burden, but tell me about that.

Jamie: Sacrifice and burden?

Me: Yeah. Okay.

Jamie: No, I think he’s asking you. (to Erik): Erik, say it in a full sentence.

Me: I don’t know. I’m just wondering what the spiritual basis is for back and neck pain!

(Long pause)

Jamie (to Erik): All right. We all know that, Erik. (to me)  He goes, “Obviously not, if people keep asking!” (whispering) Oh, goodness.

Me: Why? Have we done this before? Have we already covered it?

Jamie: No, he’s saying, uh, right off the bat, he’s giving this small speech about, “Back and neck pain. It’s so different for everybody. Are we looking at someone who is injured because of emotional densities, or are they injured because of their spiritual contract, or are they injured because of a car accident or is, you know, it an accident not put into the contract, but now the4y have it, and this is what they’re dealing with, or are we talking—

Erik: Plus, back and neck, Mom—there’s so much shit there. Is it the bones? Are we looking at vertebrae? Are we looking at nerve damage, cuz that’s something totally different. Are we looking at soft tissue damage? Cuz that represents a whole nuther emotional vibrational quality.

Damn, when did he become a biologist? That wasn’t exactly his favorite subject in school.

Erik: Like, we really need to get down to the nitty gritty for each single person.

Me: Well, I think it’s really just basically people who, you know, they’re working on the computer and their neck starts to hurt where others might not have that problem. Or someone wakes up every morning with lower back pain, but in either case, there’s really no pathology in the bones, soft tissue or nerves that anyone can find.

Erik: Like chronic shit?

Me: Yeah. Like low grade—

Erik: Stiffness?

Me: Yeah, and pain, but no underlying obvious pathology like a herniated disc.

Erik: Because the person has agreed not to move their body, and they become stagnant and see their work as more valuable than their physical, emotional and mental health.

Me: Mm hm. What about when they’re not stagnant. They have neck or lower back pain, but—

Erik: Because they’re stupid assholes, Mom. They choose not to listen to what they’re body truly needs—

‘Oh, so I’m an asshole, now,’ I think as I rub my aching neck.

Erik:–and they push through; they push through. It’s the America fucking thing.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: And they shut off what their body is trying to scream at them, and they say, “But I have to get this project done; I’ve gotta get this work done so I can have some free time.” That’s have we train our kids in fucking school. “Sit still, be still and listen to this shit and learn it; and when it’s time to move when the fucking bell rings, then you can get out of your goddam seat, but for right now, sit still and do it.”

Me: Whoa, Erik!

Jamie claps, laughing loudly.

Me: He’s ranting!

Jamie (still laughing): Oh my god, Erik! Applause, please!

Me: Yeah, take a bow, Erik!

Erik (chuckling): Seriously. I hate school!

Me: I know. You always have! Except the years I homeschooled y’all.

Erik: Absolutely. Those were the good years. So, that’s where the training comes from. It’s these sad people who’ve accepted from the teachers that it’s a good and hard value to include in your life, but it’s not.

Me: So, the spiritual basis for it—is it about authority and bending to it?

Erik: Yes, and pleasing. “I gotta please them. I gotta get this work done. I gotta do it the way I need to be doing it.”

Me: Okay, so that’s the spiritual connection to the usual back and neck pain that doesn’t really have an underlying pathologic basis?

Erik: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re carrying the burden that other people give you that you don’t want, but you take it on, because you feel you have to. You want to please. You don’t want to disappoint. You don’t want to get your ass in trouble. You’d rather ignore your body and sacrificing your own needs.

Me: Makes sense.


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Channeling Demystified

 “Many times people make channeling really dramatic and it really isn’t.  That’s part of what we want you to teach. It’s what I like to teach because it connects people back to source and opens them up to what’s really important.”  -Maitland (channeled spirit)

Maitland was introduced to Kent Lehman through Jamie Butler.  Maitland has worked with Kent and his wife Cindy Musil to create the course Maitland titled, “Channeling: Demystifying this Natural Occurrence”, shortened to “Channeling Demystified”.

“Channeling” is a generic term used to describe the process of communicating with Spirit.  In this class, the couple will share their experiences, including techniques learned along the way.  Class attendees will learn to:

  • Describe three types of channeling and differentiate between characteristics that are common and unique to each channeling type.
  • Experience Spirit communication using “automatic writing” and discuss techniques to ensure an effective automatic writing session.
  • Explain the components of a trance channeling session and interact with Maitland through Kent as her channel.

Kent Lehman and Cindy Musil are psychic mediums and together have created Eclectic Horizons.  The class will be held Sunday, April 7, 12:30 – 4:30 p.m. in Lakewood, Colorado.  Click here to register.

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