The Spiritual Basis of Heart Disease, Part One

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Me: Today we’re going to talk about the spiritual basis of heart disease like coronary heart disease (heart attacks), heart failure, abnormal heart rhythms. So, hi, Erik, can you help us out?

Erik: Yeah, I love talking about that “bloody” shit.

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: Well, it’s very common. It’s one of the biggest causes of death in the United States. So I just wanted to see if we could talk about the spiritual roots of those diseases and then how to approach them from a spiritual standpoint.

Erik: Okay, let’s take heart attacks first where the heart has a fit and it stops working. This is energetically created by a long-term of misunderstood emotional energy. It could be—

Jamie: He’s giving it two different platforms.

Erik: It could be the kind of emotional energy that’s really controlled, a little masculine, a little bossy. You know, “Well I know what I’m doing! You don’t have to tell me how to feel,” that kind of holding. Or on the other extreme, it could be the, “I’m giving away too much. I’m not replenishing my own needs or giving to myself. No, you’re right. Here you have it. It’s totally okay,” and belittling yourself and pulling in. Over years of this behavioral pattern, the energy either collects and bundles up and chokes out the heart or just quietly doesn’t have enough energy for the heart to function. I would love to relate all heart attacks with the ability to function emotionally, but when you get those cholesterol things clogging, blogging.

Jamie (giggling): Blogging. Blocking. My bad!

I chuckle.

Erik: It blocks the arteries. This isn’t so much about how do you handle emotions. This is “how do you treat yourself?” “How do you feed yourself? How do you give yourself nutrition or give yourself attention or love?” It’s like the sink, you know, you don’t care about the plumbing and you put shit down there, you know, you don’t maintain it. You don’t keep it up. You just expect that shit to work all the time. And it doesn’t. It gets clogged up and you’re shit out of luck.

Hm. I think he’s really talking about garbage disposals. I’ll cut him some slack because I know what he means.

Me: Uh oh. S.O.L.

Jamie: S.O.L.

Erik: This is more of a, not just a dietary need, because food is not the only think that you give to yourself nutrition. It’s also down time, how you handle your time management schedule so you get the down time; you have less stress. And then it’s also how you choose how to handle other people’s thoughts, perceptions, judgments and emotions.

Me: Mm.

Erik: People who have blockages like this aren’t doing very well digesting this kind of nutrition and it’s clogging up. They’re giving themselves the wrong dosage, wrong amount. And hands down, I think we could completely eliminate that kind of illness by teaching people not just how to feed themselves—

Jamie (to Erik): What are you doing?


Jamie (puzzled): He got a little crazy there for a second. He like stood up and did a little kicky thing and fixed his shirt and—

Me: Spaz attack! A spirit spaz attack!

Jamie: He’s getting a bit rowdy that masses of people are being spoon-fed by marketing that you want to look this way, you wanna be this way, you wanna eat this, you wanna do that.

Erik: It’s just fucking wrong. There’s got to be someone somewhere that says we gotta monitor this shit. We have to say, “We have freedom of speech so sure, you can put that shit up there, but do some public awareness announcements that say, “Hey guess what? You need X amount of protein per pound that you are.” It’s a short fucking commercial but it’s now every goddamn—

Jamie (laughing, to Erik): Chill out for a second.

He’s talking so fast and is so revved up, she can’t keep up.

Erik: [They should put that] on every single station so everyone can learn the truth without being filtered through some company that’s going to be making money off of it. We gotta get real at some point.

Jamie: It’s ticking him off.

Me: He really likes to hate this subject, so to speak. What about congestive heart failure? What about when your heart fails to be an adequate pump? It becomes a weak pump.

Jamie (smiling): He’s pretending to play the violin.

Me: What, it’s about self-pity?

Erik: Yeah, it’s very sad. It’s just when you have given up on yourself, and it’s crazy because even the most confident of people can have this happen. The confidence isn’t taking care of your emotional side. Confidence is something that’s showing. It’s what other people can see of you, but in the quiet corners of your own mind or your own house or room, you might be another person. You have to—you have to really love yourself. You gotta get to know you. I can’t tell you how many people come across this life and leave this life without knowing who they really are. They know what they do. They know what their work is. They can define themselves by their actions but they can’t define themselves by how they feel.

Me: That is sad. So how do we do that?


Jamie: He’s playing the violin again.

Erik: How do we do that? We start in elementary school is what we do. We teach kids how to find their center. We adapt the question of how do we feel rather than what do we think. We pull people out of their heads and into their hearts. Watch how much that tiny little adjustment will eliminate disease.

Me: That’s powerful.

Erik: It is powerful, but why don’t we fucking do that shit?

Me: Well, let’s do it, Jamie!

Jamie laughs.

Me: Erik, come on!

Jamie (in jest): Let’s go school to school and teach them how to—show the kids how to find their center.

Me: Well, hopefully society will be ready for that soon.


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