All About Low Dose Naltrexone, the Cure for Nearly All

Okay, okay, I know I said I would only re-post old stuff starting today, but the session I had with Linda Elsegood, founder of the LDN Research Trust, was too impactful to delay. Lives can be bettered, even saved. I’ll let the YouTube speak for itself, but first (of course) a couple of things to address first.

I’m sorry we had to cancel the radio show last night. There were horrible storms where psychic medium, Jennifer Doran lives, and no other medium could commit at such short notice. Life happens. Shit happens. 

Also, please subscribe to the blog. Something happened that took all subscribers off the email list. Erik? Little fucker. But if you click on the subscribe button on the righthand sidebar, you’ll be sent every post. I don’t use your email address for anything else. You know me. I would never do that. 

Last, check this out from Kari (Silver Lining) Mena. Great trance channeling o! her future self!

Here’s the session on LDN. I couldn’t ask her to transcribe it because she’s so busy and has MS to boot (albeit MUCH better on LDN,) but check out her sites. Explore them ALL:

Our website you will see lists of conditions, clinical trials, prescribers, pharmacies etc and our 3 documentary’s are on the homepage.
Vimeo Channel – 870 videos, not all live yet.
30 free Presentations from the 2016 Conference
2017 and 2018 conference are still paid for.
2014 Conference Videos
The LDN 2019 Conference is livestreamed around the world! and you can submit your questions to the speakers. I would like to give a $60 discount to your listeners by adding the code LDNRT60 at checkout this is on tickets and livestream.
Here’s the LDN book. It’s AWESOME and required reading for anyone who has any sort of disease or condition and anyone who doesn’t want a disease or condition. In other words, EVERYONE!

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