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One thing I noticed from the feedback about Erik’s new book is that people are really getting a picture of what his life was like and what a profound tragedy this was for my family and me. It’s easy to forget, while reading post after post, that this was all borne through something horrific and sad. A lot of people also said that when they read, they feel like Erik’s in the room with them, telling his story. It’s highly intimate. I also hear that people are reading it slowly, savoring each page, because they don’t want the experience to end. So, great job, my son. I’m so proud of you, Erik, and I love you infinity to the power of infinity. 

Here’s today’s post!

Me: Let me read you a question from a blog member. It’s about time, again. “If time is linear and everyone is happening all at once, and all lifetimes are being lived simultaneously, then there is no past, no future, only now from the point of view of the soul living that life. If this is the case and a soul returning Home chooses to return to the earthly plane for another life and since all souls have access to the Akashic Records and the records of all times contained therein, then a soul could choose to return to the earthly plane to a life that we, who currently live on Earth, would consider the past. In other words, they could die in 1980 and come back in 1836. If that is the case, then whatever they do in that lifetime could very well alter history for those of us currently in existence on this plane. So at what point, in the soul’s point of view, does time become past, present or future? What are they using as a point of reference?”

Erik: The point of reference is your personal perspective. Time is subjective, Mom.

Me: Mm.

Erik: So, where you are, if you’re living in 1800, your present, your Now, is that time period. But your Now is in 2015.

Me: Which could be somebody else’s future.

Erik: Right. That’s why I said it’s all subjective. It’s based on your own individual perspective when you’re living the life. Past, present and future is something that you, as an individual, see as linear time. Past and future are nothing more than labels you put on things that aren’t your present. All that intermingling of different time periods and all this other stuff? Well, fuck, sure, it can change things. That’s the whole process of what evolution’s supposed to do. Here’s the way it works. Whatever goes on in your present can feed backwards into what you perceive as your past and go forward into the future. Every choice you make affects it. It’s this infinite loop.

Robert: He shows me a figure eight.

Erik: All are moments of Now feeding into and upon each other.

Me: Are these the infinite quantum probabilities we have based on choices?

Erik: Absolutely and they’re outside the bounds of time. Past, present and future is all based on what you’re focusing on. Ultimately, it’s your present you’re ever focused on because that’s the only place you can ever exist. All these spiritual teachers are trying to teach us that. There is nothing but the moment of Now.

Me: I read somewhere that the fifth dimension on up exists beyond the constraints of space and time, so there is no time as a reference point.

I can’t imagine what that must feel like.

Erik: We spirits live in dimensions higher than the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension is the aspect of pure time. It’s what you’d perceive as a straight line that goes backwards and forwards.

Robert: I don’t know if that’s accurate.

Erik (teasingly): Just shut up and say it! But if you want to put a hierarchy on it, everything higher than that can be mixed and matched like puzzle pieces so you can create this whole different experience based on what you throw together. With 1st through the 3rd dimension, though, you can mix and match to create different spatial realities that you know as the physical world. When we incarnate into the physical world, what we’re literally doing is picking puzzle pieces –those are metaphors for the choices we make—and we piece them together into what we define as a life in the physical world, and that life is everything that comes from the 4th dimension and down. So it follows a linear path because the 4th dimension is like the stopping point. It’s like the ceiling that creates this line that this whole process follows.

Robert: Interesting.

Me: Yeah!

Erik: When you become a spirit existing in dimensions greater than the 4th dimension, you use those lower dimensions to an extent, but you’re able to put the pieces together without the constraints of time.

Me: Oh!

Erik: You can have things that, from your perspective, might have existed in cavemen times and intermingle them with things that will happen way off in the future and all this other shit. This is how we manifest our realities in the spiritual world.

Me: Can you go into more detail about that?

Erik: We pull from every dimension we have access to and mish and mash it all together because we’re not limited to the 1st through the 4th dimensions. We’re in every dimension all at once. For instance, I can take elements of things that exist in the 1st through the 4th dimensions—things that give the perception of time—and intermingle that with physical reality so I can create this experience of walking through a field. That requires working with the 1st through 4th dimensions, right?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Then I can throw in something that exists in a dimension humans can’t perceive that’s completely abstract and without form and, with that—

Me: Like what?

Erik: For instance, there’s this kind of energy that’s emotional in nature—at least that’s the best way I can describe it—and when you think of emotions, you don’t really think of it as tangible because you can’t see or touch it. There just aren’t words to describe it in a way you’ll fully understand since you’re stuck in those 4 dimensions.

Me: Yeah, we don’t have vocabulary for dimensions higher than the 4th, do we?

Erik: No.

Robert: He’s giving me another example.

Erik: For instance, if I’m walking through that field I created, and I decide to make it vertical instead of horizontal, or change it to a different orientation or change it into putty, I pull pieces from dimensions other than those four you live in.

Me: That’s like an LSD trip!

Erik: Fuck, yeah! That’s what LSD does. It removes the veil off the brain that keeps it to the first four dimensions.

Me: Cool.

Erik: Again, there is no hierarchy to the dimensions. It’s just that that’s what humans need to understand this concept better. They need them all numbered.

Me: Of course.

Erik: But really there are an infinite number of them and they’re all smashed together. Most of them, humans can’t even comprehend right now.

Me: Yeah, I’m really interested in the whole observation thing. According to the laws of physics, at least from what I understand, something doesn’t exist unless it’s observed. It’s like consciousness is needed to manipulate energy into creating the reality it’s observing. Does focusing your consciousness do something to that energy?

Erik: Right. Here’s the crazy shit about it. Everything exists. It’s impossible for something not to exist because everything is being observed at all times.

Me: Mm.

Erik: It might not exist for you, as an individual, because you consider yourself one separate thing looking at another separate thing. You, as Mom, might look at another thing like a squirrel and in your reality, no other squirrel exists. That’s your limited perspective. But from our perspective, we can choose to see that one squirrel or to become everything and observe everything at once.

Me: Wow.

Talk about multitasking. I get a headache just thinking about it.

Erik: It’s hard for the human mind to fathom seeing everything at once because it’s infinite. Infinite, infinite, infinite, infinite.

Me: So things do exist already? It’s not just a matter of existing only when it’s observed.

Erik: Yeah, but it’s always observed. Everything is always observed, just maybe not by you. Everything is already there. You just have to pull it into your experience, and that’s what your observation does.

Me: Oh, you pull it into your experience!

Erik: Yeah. The same thing with the entanglement theory. Those connections are already there. You just have to become aware of them. But awareness only applies when you see yourself in a little bubble living as an individual.

Me: In a body.

Erik: Yeah, with a physical body or without it. The spirit can be either.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When I’m talking to you now, Mom, I’m in that little bubble of Erik.

Me: Nice.

Erik: I’ve learned how important verbal communication is in dimensions, especially the ones humans live in. For me, most of the communication in my physical life wasn’t always verbal. I used a lot of body language.

Me: Yes, you did.

Erik: That came easier to me.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Or I communicated through creating something.

Robert: That’s a tangent, Erik.

Erik: No it’s not.

Robert laughs.

I don’t know about you, but my brain is smoking.  I have a couple of announcements today. I’ll be interviewed live on Conversations with Suzanna at noon CT. You can listen HERE.

The piece about Erik in the big magazine, OM-Times, is worth a read. It’s not too long. Click HERE to read. 

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial minds

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial minds

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