Time to Adjust

Me: Does it take some time for the deceased to get used to changing from earthly time to timelessness and the change from human emotions to whatever emotions discarnates have?

Erik: Yeah. Yes, yes, yes.

Me: Yeah, it must be weird. What does it feel like to change from earthly time to timelessness?

Erik: Actually, that’s kind of easy, because it’s not something that you’re really thinking about right away. So much is going on.

Me: I bet.

Erik: It’s like going to Disneyworld or going to Vegas, and you’re so entertained and you’re so partied out and you’re so busy, and there are no clocks anywhere, and then you realize you’re hungry what time is it? And so there’s this internal need to know.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Anyway, so you check in. And when you pass away, you don’t have that hunger, that kind of pulls you out of the time frame. You’re working on your life and what happened and funerals and people and learning and learning and expanding and then you realize, “Oh, this is just how it is!” So that’s a little bit easier. The thing that fucks you up—

Jamie (laughing): His face was really funny right there! He’s pointing his finger.

Erik: Oh, the thing that fucks you up is how people treat you and that you constantly feel okay. That will really screw with your head,, because you’re waiting for the other shoe to fall.

Me: Oh!

Erik: You’re like, “When is this gonna crash? When’s this gonna stop?” And it doesn’t! Then you learn to allow yourself to get comfortable with it, and then you’ll surprise yourself to how you want to react to other people’s shit.

Me: Mm hm. Wait. What?

Erik: Oh, cuz you know, like, let’s say spirits.

Jamie: Thank you.

Erik: So, another spirit walks in, and they have their shit going on, but you get close to them, and normally as a human you would—

Jamie (giggling): What?

Erik: Coddle them, and breastfeed them and all that shit.

Jamie: He’s laughing. So nurture them, Erik?

Erik: Yeah. Nurture them, and all of a sudden, you just don’t have that need to do it. It’s because you absolutely know that they’re okay. There’s no internal pull to react, like, as a good human, you know, because compassion is always done. You don’t have to trigger it to arrive. It’s pretty cool. I still get surprised by some of the shit I pull out of my ass. And think, ‘Wow! It looks good!’

Jamie and I giggle.

Me: So, what else about the change from human emotions to whatever emotions discarnates have? Tell me more. This is gonna be a good entry, and I have to have more than a paragraph.

Jamie: He’s laughing.

Erik: It’s better than two sentences!

Me: Well, that’s true.

Erik: Another thing that’s interesting is when we’re watching our loved ones on Earth, and when they get sad, when you were alive, you’d either feel guilty or you’d go help ‘em, like, you’d wanna do something, but when they get sad, all of a sudden you’d understand why. You clearly know it’s not about something you’ve done. You like instantly know they need to react this way to understand what lesson is coming.

Me: Ah. Yeah.

Erik: And that’s pretty cool. But then when you start to see that humans are really just emotional beings, like truly the core of what kind of creatures we are, and that when you spiritually show up next to your human family and they emotionally react to you, that’s pretty cool, because when you’re living and when they come into a room, they turn and they see you and they logically react and they say, “Hey, what are you doing. Where are you going?” They want to seek your information instead of understanding how you’re feeling. That’s pretty cool and different. That’s why it’s sometimes hard when, you know, we get next to our human family, and they cry because they feel us because it reminds them of us being gone—

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: Sometimes that’s more difficult to handle than anything else. We really want the reaction of them smiling and going, “Ah, I remember the day when he was such an asshole, and I miss him so much!”

Jamie and I laugh at his unexpected remark.

Me: Yeah, so you can get sad?

Erik: Yeah. You can get sad, but it’s so different, though. It’s not you sit around with a group of spirits and you’re sad or converse about it. It’s just an inner experience, and it doesn’t feed upon itself. Like I’ve said before, it’s really hard to maintain those lower vibrations. It’s like keeping a fire alive in the rain. You gotta really work at it, really work at it to keep it going, keep it going, keep it going. As soon as you, you know, let go of that effort, then it’s gone. The sadness is gone. Happiness is truly middle ground here.

Me: You say humans are emotional beings, and spirits are not humans, but they’re still emotional beings, right?

Erik: Absolutely.

Me: All right. Anything else you want to say before we close?

Erik: That you’re a bad ass, and I’m really proud of you.

Me: Aw, I’m so proud of you.

Erik: I love you.

Me: You’re pretty badass, too.

(Poignant pause)

Me: I love you.

Erik: I’m going to come over later and fuck with your head.

Me (in a tone of resignation): Oh, I’m sure. Not much in there to fuck with, but you can certainly try. Just a lot of empty space.

Jamie (giggling): That’s what he just said! He said he’s going to move around the furniture in the empty space in your head!

Me: You’re so bad!

Jamie: That’s exactly what he said! So weird.

Me: All right you two. Love you both.

Jamie: Love you.



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