Verbal To-Do Lists From Erik

Erik better not mess with MY to-do list. That’s taboo and worthy of a lengthy time out! Oh, and sorry about the cruel April Fool’s joke. You know I’d never leave you guys hanging! I love you too much! (And I love what I do!)

Hi Elisa,

Erik has played some VERY awesome, but also, very strange, pranks where objects disappear and then suddenly appear out of the blue! None, of which my granddaughter was with me at the time. So far, his pranks on me have involved a rubberband, a tooth filler repair kit and a vinegar bottle; plus, two very strange, phone pranks.

Anyway, the phone pranks are the only ones my 7 year-old granddaughter has witnessed on two occasions, which were about a month apart. Both times my phone was out of reach and it was not being charged nor had it been used for hours prior to the pranks.

“Both times,” we were in my bedroom, sitting on my bed, watching a children’s movie. Each time, my phone just suddenly lit up and started giving me verbal commands from some unknown, weird-ass, to-do list! To this day, I still can’t find any such list on my phone nor have I ever entered or recorded anything on it since I bought it about three years ago! I’m old school; therefore, if my to-do list isn’t written on my hand, it’s written on a post-it or note card.

Both times a voice suddenly came on and said, “Buy a pizza, call your mother, run errands and send a birthday card!” The actual list even appears on the phone screen. Firstly, I don’t eat pizza; my mother passed away in 1998, and the other two commands I just don’t get! It was a brand new phone when I bought it and it just only recently began bringing up the to-do list.

The first time it happened, I jumped out of bed, grabbed it from my nightstand, turned it off and threw it onto my bed because, it scared the heck out of me as well as my granddaughter! The second time, both my granddaughter and I just laughed! My granddaughter’s response was, “Oh, Erik! That was funny!”

Any time my granddaughter even hears the name, “Erik,” she gets very excited, because she thinks of your son as a close friend most likely because we talk about him often! Her response is always, “Hey, I know someone named Erik, too!”

Love you all,


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