We Are Erik’s Pet Turtles

Here’s the second part of the channeling session while we were vacationing in Destin last June.

Me: Now, here’s one from me. If thought really creates reality so easily, Erik, why can’t you just create your body again and come back to me?

Erik: Well, there’s kind of some structures, Mom, and it’s not—


Jamie: He’s kind of like shaking his head a little bit.

Erik: It’s hard to explain it. There are rules, but they’re not enforced. And there are entities that come back into a body and share like when—

(Jamie listens)

Jamie: Really, Erik? Is that true?

Erik (laughing): It is! I’m not pulling your goat, Jamie!

Jamie: “Pulling your goat?” I don’t think that’s the right way to say it, but anyway…

Erik: Like if somebody has a major accident and it was there way to get out but there was an opportunity for another soul to come in and continue to live that person’s life where that accident would completely change them; they would house all the memories and they would have some of the same characteristics, but basically be an entirely new person. That’s one way to come back.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But thought does create, and you gotta realize that in the lower dimensional areas, it’s much more difficult to have thought create those lower vibrational elements.

Me: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that!

Erik: But that’s how we function in Heaven. If we want a soccer ball, we can think about the soccer ball, create the soccer ball, and use the soccer ball, but then when we don’t need the soccer ball anymore, it stops existing.

Me: Yeah, I forgot about the difference in vibrational frequencies. That damn veil. Okay, here’s another question I was thinking about. It must be very challenging for you, Erik, to communicate with, interact with and observe us when we are linear and you are not. How do you do that?

Erik: It’s actually not that confusing!

Me: Oh, I’m confused just asking the question!

Erik: It’s like having a pet turtle.

Jamie and I laugh hard. Erik and his metaphors!

Erik: You put it down, and you can run and do like a thousand errands, get in your car, go away and look at other things, go watch a movie and then come back and your turtle has just moved a little bit.

Me (giggling): Oh no! We’re your pet turtles!

Erik: That’s kind of how it is to view humans on a linear path.

Jamie (laughing hard): That’s brilliant, Erik!

Me: Yeah, that’s really good! I like that! Erik, you’re so smart, Sweetie. Be sure to clean our cage, though. When I was little, I had a tiny pet turtle and sometimes I’d forget to clean its bowl, and it wasn’t pretty! I’d hate to think that that’s going to be the first pet that greets me when I cross over—this slimy green thing with algae and horrible grungy pond scum hanging all over it saying, “Why didn’t you clean my bowl?”

Erik laughs.

Me: Oh, Lukas is here asking how our Italian Greyhound, Cookie is.

Erik: Awesome. I don’t need to spend a lot of time running her, because she does that on her own.

Me: Oh, God, yeah! She was very active for an Italian greyhound. Most of them are timid, but she was always gregarious and just everywhere at once. Oh, and Lukas also wants to know what his little black cat, Ringo, is saying. He’s still alive.

Erik (chuckling): That Lukas is a dork!

Jamie (giggling): He’s teasing!

Erik: Most of the time, Ringo is trying to get Lukas to do something other than what he’s doing. He loves the attention and thinks that Lukas can understand him. Ringo pretty much talks instead of just doing the meow bit.

Me: That is so true! He’s so vocal!

Lukas: Erik, can you tell Michael Jackson I said hi?

Erik: Done.

Lukas: Does that really work?

Me: Of course it does, goofball!

Erik (laughing): Goofball, indeed! And yes, believe it or not, I WILL tell Michael Jackson you said hello.


Pet Turtles

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