What of Celebrity?

Sorry for such a short post, guys, but I have a full plate today and the next topic is just so unrelated! I have a couple of announcements first:

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Channeling Transcript

Me: Okay, now, someone wants to ask, what of celebrity? There appears to be more celebrity for celebrity’s sake. How is it that souls come in here with such a strong desire for celebrity status? Is there a positive result for having such a focus on celebrities?


Me: You know how there are so many people who are celebrities that really haven’t done anything worthy of that status, for instance?

Erik: It all has to do with reality. If reality shows and that how voyeurism into the lives of other people hadn’t been invented, the Paris Hiltons and Kim Kardashians of the world wouldn’t be the celebrities they are. It’s voyeurism plain and simple.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: That’s what reality TV is, and it helps us, as people, be able to be voyeuristic in a very quiet way so they can measure their personal experience against those of the celebrities. I think most of the time it really sucks, because it’s usually a bad image when these shows only pick whatever has the most drama.

Me: Exactly.

Erik: Then again, we can get into that whole argument about how the marketing world rules and teaches society what to like and dislike.

Me: Well, why do so many souls have a desire for celebrity status for their own selves?

Erik: A lot of it can be ego, but some of them are do-gooders. To do what they came here to do, they need that platform. And really, for some it’s just their trait, their work. They love their acting or their singing skills. That’s their work, and it morphs into something larger than they sometimes even expect. But what makes them so successful is because we have so many avenues of media.

Me: Well, that’s true!

Erik: So, now, almost every household has a TV, if not  two. We can pretty much say that.

Me: Absolutely. I know some who have 10 or more TVs in their house.

Erik: Fuck yeah, and before, maybe one in five houses had a TV. Before that, one in twelve.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: It’s just getting so cheap and computers are cheaper, the Internet is free, so the media is reaching more people.

Me: And I guess there are those souls who want celebrity status for more greedy purposes. Maybe they want to avoid seeing who they really are, and—

Erik: That’s the ego one I was talking about, Mom.

Me: Yeah, that’s the ego one. Okay, got it, got it.

Erik: An ego that just wants to put their name out there and money in their pocket and not work or do anything.

Me: Yes, sadly.

Erik: Every human likes to watch the whole spectrum.

Me: Absolutely.


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