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Robert is doing better as of yesterday evening. He was in agony with pain in the area where the stoma was, for some reason. This is odd, because usually the reversal surgery is not nearly as painful, especially considering the had a ruptured bowel and peritonitis then. But after much pleading, I got them to change his medication, and he’s feeling much, much better. I hope the pain continues to abate while his body heals.

In yesterday’s session, Erik also wanted to remind everyone to slowly start collecting nonperishables, survival type gear, and drinking water so that if and when we experience those off-grid periods, we’ll be prepared. He says that doing so over the next six months should keep us in the clear. I didn’t ask him for how long we needed provisions, but I will next time. I’m assuming 2-3 months but I have no idea why.

Again, sorry I haven’t edited today’s entry. If you see anything glaring, please feel free to let me know and I’ll fix it!

Channeling Transcript

Me: Can you actively participate in your life review by changing things, since there is not linear time? It seems like you should be able to preempt the mistakes you make, you know?

Erik: Hell, that sort of defeats the whole purpose of the review, though, Mom.

Jamie giggles.

Me: Oh! So, it like changing the answers after you turned in the test, I guess?

Erik (laughing): Yes, exactly!

Jamie (chuckling): He made that drum sound like duh dum DUM, like you get when you get the right answer.

Erik: No, you can’t actively change it while you’re reviewing it, but afterwards, yes, since there’s no linear time, you can. If there are things that you feel need to be corrected and it serves the greater good or a higher purpose, then you’re allowed to, but if it’s negative and doesn’t serves a greater purpose, you have to let sleeping dogs lie. That shit has to work itself out.

Me: I see. Exactly. Now, can your multiple selves in all of their simultaneous lives download or upload the information you learn in that life review so those other selves can apply it to their parallel lives? Oh god, it’s so complex, I can barely straighten out this thought in my feeble little mind!

Erik (laughing): No, I get it, Mom. You explained it fine. And yeah, sure. But those other lives on earth have to have that knowledge of how to download that information.

Me: Oh, yeah.

Erik: “A,” they have to be aware of it, of the fact that they can do it, “B,” they have to consciously want it, and “C,” they have to be enlightened enough to understand how to use that information.

Me: So it can’t be done on like a soul level, below the ego level? Can you just go in like a stealth bomber and slip that information in nice and quietly? Call it a soul sortie?

Erik: Oh, there’s so much more that happens at a soul level, but that soul level isn’t what really runs your human life.

Jamie: Well, yes it does, Erik!

Me: Oh no! I’m on a runaway train with no conductor at the helm! This is not good!

Erik: Okay, let’s put it this way. It’s a happy balance between consciousness, spiritual amnesia and soul. You need that amnesia so that you can have new experiences. Without that, all you’re doing is being a rat in a wheel.

Me: Well can you take the things you learn in life and, while dreaming, help your other selves? Can you upload information to your other selves?

Erik: In a dream state?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: Yeah, you can.

Me: Okay, here’s another one related to the whole life review topic. If you kill scores of people like in a war, do you feel each one’s emotions during the review?

Erik: Hell yeah: their thoughts, like what they’re thinking, what’s happening, their emotions, what they feel, yes.

Me: Oh my god. That must be brutal.

Erik: Definitely brutal.


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