Wormholes and Chicken Butts

I hope all you peeps had a great weekend! Mine was wall to wall errands and yard work. It’s was broiling and humid outside, (Yay, Houston. Sigh.) but the sky was blue, and I was determined. As usual, my gardening left my arms and legs all cut up and bruised. People gave me looks in the grocery store, but I just answered one of two ways, “Alligator wrestling.” “Picked a fight in a bar.” It’s pretty sad that I had to carry a rag with me while I was weeding not to mop up sweat but to mop up blood. Next time, I’ll give myself a preemptive blood transfusion. Okay, let’s see if the title of this post gives it justice.

Me: What’s up, Erik?

Erik: Chicken butt.

Robert and I laugh.

Every time I say, “What’s up,” Erik always replies with this. As irritating as it it, I fall for it all the time. And no, despite the promise of the title, there will be no more analysis or insight about chicken butts.

Me: Okay, we’re going to talk about things that are a little on the fringy side. Let’s start out with wormholes. Tell us about those.

Erik: What do you want to know about it?

Robert: He’s being a smartass.

Me: Well, start by telling me what they are!

Erik: They exist. How about that?

Great. Today should be interesting.

Me: Go on. Expand on that.

Erik: Scientists have their theories, and they’re right to a degree. It’s like bending the universe, folding it in half. That’s how humans have to see it.


Robert: Okay, you’re going to have to put this in ways that make sense to me, Erik. He’s saying something about dimensions and I’m trying to figure it out. He shows me all these sparkles.


Robert: Okay. He also says something about patterns.

Erik: Everything has a pattern, even locations. Wormholes tap into patterns so when you tune into a certain location’s pattern, humans might see it as crossing dimensions and you kind of are—

(Long pause)

Erik: Okay, I’ll speak in terms that aren’t completely 100% accurate, but I have to say it this way to make sense with what humans know now.

Me: Okay.

Erik: A wormhole is like going from the dimension you’re in now, the reality you’re in now, to a place that’s kind of in between realities, so it has to do with dimensions.

Me: What do you mean, “In between realities?” Are you talking about in between dimensions?

Erik: If you’re in a wormhole, then—okay, the physical world is one reality.

Me: Okay.

Erik: A wormhole is another kind of reality that you can think of as the connection between realities and those realities can be in the same space. Wormholes link everything together. When you’re in one, it’s kind of like being on a rapid transit highway.

Me: Have you been in one?

Erik: You know how people talk about the tunnel of light?

Me: Uh huh.

Erik: People who have death experiences who see that are going through a wormhole that links the earthly dimension with the one I’m in. Not everybody does that. For me, it was like I was all of a sudden here.

Me: So if they don’t go through the wormhole, how do they get to Heaven?

Erik: There are so many different ways. I’ll just name a bunch. For instance, you’re alive and then all of a sudden you die, right?

Me: Yeah.

Erik: And it’s not a long drawn out death. It’s instantaneous like with what happened with me. You’re there one minute, and then all of a sudden it’s like you’re here. Since you’re still connected to your physical body, you feel this sense that time was lost. It’s like you were sitting in a chair one minute and then the next second you’re across the room. It’s like blinking and being somewhere else like on I Dream of Jeannie. For other people, it can be a different process where, okay, take someone who’s been through a long illness.

Me: Okay.

Erik: And they’ve been slowly transitioning little by little. This can also happen with people who have Alzheimer’s. Let’s use that example. So people with that disease, they often want or need that experience of a slow transition on a soul level. So they slowly disconnect from their reality and gently slip into the other. It’s like turning pages in a book. For other spirits, there can be a period where they say, drop dead from a heart attack and they still know they exist, but they’re in all darkness. Those are often the ones who don’t have a belief system about the afterlife. For them, it’s a matter of realizing that they’re still conscious and they wonder where in the hell they are.


Robert: He’s doing all sorts of stuff to distract me like picking his nose. Why are you doing that, Erik? Get serious!

We both laugh.

Erik: There are some who go into darkness even if they have a belief system. For instance, what’s going through the mind of a person dying might be fear. Fear of death. Fear of not existing in the form they’ve been in all their life. They go into darkness because they just don’t want to see. They’re too afraid to look. It’s like their head is hidden under the covers.

Me: What does a wormhole look like when you’re inside of it?

Erik: Humans in the physical world, if they were to go through a wormhole, it’s going to look the same to everybody because we all have this collective experience.

Robert: He’s showing it to me. It looks like a tube. Earlier he was showing me a sparkly image, sparkles all around. You know how you see in ghost stories this wispy white stuff that has a shimmer to it?

Me: Right.

Robert: It’s like the walls are made of that.

Erik: Yeah, it looks like that. It’s really pretty. It looks like a silver ocean but it’s tube-shaped.

Robert: That’s a perfect description, Erik. I like that.

Me: Would our human bodies be able to withstand being in a wormhole?

(Long pause)

Robert: Okay. That’s interesting.

Erik: Human beings could withstand it because they bring in the laws of the universe they live in, the reality they live in and they’re still encompassed by those rules. It’s like they’re in this little bubble that’s their own reality traveling somewhere else through the wormhole. That’s only in wormholes that humans might call, “stable.”

Me: Right.

Erik: Not every wormhole is. Some of them act like drains or vortexes. Like what humans think of in black holes, they literally chew things up.

Me: Oh! That doesn’t sound good.

Erik: It’s still a wormhole, but it’s not compatible with the way the universe is. It’s almost like a trash compactor.

Me: But does it still take things to a different reality?

Erik: Yeah, it’ll go to a different reality, but the thing is, with those wormholes, the energy that it’s made of is meant to recycle everything. It disintegrates physical realities and then spits it our somewhere else to be used in another way in another reality. It takes things to a completely different universe or another kind of dimension. Well dimensions are really just different universes. If you were to go into one of these, it would chew you up and spit you out in the form that would enable you to exist in that other reality.

Robert: That’s cool.

Me: It is! Can we use wormholes to travel through time, not just dimensions?

Erik: Sure, you can.

Me: How does that work?

(Long pause as Erik explains to Robert)

Robert: Okay. That’s really neat. He’s showing me a person who’s standing in a field. And the person is surrounded 360 degrees by frames of that same field that exist in different points in time. It can be seconds, years, eons, whatever. They look like windows.

Me: Wow.

Erik: This is far removed from what humans can do right now, but you have to know where to dial into to go to that time.

Me: Right, like the car on “Back to the Future.”

Robert: He showed it that way to me! A little digital dial.

Erik: It’s much more complicated than that, but that’s the easiest way I can put it.

Robert (to Erik): Well if you went to a different time, are you in a different reality that can change the future?

Erik: It can happen either way. The answer’s yes and no.


Robert: I’m not sure how to put that.

Erik: Well, I’m going to say it a different way since Robert’s being dense today.

We both laugh.

Robert: I’m trying to make sure I understand it because sometimes I don’t.

Erik: You can go into the past—and this is where it gets confusing for people—and say, for instance, murder your mother before you were born.

I better watch my back.

Erik: Then you can go back to the time you came from, and you still exist. But them sometimes you can’t get back to where you were because you no longer exist. What it depends on is once you commit that act, there are so many other variables that can happen from that time point on that can either intermingle with your present or deviate from your present and create another path. It’s like a wave that undulates back and forth. That act can connect to what an alternate version of your present is, or it can connect to the same one. There’s so much shit that can go on regardless of whether you killed someone or not.

Me: What determines what happens?

Erik: The choices people make after the event happens.

Me: Including other people?

Erik: To keep it simple, that person decided to murder his mother. That was his choice. The other people in his life make their own choices that can intersect with what their reality was or they can deviate from it. I’ll put this in terms of what people can understand in the “present” world. Whenever someone dies, the family can decide to all come together or to fall to shit. Each choice sends them into different trajectory that leads them into a different reality. Every choice you make sets you on a certain path. So if the family decides to come together after the murder, it could set up the possibility for the murderer to be born. That’s some freaky shit. Really the only ones who influence that kind of stuff are what humans call “angels.”

Me: Guardian angels?

Erik: No, archangels. They have the ability to change time/reality trajectories.

Me: So how does time travel really work?

Erik: As I’ve said many times, time in the physical world is just something to help us understand why we get older, why the sun moves across the sky, all that kind of stuff. So it’s just a tool to help us measure things, but on an energetic level and a multiversal level, it doesn’t exist. Everything that could potentially occur already exists out there as a probability. It’s just a matter of tapping into that, and you can imagine how infinite and complex that could be.

Me: Oh yeah. So I’m living my present life, and since everything is happening at once I can just, “poof” go into my future life?

Erik: Yes, and if you think about it, it’s how the soul connects all of the realities. If you were to look at a soul with the intention of seeing how all those realities connect, imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror that reflects your image from another mirror behind you. When you look into the mirror, it looks like your image goes on infinitely. That’s how it would look if you looked at a soul to see how everything was connected. It goes on forever with no beginning or end.

Me: What is “it?” What do you mean?

Erik: All of different versions of the soul’s realities.

Me: Oh, okay.

Erik: I used that example to help you visualize how the soul can connect to every possible reality.

Me: Will mankind ever be able to time travel even though “eventually” is right now?

Erik: Not while they’re in the physical body. Human beings, just like all life in this dimension, are on a trajectory to transcend the physical body. Once you transcend it, it’ll be easier to figure out how to do it.

Me: Okay so you go to the future and do something that affects your past just like in “Back to the Future.” Is that possible? If our soul, having transcended the body, were to interact differently with our “future” self, would that change the other realities?

Erik: Here’s the thing that’s really crazy. People don’t even realize they’re doing already.

Me: Ah!

Erik: Now, when you were talking about time travel at first, I was taking it from a perspective of a human getting into a little machine and going somewhere.

Me: Right.

Erik: But the way humans can affect the past and set themselves on a trajectory towards a certain future is how they respond in the moment, Now. The Now is the only thing that really exists. Say you’re a person who was terribly abused as a child. A lot of people on the blog were. In this moment, you can decide that instead of letting that experience torment you and take away your power, you can decide to heal it by whatever means like forgiveness. For some people it could mean forgetting. For some it could be a matter of shifting away from those terrible thoughts to happy ones. It’s a perspective thing. When you do that, it feeds back to the “past” and goes into the “future.” In a sense, that helps to heal what went on in the “past” and sets you on a trajectory to a “future” that healed as long as you maintain that different perspective. This is how archangels do everything.

Robert: There’s one that’s telling him to shut up!

Erik: Well, they get a little testy sometimes.

Me: You can’t let the secret out of the bag, Erik.

Erik: Yeah, they told me it was too much information.

Me: TMI!

We laugh.

But inquiring minds need to know!

Next stop, 2130?

Next stop, 2130?

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