Are You a Bush or a Tree?

Hey Erik.  Erik refers me to the blog to catch up on the past few entries.  This morning, and over the past few weeks I’ve been having “background” conversations with Erik about suicide, and I was really on the fence with writing about it publically.  Erik points at the blog and is like, “Look, it’s already being discussed.  Chime in!”

Okay, so my own mind has been swinging on observing different cultures’ attitudes towards suicide currently and throughout history, and the outcome of those beliefs, positive and negative.

In North America, we live in a pretty suicide-taboo culture, and I’m not saying that’s good or bad.  I know there can be great harm to the surviving friends and relatives if they believe that their dead loved one continues to suffer on the other side.  It’s the negative fallout of believing that these souls “go to hell”.

The other extreme is a culture that readily accepts and even bestows honour on suicide.  Grieving widow commits suicide?  Good for her, she must have really loved her husband to follow him to the afterlife.

See what I mean?

So this morning I was thinking about the “Miracle of Life” conversation with Erik and I asked him what he thinks about all this, and I tossed in the controversial issue of assisted suicide for people with “terminal” illness.

Erik says,  Okay can I talk now?  (teasing, because my mind tends to get very busy when I think about this topic, and he’s shoving aside my brain chatter like he’s elbowing his way through the crowd, exaggerating the effort he’s making to talk to me through my busy mind.)  It’s like a club in here!

Okay so the short answer is that it varies for every person, and as soon as you have a law (cultural or state law) that pushes things one way or another, there’ll be (potentially negative) consequences.  I stick with what I said (in Miracle of Life) that life is so much fucking hard work to even GET a body, to get born, to grow up – it’s a damn big risk you’re taking if you decide to end your life.  You may just end up wanting to go right back in.  (Pulls a quote from my mind where Sylvia Browne declares that ALL people who commit suicide are directly looped back into life.)

So, are you saying that’s true?

Yeah, a lot of people DO just end up going back in, because they wanted in for a REASON.  Say the God thing.

Ha.  Okay, I tend to edit out the religious stuff – but the whole statement from Sylvia Browne is that people who commit suicide are looped back into life because they’re not allowed to break a contract with God.

So yeah, call it God if you want.  And remember that every person is a part of (shows me the donut universe) and that you had a reason for coming into life in the first place.  The thing about life is, yeah, you can sometimes bite off more than you can chew, and that’s what reincarnation and re-reincarnation is for.

Re-reincarnation?  Oh yeah.  That’s an earlier conversation about living out all the variations in ONE particular lifetime, so your life path isn’t just a straight line, it’s more like a tree branching outwards.  Re-reincarnation is my own word for it.  Erik’s pointing me to previous entries in the CE blog with Jamie, where they’d also spoken about “going back in time” and he says, This is basically the same thing.  You can use your girly term if you want.  I’d say something like (puffs up in his He-Man costume MASTER REINCARNATION!!!!)

This is a throwback to “masters of the Universe” conversation too.  DAMN Erik, I’m going to have to find a lot of past entries this time!

Yeah, girl!  I’m puttin’ you to work! 

(Erik shows me the pain and turmoil that this concept can bring up for people who’ve lost a loved one, thinking “there’s this branch where s/he is still alive!  Why can’t I become aware of that!?) 

So, say you’re on a branch where (Erik’s still alive.)

Well, some trees get to be huge twisted old oaks, me, I’m just a bush.  (winks)

You can imagine the visual he gives me with “bush”.

I’m going to over-explain Erik here while he rolls his eyes at me:  The tree / bush thing (okay, that’s a nice visual for tree!  Thanks, man, I haven’t seen your imaginary penis in a while.  Yeah well I wouldn’t want you to forget what one looked like!)

Another interpretation of that would be using the “life plan” idea – you have a life plan that has the potential to live to be 100 years old, and plenty of branches where the lifespan is 80s and 90s.  The “bush” thing is the lifespan potential is much shorter, and Erik’s saying he’s a bush.

Next Erik shows me a guy shouting, “Am I a tree or a bush?  A tree or a bush???”

He says, If you have to ask, you’re a tree. 

Okay, so here’s where it’s going to get real.  I’m gonna give you a list of things that make people feel depressed and hopeless, and a lot of it is bullshit.  It’s not even real.  So here goes:

News.  Yeah, I’m not fucking kidding.  When you’re only hearing about the bad shit in the world, why the fuck would you want to stay living in it???  Keep in mind that a lot of the news is bullshit, and they gotta do a lot of digging and harping over and over again on the negative things just to fill a news show.  It’s a lot like advertising – it’s so repetitive, it sticks in your (shows me the brain and the series of neurons that have been stimulated so many times with the repetition that the negative thinking becomes reflex and habit.)

They’re trainin’ you like Pavlov’s dog, yo.  Bitch, it’s time to get real. 

Did you just go gangsta on me?  Did you try?

Okay, so there was this short and hilarious exchange of “I am so gangsta! Do I need to get Biggie?” and then I see Biggie, mostly his face in a super-close up where despite himself his serious countenance cracks into a grin and he shakes his head like, “I can’t take you seriously, Erik, I tried to help you out!”

Erik plays the song, “Where is the love?”  See, that’s exactly it, right there.  If you don’t see the love, you gotta start looking for it.  A lot of how you see the world, how you experience your life is habit.  Start thinking about the things that influence your habits, especially your thought habits.

Okay, second risk factor, are you ready?  Being Young.  There is nothing as judgmental as a damn teenager!  That’s why parents of teenagers deserve medals!  Thing is, young people in their teens and twenties can be really harsh with the world and with themselves.  It’s too easy to be unforgiving of the people in your life (shows me angry / revenge suicide liked to immaturity) and it’s really tough at that age to be forgiving of yourself when your whole life’s about meeting other people’s expectations.

Third risk factor:  Being middle-aged.  You know, that whole mid-life crisis thing.  It’s like being a teenager all over again, and this time you might be tempted to judge your life as a failure if it didn’t turn out a certain way.  A lot of triggers like divorce, losing a job – that can get you thinking like this.  NO ONE CAN FAIL AT LIFE!!! 

Fourth risk factor:  Bring old.  This is like, the hidden statistic.  A lot of people don’t look too closely or think about it too hard when an old person dies.  This is why (those against assisted suicide) have a really good point, because old folks, (Elders) don’t get no damn respect anymore!  They’re not valued in the community for being the against-all-odds SURVIVORS they actually are!  And that can really make you feel bad.

Now, I’m of course skipping over all the other stuff (that’s been discussed in conversations with Jamie and Robert) the mental and physical imbalances / illnesses that  contribute to this conversation, and I’m skipping the addictions stuff, which makes it even harder.  I’m just talking about those things that affect EVERY SINGLE PERSON ALIVE.  Remember the first thing I said – the short answer:  it varies for every person.

I take a second to think about this whole piece and I just look at my hesitancy in pursuing this topic.  Erik says, It’s because you’ve got this (shows me one hand on the ground, one hand lost in the clouds and this sense of being stretched between them both.)  You’re not afraid of the dark side, and talking about it doesn’t have to create more bad stuff – the point of talking about this here is to release / dissipate the bad stuff!  Refusing to talk about it or look at it is actually giving it power, (shows me being annoyed when I listen to hyper-positive radio shows.) 

That’s why being happy-happy-joy-joy all the time is really just this expression of fear!  It’s about finding the balance between being at the mercy of every negative news story and actually being (translates as “an angel for good”). 

It’s about talking / observing / studying without being an asshole, without being invasive or bossy, but also really allowing yourself to experience (shows me a black ocean swelling up and down, meaning the waves of negative events) without drowning.

Erik puts on his Tarzan costume and beats his chest with a jungle yodel, signaling the end of the conversation.

Thanks, E.

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Elisa Medhus

  • Daniel Lucas

    This was awesome! Haha I could totally see biggie trying to act all serious, and then showing that big smile! I’m glad you’re addressing suicide, I know it’s been on my mind for a lot of reasons, and I’m sure I’m not alone 🙂

  • Judith F.

    Hello Elisa and Erik,
    Erik, you’re something else! I’ve only been reading your and your mother’s posts for a short while now. I’m making my way through the archives, but I keep getting distracted by the “you might also like!” Yikes!! I’m now 69, and I feel like I’ll need to TWO lifetimes to get through it all, make communication with my son, Rani, as well as learn everything I didn’t bother to learn the first 69 years! 😮
    I recently posted for the first time about my son, Rani, who committed suicide in 1997 at age 29 in Florida. He jumped off the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in St. Petersburg; he lived outside Tampa. My daughter and I lived in Houston at that time. Rani was quite drunk that day, and he drank all the way to the bridge, believe it or not. Rani was born in Beirut, Lebanon; his father, my former husband, is a Lebanese Muslim. After Rani died in FL, my daughter and I went from Houston to Rani’s funeral in FL. Rani was non-religious, as am I and my daughter. But, because Rani’s father (in Lebanon) and his uncle who lives in Tampa were paying for most of the funeral costs, they insisted Rani be buried as a Muslim. Muslims (most anyway) believe that a person who commits suicide goes to hell. I felt a lot of anger when his not-so-saintly uncle said this to me. But, as an atheist at the time, I believed Rani would just “rest in peace.” So, related to this article, I can reinforce that rigid religious and/or cultural beliefs can truly taint how people view the act of taking one’s own life. Rani would have been truly floored (as he probably was) that he was buried as a Muslim and consigned to hell (in their minds) by some of his relatives, and likely even his father, though I don’t recall he told me that he believed that on the phone.
    I am excited that when I am able to communicate with Rani, to firstly, forgive him, if he’s not sure I’ve done that, and to have him tell me what he’s learned, how he’s evolved, what he may know of his past lives and how we can help each other for the remainder of my life on earth. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Erik, and your lovely mother, Elisa.

    • 🙂

    • Cyndi

      You are such a lovely person! I’m sure your son is smiling down on you! So proud that you have found your way to this site and keeping an open mind…I am so sorry for your loss, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that he is not in hell…It cannot exist in the presence of such LOVE!
      I say this because thirty years ago, I came very close to making the same mistake…It absolutely chokes me up when I read about the pain the Mothers endure when their children leave them in such a way…
      What saved my life was hearing my Mothers voice in my head saying, “Think about what you are doing.”
      Your son knows you are thinking about him and he is working very hard on finding his way back to you….just as Erik has found his way back to his Mom…Her intense love for him is the “Gateway.” You can create the same thing for yourself! So much love I send to you:-) xoxoxo

      • Judith F.

        Aw, Cyndi, it’s so helpful and reassuring to read your thoughtful comments. And I’m happy for you that 30 years ago, your Mother’s voice, and love, helped you to make another choice. It’s heart-warming to have a complete stranger – well, strangers actually, because you are the third person on here to be so supportive. I will continue to focus on the love I have for my son, and the belief that we will find our way to each other. I appreciate the love you’ve sent to me, and I am returning loving thoughts to you. Thank you so much! 🙂

      • Cyndi

        I think we are all beginning to realize that none of us are strangers…We are all ” FAMILY.” 🙂

  • Nate

    I feel like industrialized/religious/scientific societies work together to condemn suicide because they want to make money off of your labor, belief, or supposed condition as long as you’re living. As long as the dollar is the name of the game, not wanting to submit to what is really for many people, I believe, financial enslavement to scrape by or “pop-culture” that reinforces our perfectionist society will lead to one being labeled as diseased, mentally ill, and other disrespectful terms. The people I know and read of committing suicide weren’t sick, they just couldn’t sink to the level required to thrive in a dog-eat-dog, heartless world. I disagree with Sylvia – I believe we are part of “god” and can co-create our lives in the present, you are not looped into anything, since I’ve read countless times you can finish out your “life’s purpose” on the other side. A taboo society is one based in fear in the first place. As for the fear of one suffering on the other side…it’s not like things were going to get any better on this side.

  • cristina

    omg, i remember talking about this image “Erik puts on his Tarzan costume and beats his chest with a jungle yodel” :)))))))))))))))))) I think is how i saw/imagined Erik would answer to some praising from me 😛

    Very wise Erik, I try to do this all the time “It’s about talking / observing / studying without being an asshole, without being invasive or bossy, but also really allowing yourself to experience without drowning.”
    — is quite a challenge 😛 and even more challenging to show that side of things to people 🙂

  • BlackIrishComanche

    Elisa do you imagine you’ll come do a book signing here in California somewhere near LA at some point? That would be so awesome! Trust me when I tell you there are so many folks here in LA that can benefit from the work you all do at CE! 🙂

    • I don’t have one planned in the near future, but I will definitely announce it on the blog if I do.

  • Tiggg

    For those of you who haven’t bought the book, you are seriously missing out!!! It’s a great read from beginning to end and I didn’t want it to end. Also buying the book is a great way to support Elisa and the Erik blog. Elisa does not take donations for the site and covers the costs herself. So you do yourself a favour buy the book I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed, and support the site. Ok rant over. <3

  • Radiochick

    “NO ONE CAN FAIL AT LIFE.” Thanks Erik and Elisa, I needed that.

  • Jeanette DiPasquale

    Too cool! Come to San Antonio soon Elisa and Erik! Peace!

  • Jason

    What’s the risk of taking your life if you’re able to go right back in – re-reincarnate, presumably through one of your parallel lives? I’ve read in other literature that if you die before your time, accidentally or otherwise, you are given the option to go back and continue living that life. Is that something Erik can confirm?

  • Well, you’re assuming time is linear. It’s stacked so you are living all lives, future, present and past, at once. And you’re not given any options. You have complete free will. There’s no outside source direction you or giving you permission to do anything. Thank god, because I hate being told what to do! 🙂

    • Nancy Antia

      I’ll try to get some guidance when I finally arrive home. I don’t trust myself choosing my dramas for the next life or well, the present life I’m living in the future 3D linear time.

  • Nancy Antia

    I wish we had the legal right to end our life in the case of having a terminal illness and being in extreme pain and discomfort. Making it legal doesn’t mean you have to use your right. The same applies to gay marriage and abortion. Argentina, my country, will probably be one of the last countries in passing the law because the Establishment won’t allow people the right to choose. Not now. Eventually things will change, of course. Evolution can’t be stopped for ever, thanks God! I’ve been thinking that when I arrive Home, I’ll probably ask Dr. Kevorkian to be my friend. I want to help people realize they should have the right to decide whether they wish to continue living or not given certain conditions.

  • divya

    I would like to purchase the ebook of my son and the afterlife but haven’t been able to.Is the ebook format is not available for purchase outside US?

  • Sabrina Lopez

    I’m like a year too late, I read the first part of this bit. I’m a huge follower of Sylvia Browne. Her message is almost identical to all the stuff Erik tells us. That speaks volumes if you ask me.

    Anyways I wanted to add, given that I have read almost all her books. She does state people who commit suicide get looped back in, however if they were mentally ill (bipolar, etc) they can bypass this. I think this explains Erik’s scenario. Suicide is never contracted, however if you are not mentally clear you can’t be held responsible and forced back into life. 🙂

  • guishia

    I’ve been watching all your YouTube videos and I’m so amazed by all of the knowledge I’m gsffing. I was wondering if you can tell me if I’m sensitive as far as being intuitive. I’ve been to a psychic and was told about some of my past lives and I do feel like I’m a very open spiritual person. Can u please let me know if I will have children in my human experience? I feel a strong pull to spirit and energy.

    • I’d love to ask personal questions for people but they take up session time, which is very expensive for me. 🙁 You should ask Erik using the “Hand Game” (search it on the blog) or you can ask him in one of Jamie’s small group channeling calls. (

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