Channeling Bigfoot, Part Six

Well no sooner did I get my baby girl back from Peru than she left me again! She decided to go back to College Station, where she attends school, to hole up in the library for 11 days straight to study for the MCAT, the medical school admissions test. It’s brutally difficult, and the study courses for it are very intensive. She’s afraid if she stayed at home there would be far too many distractions. Doggies barking, babies crying, mommies hugging. You know what I mean. Focusing in this madhouse is next to impossible. 

Speaking of houses, I was thinking yesterday how it would be to move. We’ve lived here for nearly 24 years so I’m ready for a change of scenery. I think we’ve narrowed our choices to Austin or North Carolina, but we have 3-5 years to make up our mind. Anyway, packing up 24 years worth of belongings sounds daunting. It’ll take weeks, I’m guessing. I think we’ll just pack up what we can’t live without and let the kids pick over the rest. After the vultures are done, we’ll give the rest to charity. We’re taking little or none of the furniture because it’s too well-worn and some of it destroyed by cat piss. I’m not even sure if the Salvation Army will want it. As for Erik’s things. That’s a tough one, but I’m leaning toward getting rid of everything except for his little cub scout uniform. Time to let go. Time to enter a phase of simplicity and clean energy. I’m really looking forward to it. 

Enjoy Part Six of the Bigfoot interview. One more part tomorrow!

Me: We’ve been getting so many great answers from Mr. Bigfoot, aren’t we, Kim?

Kim: Yeah, and I’m shocked. I’m pleasantly surprised at his willingness.

Me: Me, too! I want to be his friend! I want to hang with Bigfoot. Let’s go get a beer after this, Bigfoot!

Kim: I want to learn! I want to learn.

Me: I know! You and me, go to the local pub.

Bigfoot: I’m with you.

Me: All right, good. That’s a promise. Now do you have some sort of government or laws?

Bigfoot: No. This goes back to the common understanding between all of us in our existence, the common understanding of who we are and where we exist, that understanding of the oneness and the telepathy that goes with that. So we don’t need individualism. The need for individualism then provokes the need for laws and regulations because then people start doing things that—

Me: People go rogue and do bad things!

Bigfoot: Exactly. We’re not concerned with that and the need to have an image, “This is me.” There’s no ego in our existence so there’s no need for the laws or for us to be governed because it’s a much higher existence within respect and calm. If humans practiced just the respect for themselves outside of any circumstance, they’d need fewer laws and regulations.

Me: Okay. Do you use some sort of money or do you barter?

Bigfoot: We do barter. We don’t have money like you do. Sometimes we’ll barter with food like meat. We also can barter with labor whether it’s helping each other move or build.

Kim: Build?

Me: Yeah, what do you build, and do you make and use tools?

Kim: When I asked him, “What do you build,” he showed me this huge nest, but it’s like their house. It looks like a giant, above ground beaver dam like sticks and…

Me: Okay. Wow. Do you live in the trees, then?

Bigfoot: No we stay on the ground. We don’t stay up in the trees. We can climb and get up in them, but we don’t stay there. So we barter based on our needs. It’s very similar to what humans do, but what we barter is much more valuable than money, the food, the labor.

Me: Sure. Well, let’s go back to tools. Do you make tools?

Bigfoot: We do. Most of the time it’s out of rock. Sometimes we make them out of wood, but that can be challenging. Rock is easier.

Me: What about fire? Can you make fire?

Bigfoot: We can. It’s much harder. Not all of us can. It’s more of an understanding of what the energy of fire is.

Kim: This is fascinating.

Bigfoot: So we can use tools and wood to make fire just like your “survivor men” would, but some of us can make fire with our minds just by understanding the energy makeup of it.

Me: Oh! “Start a fire with your thoughts!” That’s a movie quote from Talladega Nights. Sorry. I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash from interrupting, but I want to get these questions answered. So don’t be haters! Now tell me more about this nest-like structure that you live in. Obviously, you have to have some sort of shelter from the elements.

Bigfoot: We do. We build our structures from our environment, but they don’t last long.

Me: Well, you’re nomads, so…

Bigfoot: Right. If we do build a shelter, we disassemble it and return it to the earth out of respect. Oftentimes these are made from thick shrubs, sticks, branches and leaves, but they’re very temporary. We don’t build them to stay there. We don’t have the need to stay. So we disassemble them after we’re finished out of respect to the earth and show, “Thank you for the resources that we had for this time.”

Me: Do you build a roof or is it just an open nest?

Bigfoot: Yes, there’s a roof.

Kim: It’s like they just pile up shrubs and tree branches that kind of intertwined at the top to hold itself up. It looks like a tree hut.

Me: Do you use animal skins for anything like clothing or part of your dwelling?

Bigfoot: Not very often. Sometimes we’ll use animal skins for warmth after a birth. But if we do kill an animal, we use all of it. There’s no waste in any respect. We try to make sure we can use every part.

Me: What happens when you guys get sick? Do you have special roles like someone is the healer? Is somebody able to make medication from herbs and things like that?

Bigfoot: We’re a higher vibration anyway, so when we get sick, it’s pretty rare, but when we do, we understand the medicine that the earth provides us like the roots, things that come from the roots, etc. All of us have that understanding so it’s not like the females have that role only. So if one of us gets ill, if we know the cause of the illness, then we can find the Earth plant to heal us, but our energy is much more healing based on our vibration. If it’s energy healing we need, that’s much easier to come by just because of our type of existence.

Me: Other than that, are there any specific roles like certain Bigfoots that hunt, certain ones that look for berries and roots, some that build, or do you all participate in everything? In other words, is there a division of labor?

Bigfoot: No, most of it is shared. Sometimes the young will search for berries, but all the work is shared. It’s not divided up like it is with humans.

Me: Okay, now you have the power of telepathy, and of course I know humans have that power, too but we don’t tap into it. It also sounds like you know how to energy heal. Do you have any other powers that we don’t have? Oh, and of course transcending dimensions. That’s kind of a big one, too!

Bigfoot: If you want to call it a special power, we have a higher capability to understand the existence of things: why they exist and why we are existing with them whereas humans tend to combat that. They fight existing with certain people or certain things, even trees. There are a lot of humans that don’t respect trees. They’ll cut them down; they can’t coexist with them. So we have a much higher capability to understand all of existence, but as far as other powers, there are a lot.

Kim: He’s actually referring back to Erik.

Bigfoot: There are a lot that Erik has talked about. We have come of the same capability as [spirits] like knowing how energy works, using that to our advantage to keep our things sacred. It’s not out of trickery or anything based on fear. It’s out of love to keep our individuals sacred and hidden.

Me: So basically, you know how to manipulate energy to manifest things?

Bigfoot: Yes, and vice versa. We can manifest; we can make things invisible; we can move things without touching them, and the ability to manifest, for us, is just as easy as breathing. It’s like—

Kim: Uh, I don’t want to use that word.

She chuckles.

Kim: It’s almost like child’s play. It’s so simple to them.

Me: So, totally intuitive.

Bigfoot: That’s our main state of function, intuition.

Me: Wow, that’s pretty cool!

TORONTO, ON - JULY 12: Christopher Lau is one of Toronto's only active, authorized researcher registered with the international Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization. He holds up a plaster cast of alleged Bigfoot track from Patterson Grimlin's footage in 1967 .He poses for pictures in Eldred King Woodlands.        (Vince Talotta/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

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  • Keeping it Real

    Hi Elisa, I think that’s an excellent idea to move from your house of 24+ years. I think it will help you a little bit to take away some of the heaviness of Erik’s passing and move forward a little bit. You’ve earned it.

  • T Diaz

    I’ll bet Erik is completely supportive of your decision to let go of his things and, of course, he’ll be visiting you wherever you decide to move 🙂

  • Paulette Roberts

    It keeps telling me I have a message and that won’t go away even after I’ve checked it

  • Paulette Roberts

    I’m sure u have discussed moving w Erik’ good to move on. He will just follow.

  • Maya

    Oh, I am a little bit sad that you move. But I am glad that you are willing to let go, and open the next page of life. Maybe no more sorrow in this next page of life. Only happy story. (Make it 5 years, please..)

    Ooh, maybe ask Erik about open a new page of life.
    Every time I thought I opened a new page of life (e.g. move town to work, etc.), the same story keep happening. Every time I thought I am in new energy, ol’ same thing happen again, being a scape goat of everything.
    Deep down, I know what’s going on. People are uncomfortable with my light, and start to find flaws in me. (My bright light cast their shadows, and they just do not want to believe it is ‘their’ shadows. They are fear of their own shadows, and they start to blame [or fire] me.) But without me (light) come into their lives, everything is dim. They never know they have shadow or darkness, because nobody around them pointing fingers at them, because they are equally dim. They think they are good, nice, perfect, until they meet me. Siigh….
    But I just don’t know the solution. Sigh.
    Oooh, the lament of a Light Worker. How am I gonna survive? Sigh.

  • Maya

    (This is not related to blog topic, but)

    Oh, I am inspired to write this:

    You must see Bipolar “disease” from the other side of the coin.

    To me, bipolar sufferer are delicate/gentle (bunny, lambs, etc.) souls who lived in the land of wolves.
    If you are the only rabbit among 100 wolves, wouldn’t you rather die, than being bitten on regular basis?
    But if there are 100 rabbits, and there are only 1 wolf, don’t you think the rabbit has more chance to live? Delicate does not mean “broken”. It just means it needs extra care and handling, and better environment, to keep it intact.

    Let me put an analogy:
    If you have a delicate laundry, does it mean the laundry is broken?
    But if you put your delicate laundry in the perm press wash on regular basis, wouldn’t that be broken after a period of time?

    Then, the “perm press” society will judge the delicate laundry as being “diseases” or broken by default. They weren’t broken in the beginning. They maybe “suffer”, but “suffer” is not a “disease” (Anyone who is being beaten will suffer, but that does not mean they are diseased/broken in the beginning). That’s why I don’t like the term Bipolar “disease”. But the term Bipolar “sufferer” is maybe more appropriate.

    They are just suffer, because the society doesn’t accommodate “delicate” washing machine.
    If there are enough delicate laundries on the market, then sooner or later, people have to create “delicate” washing machines to accommodate them.

    Same thing with autism, indigo, etc.

    To me, BIPOLAR is just a “number’s game”.

    A white sheep among 100 black sheep will have a bipolar “disease”.
    But a black sheep among 100 white sheep will have a bipolar “disease”.

    Whoever is the minority, when the majority refuse to understand, will have “bipolar”.

    The only cure for that is not to “fix the sheep”, but increase the number of sheep with the same color, so the world must change.

  • Terri Moreno Gelbaum

    Elisa,I vote for North Carolina. I have a sister who lives there and I visit as often as possible. I could stop by to leave you some of my lemon bread. If you need any help with the packing just let me know.I’m at your service. P.S. made me cry a bit about Erik’s uniform. Love you muchly

  • Pierluigi Di Pietro

    wow. I wonder if some souls that was humans, can reincarnate to be bigfoots, and the other way around. I suppose that could be possibily very common.

  • Melissa Crump

    Elisa,I have so many questions for bigfoot! I’m so intrigued by these beings,I truly believe they can cloak and also enter our homes at will,I’ve read stories of them mind speaking to humans…I’ve hope Kim can channel him again in the future…I’ve believe they are an ancient human and they originally came from another planet…anyway,good luck with the move…love to you my friend

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