Love Messages for Erik

Enjoy these testimonials to our boy! 

Praise #1

I just recently started reading your blog. First and foremost, I’d like to say thank you for the awareness that you’ve brought with this beautiful and exciting endeavor of after-life with Channeling Erik. I, myself, am a mother of two teenage boys. Thankfully, I’ve not endured the great difficulties that you and some others have been through in dealing with mental & biological issues of health.

I would imagine that losing a child at any age is one of the most horrific and challenging experiences that any human being could know and I would never wish that upon anyone however, I think it’s amazing and remarkably heart warming that you and Erik have agreed to and followed through with this extraordinary endeavor.

I believe I’ve cried more in the past 24 hours than I have collectively in a very long time. However, these tears that I’ve cried have not been for the sorrow and pain experienced but from the joy of confirmation of what I already know to be true and absolute.

I commend you for the strength that you possess and thoroughly enjoy the feelings of love and light that I’ve been perceiving and emitting while engrossed within the vibrational essence of your very funny son.

I must tell you, I thought I felt the presence of Erik yesterday and I thought it was weird because well, I had no prior knowledge of the details of your life experience and so therefore what would he be doing leaving me signs of his presence?

And as I was thinking this I looked down and there was a feather that was strangely placed before me and at this time I had no knowledge of feathers being something that he used but I knew that he was behind it and I smiled, laughed and commented to him about it.

Then this morning, as I was reading your Thanksgiving post and others, I discovered that was indeed something that he does. As I went outside, as I usually do for my cup of coffee in the morning to enjoy the sun and all the beauty that life places before me, I looked to the sky with gratitude and proceeded to be showered with feathers! More than I could count…literally, like rain coming over me and tears poured down my face as I proceeded to be showered with these soft feathers.

I’m writing to say thank you and I’ll have you know, as I was writing, “spellcheck” (or Erik) insisted upon changing my words to the word “love” and that’s never happened before either.
So, on this Thanksgiving day, I bring all the love and all of the gratitude I’m able to harness to you and your family. Thank you for showing all how to take what’s perceived at first sight to be such a horrific event and transforming it into such a beautiful live giving resource ☺️thank you, thank you, thank you for taking life and returning life in abundance through your loving heart and mind.

Blessed are We!!!

Much, much love,

Praise #2

Dear Erik and Elisa,

I am so grateful for your work. I have just re-read My Life after Death a second time, and I am sure I will read it again. There is so much, and it leaves me wanting to do more in my own life, and to have more fun. 😉

Much love,

Praise #3

I have had a very challenging series of events occur this year, especially in the last month or so.
I made some irrational decisions and at the time everything came crashing down and my world felt like it was crumbling. I was deeply hurt to see that my dishonesty had affected those close to me and whom i love so much. I instantly felt that it was the wrong series of choices I had made and that everything had come to a head and I began to feel very sorry for myself and isolated.

I started to spiral into a small bout of depression and suffered anxiety for my future and my wellbeing. Even though I felt completely isolated, oddly I still asked out for help to the spirit world when I was in tears one day in my bathroom. Even though I could feel myself being “controlled” by earthly feelings of sadness, grief and frustration, at the time I really still felt spirit could help me and more so when I felt I had no other options.

In the end, family was around me and those who really cared about me were able to forgive me and even help me out of my situation by lending their support and kindness out of pure love, with no preconceptions or judgement towards me. Since then, I have had to move house, lose a few possessions and almost “backtrack” a bit to set things straight. During this time I really did feel like a complete tool and that everything that was happening was all because of my actions and my stupidity.

It has been 2 months since all this happened and one day I just decided to search for wider answers, probably for comfort or help and came across Channelling Erik on YouTube. The first video I watched was Erik, Jamie and Elisa discussing various events and raising questions with Jesus. I have always been a believer in “something more” but in recent years have fine-tuned my knowledge and experienced other worldly events, that I now realise was my senses opening up to the great spirit source or “God” as Erik sometimes calls it 🙂

After watching the video I felt empowered with knowledge that I didn’t have before and absolutely believed that the spirit of Jesus was present and I could feel the love radiating from the atmosphere of the video, my heart also told me it was true and everything was as it seemed.
I then became a bit of an addict and started watching more and more of these blog videos!

I have now currently watched at least 10 of them and feel that my spirit grows that bit more after every video. It has also allowed my spirit side to come through more and I feel like I am back on the path that I started and where I need/have agreed to be. It has also made me feel that everything that I considered to be ‘bad’ that just happened was all for a reason and was to make me stronger emotionally. I do also firmly believe I was meant to find these videos, this channel and this website, so that my spirit could grow and my perception of similar situations can change for the better. It has given me a new lease of life and has reignited my passion and my light within my soul.

I therefore, want to personally thank Elisa, Jamie and Erik for the wonderful love and light that gives reassurance and peace to so many, including myself. It has truly touched my heart and has brought my spirit vibration level back into attunement, so that I can now focus on my mediumship and fine tuning my soul to be the absolute best piece of the puzzle that I can be.

It gives me great comfort to now look back on a situation that I thought was ‘bad’ and that all those “wrong decisions” were actually part of my life plan and were there (probably even with my prior agreement!) to make me stronger and to help me grow. I cannot describe how that makes you feel, only that everything feels complete and that i now have a sense of direction.

I was involved heavily in light work/spirit work before these events unravelled and it has been some time since I put them to use etc. but now I know these events needed to happen to help me be a better teacher, healer and being of the light – it was part of my contract all along 🙂

I have just purchased Erik’s book – My Life After Death, as a little early Christmas treat for myself and cannot wait to get stuck in to it 🙂

I look forward to finding out more from Erik and Jamie and would like to send my love to all that is – for creating such a wonderful place where people can share their knowledge and create something amazing to pass on to our fellow friends.

Thanks again, i cannot tell you how much it has changed my perceptions and pulled me out of the darkness – i’m a much stronger person now, even more so than before all of the ‘events’ happened and i would not change a thing about it looking back.

Peace be to all and God bless,
Love and Light


Praise #4

I’m just besotted with My Life After Death.  I’m reading it and what I love is how funny Erik is it just swallows you right up because what he talks about is so out of this dimension but then cracks a laugh and pulls all that back to earth. This is what makes you a brilliant guide Erik and thank you Elisa for sharing and introducing us all to him. I feel like you guys are my people, when ever I feel so separate from everyone even my own family I know it’s OK I got peeps to share my feelings that can’t be understood by those a little more closed up.

Big Love coming your way from Krystal xxx

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