Channeling Elizabeth Taylor, Part Two

As synchronicity would have it, yesterday, the say I first posted the channeled interview with Ms. Taylor, was the day they conducted the live auction for her jewelry! God, the universe is perfect, isn’t it?

Enjoy part two where Liz describes her death:

Me: So, what was your death like?

Liz: Miserable!

Me: I’m sorry.

Liz: When I finally let go—

Jamie: She does a little smack think with her mouth.

Liz: —my first experience was my acknowledgement for laughter.


Jamie: I’m asking her detailed questions. Erik’s jumping in, too.


Jamie (to Liz): What did you see? Was anybody there?

Liz: Oh, my parents were there. My aunts and uncles were present. But it never felt like somebody had reached down and pulled me up. I always had that image of being pulled up into something grander and greater.

Me: Um hm.

Liz: But no, it was something beside me all along.

Me: So you stepped out of your body and there you were?

Liz: Yes.

Me: Okay.

Liz: My life here is just as wonderful and beautiful as my life on earth. It is true that learning, individuality, consciousness all continues, and it’s very much true that we feel closer to what God is.

Me: Yeah.

Jamie: She’s very much a believer, and I never knew her to be—

Me: Yeah, she had a near death experience before. Maybe that was one of the key elements behind her deep spiritual beliefs, but I don’t know for sure. Sorry to talk behind your back like this, Liz!

Liz laughs.

Jamie: She’s wearing this red dress. It’s not fancy, but it reminds me of the 1960s—plummeting neckline, then it goes high up on the shoulders. Very pretty, but soft.

Me: Oh, it does sound pretty. Now, Liz, are you saying that one of your first thoughts when you left your body was acknowledging your own laughter?

Liz: Yes, that was the first thing I did—laugh. I laughed, and I realized it and told myself, ‘Look at me, I’m laughing! I know I am dead, but I’m laughing!’

Me: Oh, I see.

Liz (giggling): That was the beginning of my awakening.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth’s Near Death Experience

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